OMF V7C346 Evil Creatures That Need to Be Eradicated

Everybody fell silent and watched as An Bai landed back on the square with a smile. He handed something over to Xiang Yong, that smile never leaving his lips. “It was a bit more difficult to find this than I thought it would but it should do the trick.”

Xiang Yong nodded, a smile on his lips as well. Obviously, these two dragons had something planned.

“Sure enough. Thank you very much.” Xiang Yong turned towards the people of the Chun Feng Sect and his smile became even more pronounced. “You said something very interesting just now. It really made me think.”

Xian Xun and Liu Cheng’s faces lit up when they heard him say that. Could it be that they had managed to move the person from the dragon race? That would be great! If they managed to convince them that they were right, that would solve the problems with the other sects as well. Maybe the sects would be able to see the truth and even if not, they would at least not dare to do anything if they knew that the dragons were on their side. This would definitely be very beneficial to them. The Chun Feng Sect might be saved!

Xiang Yong smiled even further when he saw how the Chun Feng Sect was reacting and then once again went over, stretching out his hand this time and showing what he was holding in his palm. It was actually a small twig with light green leaves and a couple of bright blue berries. “I don’t know if you could help me identify these.”

The demon hunters glanced at the plant and couldn’t help but furrow their brows. That plant …

Eventually, Liu Cheng answered the question. “That seems to be a twig of the Giant Horn Tree. You probably shouldn’t touch that. It’s poisonous.”

Xiang Yong raised his brows as if that was completely new to him. “Is it really?”

Liu Cheng looked at him, feeling that something wasn’t quite right. The two of them had talked and then that other dragon had gone over to get the twig. Why did he feel that if he said something now, he would be stepping in some kind of trap?

Seeing his hesitation, Xiang Yong just smiled more brightly and picked one of the berries. Looking at it, he seemed to ponder something before casually rubbing it at his sleeve and then popping it into his mouth. Bitting down once and then swallowing it, he gave the people of the Chun Feng Sect a strange look. “Are you sure it’s poisonous? Seems quite tasty to me.”

The demon hunters stared at him as if they couldn’t believe what was happening. Some of them took another look at what he had in his hands but sure enough, it was still the same twig of the Giant Horn Tree they had recognized before. This was definitely a highly poisonous plant. Normally, just this one fruit should be able to kill him. But somehow, this person was completely fine.

Seeing their reaction, Xiang Yong lightly waved the twig in the air and then turned to An Bai. “An Bai, it seems I got a bit off-topic. Remind me again. What was it they just said?”

An Bai gave a faint smile. “I think they said that demons were such evil creatures that even the world itself couldn’t tolerate their being and had thus created something that was effective in killing them.”

Xiang Yong’s movement stopped and he looked as if he had just had a revelation. “True! Now that you mention it, it seems that they said something like this.”

The expressions of quite a few people around them grew subtle and they couldn’t help but look at that twig in Xiang Yong’s hands again. Who would’ve thought that the dragon race would actually like to play this kind of act?

Xiang Yong also raised the twig so everyone could see it well and stared at it for a moment. “It’s quite curious, don’t you think so? There is actually such a thing in the world that wouldn’t hurt a dragon at all. In fact, this wouldn’t hurt a demon either. But it seems that humans aren’t able to eat it. I wonder if there is some deeper meeting behind this.”

Lowering his hand with the plant, Xiang Yong turned to look at the Chun Feng Sect’s people. “Believe me, I do not like the demons either. But it is like that because they are mostly arrogant bastards that think they are entitled to our land and our throne and won’t accept the fact that they will get neither of those. Also, their king happens to be especially rude.

“If I saw someone of the demon race, I would fight with them if they aggravated me. But I would never go so far as to say that the demons themselves ought to be eradicated.” Well, from the dragons’ perspective, there was surely a bit more to this than what the humans might be able to see. Once upon a time, they had been the same race. To say that the demons were something that the world itself couldn’t tolerate … Wasn’t that saying that the same was true for the dragons?

Xiang Yong’s gaze swept to the sword that the demon hunters were wearing and gave a faint smile. “You might not have known before but those weapons of yours? Those items in your dungeons? They are not just effective on the demons. They can be just as deadly to us dragons, as well as the beast tribes. The only ones you won’t be able to hurt as much are the humans and the gods. I bet you didn’t see that coming.”

The expressions of the envoys from the other sects turned slightly strange. All these years, the demon-hunting sects had always talked about how it was their duty to wipe out the demons in their lands and how over the course of hundreds of thousands of years, their ancestors had managed to perfect these weapons. Now, it turned out that those demon hunters’ ancestors had known jack shit. Who knew how often they had gotten it wrong and imprisoned the wrong person?

Even the disciples of the Chun Feng Sect and the other demon-hunting sects had on some weird expressions. They just didn’t know what to believe. Growing up, they had listened to the information given by their Masters and Elders every single day. The demons being evil creatures that needed to be eradicated was a core belief of theirs. How could they suddenly accept that that might not be the case?

Expecting that of them … It really was a little too much.

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