OMF V7C348 A Generational Thing

Both Xiang Yong and An Bai’s faces lit up when they saw the person that had arrived. They hurriedly nodded in his direction to greet him. “Senior Xin Lan.”

Xin Lan just glanced at them but wasn’t very interested in holding a conversation. Anyway, he wasn’t doing this for them or for the brat currently sitting on the throne. No, he had his own personal motives for coming here.

For one, he really disliked the guts of those people of the Chun Feng Sect. They had actually dared to make trouble for Jinde. Not only that, they had even compared him to one of those demons. How could he stand for that?

And other than that, helping in this matter would be helping the spirit beast tribe. While he normally wouldn’t care for that either, there was still the little beauty currently residing in the Yun Zou Sect. Since he liked him, he should show him a bit of sincerity. Who knew if he wouldn’t throw himself into his arms out of gratefulness? Then, he wouldn’t have to be so bored until that fallen god finally grew up in the mortal realm.

Speaking of Xiang Yu, his mortal reincarnation, Hua Lin Yu, was currently being held by one of Fei Bai Mu’s disciples. The two of them stood at the other side of the square to watch a bit of the excitement without getting in the way or being anywhere it could get dangerous.

As soon as Hua Lin Yu heard the voice and saw the person stepping up, his whole face lit up and he stretched out his arms, wanting to switch people. In his eyes, while his Master’s other disciples weren’t bad, they still weren’t as good as Xin Lan. Nobody was as good as Xin Lan. Even when having to decide between Xin Lan and the pretty man, he would choose Xin Lan even if he might have some trouble deciding between those two. That was how important Xin Lan was in his heart.

Unfortunately for the boy, Xin Lan didn’t pay him any attention and instead focused on the Chun Feng Sect. He had narrowed his eyes and slowly walked through the people of the cultivation sects that hurriedly made way when he approached. Something told them that they definitely shouldn’t get in the way of this person. If they did … Who knew what kind of ending they would have? Anyway, it seemed as if even those two other dragons were looking up to this person. He was probably very strong.

Needless to say, if the other sects were able to perceive that, the demon-hunting sects had even less trouble to do so. The rest of them couldn’t help but shoot a few glances at the Chun Feng Sect, wondering how they had managed to piss off yet another person of the dragon race. Apparently, they shouldn’t follow this sect’s lead if they wanted to keep their little lives.

They all tried to inconspicuously take a few steps away, distancing themselves from them. Originally, that kind of move wouldn’t have drawn any attention but with several sects doing so, nobody had any trouble seeing it.

Xian Xun furrowed his brows, anger welling up inside of him. “You are all a bunch of cowards! Do we even know if he is of the dragon race?”

Before the others had time to think about it, Xin Lan already laughed. “You mean I could also be a demon? Well, have any of you thought about this: Maybe this person who is accusing everybody else is doing so to divert attention from himself. Maybe he is actually a spy sent from the demon realm to fool all of you? He wants to ruin the relationship between the humans and the dragons so we would start attacking each other. Whatever remains in the end will be easy pickings for his race.”


Xin Lan’s words were so shameless that Xian Xun didn’t even know how to refute them. Obviously, he wasn’t a demon. Just one look at him and you would know that he was human, alright?!

Xin Lan just smiled at his reaction. “What? You don’t like what I’m saying? It’s true though, isn’t it? Or how are you going to prove that you aren’t?”

Xian Xun’s brows furrowed even further. “How do you want me to prove it? The weapons intended for hunting demons can’t hurt me.” He raised his chin, feeling that this person wouldn’t have anything more to say now.

Needless to say, Xin Lan wasn’t bothered at all. “I thought we had already established that your weapons are faulty?” He turned to one of the members of another demon-hunting sect and waved. “Give me one of yours.”

The Elder in question tensed but still handed out the weapon in the end.

Xin Lan didn’t even bother thanking him and brandished the weapon, slashing over his hand once. A few sparks could be seen and he huffed, his brows furrowing. “Your weapons aren’t just faulty, they are weak as well. What is this? A sword? Or a toothpick?” He threw the sword back at the Elder who caught it in a fluster only for the blade to crumble a moment later.

Xiang Yong and An Bai both turned to look in another direction, not wanting to acknowledge that the respectable senior of their race would actually do something like this.

Xiang Yong couldn’t help but slightly lowered his voice and whisper to An Bai though. “You know what? I actually think this might be a generational thing.”

An Bai glanced at him, his blue eyes showing a trace of confusion. “What do you mean?”

“I mean who knew that Senior Xin Lan was actually so shameless? He even beats His Majesty when you think about it like this. And they’re both much older than us. So maybe it’s just that we can’t understand yet. We might be juveniles in their eyes.”

An Bai couldn’t help but feel that there was actually some merit to that. He glanced at Xin Lan and his expression grew complicated. “Actually … While we might be juveniles in His Majesty’s eyes, I’m afraid we’re nothing but toddlers in the eyes of Senior Xin Lan. We really shouldn’t delude ourselves in thinking he would give us any more credit than that.”

Xiang Yong couldn’t help but laugh at that. Indeed. He had really been thinking too much of himself.

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