OMF V7C347 The One to Decide

Xian Xun was the first person to catch himself. “Even if saying so might have been going too far, it doesn’t change how the demons are! They have attacked so many of our people. Do you even know how many deaths were caused by them? Do you really want to tell me that the demons aren’t at fault for that?!”

Xiang Yong slightly furrowed his brows. Well, he hadn’t expected that things would work out in their favor that easily but he had also hoped that they would think a little longer about what he had said. “Maybe it is less about their race than it is about the ones you have seen. I’m sure that there are also demons out there who have a bottom line and wouldn’t indiscriminately kill.”

In fact, Xiang Yong was sure about this. While the demons did have different values from them, a lot of that was caused by Tian’s curse. Not being able to feel love … That curse was even worse than that of the dragons.

Being forced to love one person for your whole life … It just made the relationship with that person stronger. Of course, if something happened to that person, then your own life would also feel worthless. It was harsh. And it was even more so if you happened to fall in love with the wrong person who did not requite your feelings. But that was still just one aspect of their lives that was influenced.

As for the demons … The love that they couldn’t feel encompassed everything. There simply was no such feeling as love. It didn’t matter to them whether it was romantic or familial love. There was nothing of the like in their lives.

How were they supposed to be able to form relationships like that? If you couldn’t love, then where was the reason to bind yourself to somebody? Of course, it could only be done by relying on the benefits that you would get from that person. This kind of bond was shallow and easily broken. Naturally, that had consequences for the way they lived together.

But on the other hand, it did not mean that they didn’t have a moral compass at all. There were things they realized they shouldn’t do. Senseless killing was one of those things. After all, while they could not feel love, they could feel hate.

Killing somebody who might’ve been a chess piece of another demon or destroying something that they were attached to … Naturally, that could draw a lot of hate. The demons were not any less passionate than the dragons in that regard and would retaliate in like. Thus, most of them would refrain from aggravating others in the first place if they weren’t very sure that they could take the other side’s vengeance. It was as if it was a natural check to the curse that Tian had placed. Otherwise, their society would’ve long been a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, Xian Xun still refused to see that. “Why would I believe you? You might be of the dragon race but who knows if you’re really that knowledgeable? Maybe you simply do not know enough about the demons to be able to judge that. Anyway, it might be a different thing if the dragon king himself had appeared here but why should I believe just any random dragon?”

Quite a few of the people present were in shock. How was he able to say something like this? They really felt that the Chun Feng Sect was too daring.

The twig in Xiang Yong’s hand snapped apart. If there was one thing he hated, then it was people disrespecting his king. “You honestly think that His Majesty should take some time out of his day to come and entertain you?”

Xian Xun couldn’t help but tense up at the gaze that he was given but he still stood his ground. “Yes, I do believe that we are owed a better explanation. Anyway, who knows if you are really close to the dragon king? Maybe all of this is just an act!”

The disciples behind him furrowed their brows and then started to nod, some of them mumbling to express their agreement. This was right! Since they hadn’t seen the dragon king, why should they just blindly believe that? They shouldn’t just blindly listen to what these men were saying.

Xiang Yong turned to look at An Bai. They could definitely call Qiu Ling over but considering that the Chun Feng Sect had already accused him of being a demon once and that he would definitely refuse to take on his dragon form in front of them, they really didn’t know if this would be a good idea or even make matters worse.

An Bai also didn’t know what to do. They had thought that if they were able to shake the beliefs of the demon-hunting sects, then they would be able to accomplish more than just punishing them for what they had done this time. They might be able to solve this problem once and for all and make things easier for the spirit beast tribe that was living much closer to the human realm.

That was their ultimate goal. But now, it seemed that they failed to take some things into consideration. What were they supposed to do now?

Seeing that the two of them hesitated, Xian Xun scoffed. “So it’s like this. You really aren’t able to make the dragon king come here. It seems that I was right and you’re just two frauds!”

Before either of them had the chance to answer, there was a low laugh from behind the audience. “Who is a fraud and who isn’t … I guess the one to decide that will be you, won’t it?”

The gathered sects turned around only to see another man with silvery-white hair standing behind them. Half of his face was covered by a silver mask but the other half was more than enough to see that he wore a sardonic smile, clearly mocking the people of the Chun Feng Sect.

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