RMN C148 Time to Set the Plan in Motion

Mei Chao Bing’s group soon was on its way again, moving further toward the other sects. On the other hand, Yang Wu Huang’s group was having a headache with regards to their plan.

Di Huan Bo glanced at the others, lightly furring his brows. Because of their big group, it was hard to talk with Yang Wu Huang in Ao Jing while they weren’t in their own courtyard. If they separated too often though, it would only draw attention and the others would start asking questions that they couldn’t answer. Thus, there wasn’t any option to amend their plans on short notice. This really wasn’t a good situation for them.

Yang Wu Huang was also unhappy with the situation, especially considering that Ao Jing hadn’t been able to get anything out of Yi Ju. He wasn’t too worried though. Anyway, regardless of what route exactly they took, there was only one direction Mei Chao Bing’s group could travel in. Thus, they only needed to go there if they wanted to meet up with them and find a reason to follow them. And as for how they wanted to go about that, they had already come up with a plan anyway. Now, it was time to implement it. After all, they couldn’t let Mei Chao Bing get too far away, or catching up might be difficult.

Thinking of how he would be able to screw Mei Chao Bing over, there was a small smile on his lips. That traitor might try to do everything in his power to make sure it didn’t happen, even going so far as to pull one of the Elders onto his side but it wouldn’t change anything. From the moment he became a traitor, his fate had already been sealed. It was a foregone conclusion.

Kui Min who had done exactly as Elder Baili had proposed and told Ao Jing a bunch of things that he definitely didn’t want to know about Yun Bei Fen’s spiritual beast, couldn’t help but lightly furrow her brows when looking at those three.

She felt that she had done a good job at making sure they didn’t get any information but she couldn’t be sure if that would really keep them from doing anything. Seeing that Yang Wu Huang didn’t seem too disturbed, she really couldn’t help but worry that her worst fears might come true.

Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do to prevent whatever it was that they had planned. She was only one person and the rest of the group didn’t know about it. In fact, if she even so much as suggested the idea that Yang Wu Huang was the one who was making trouble instead of Mei Chao Bing, the others might laugh at her and even try to help Yang Wu Huang. After all, while some people had turned around, others were still a different matter. They only saw Mei Chao Bing as Elder Feng’s disciple and nothing else. To them, he was still a threat. They definitely wouldn’t want to help him. Thus, she could only keep silent and keep an eye on the situation herself, hoping that it wouldn’t be too late when she went to report to the Elders.

The group rushed through the border region, going to investigate a place that was rather far away from the town where they were staying. Yang Wu Huang and the other two looked around, trying to look for a place where they could implement their plan.

Soon enough, they made it to an open area with lines on the ground.

Yang Wu Huang’s eyes lit up when he saw this scene. It seemed that Heaven was on his side for letting them discover such a place!

He turned around to the others and then motioned forward. “As we thought, there’s really such a place deep inside the border region. We should go and check it out. Look for traces of something the demonic practitioners could’ve left behind.

The others nodded and then went over, trying to make sense of the lines.

One of the disciples took out his sword and rose into the air, looking at everything from above. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to recognize anything either. If it was a map of some sort once again, like what the other group had found, then he wasn’t able to tell just what it showed.

Furrowing his brows, he returned to the ground and approached Yang Wu Huang to share his findings. The other disciples also crowded around to share their own observations.

As it turned out, the line seemed to be neither an array nor a map. It was difficult to say what exactly they were. The disciples couldn’t help but look at Yang Wu Huang to clear up their confusion. Unfortunately, he had no idea either.

He hadn’t known that they would be able to find this and actually only been looking for a place to follow through with his plan. This one had looked acceptable and also gave him a good excuse as to why he would want to stop here. Now, that left the question on how we wanted to proceed though.

“Well, it is hard to say what the demonic practitioners were actually trying to achieve here. I think it would be for the best to first collect any evidence that we can. One of you should do a drawing of these lines from above while the rest of us will continue to investigate on the ground. Maybe it is not in the form of these lines but that they are actually hiding something else. Maybe only part of them is important. We will have to investigate further to find out.”

The other disciples nodded, still confused but at the very least, they knew what to do now. Thus, everybody swarmed out.

Yang Wu Huang smiled and then signaled Di Huan Bo and Ao Jing with his eyes. Now, it really was time to start the plan.

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