OMF V7C339 Two Different Matters

Fei Bai Mu’s brows slightly drew together. She didn’t believe a single word of what Xian Xun had just said but since she had said he could justify himself … “Oh? Then please tell us more about your assumption, Sect Master Xian. Should they turn out to be true, then naturally, we would investigate that matter as well.”

Xian Xun harrumphed. “As well? Sect Master Fei sure is amusing. Aren’t you insinuating that regardless of what I say today, your decision already stands?”

Fei Bai Mu gave a faint smile at that. “Now, I feel like Sect Master Xian is confusing two matters and taking them for the same. The matter I called everyone here to discuss today was the wrongful imprisonment of disciples. That is something our Jian Yi Sect has taken a lot of pains to gather the stance of the other sects on. Even if it turned out that your Chun Feng Sect has not engaged in such despicable actions, it doesn’t mean we can’t lay some ground-rules to ensure that such occurrences won’t happen in the future or does it, Sect Master Xian?”

Xian Xun tightened his lips. Asking him like this … Saying that he didn’t agree was to say that he felt disciples should be imprisoned wrongfully. But they hadn’t done anything wrong! “These disciples had ties with the demon race. As demon hunters, it is our duty to make sure they can’t harm others.”

Fei Bai Mu narrowed her eyes. “What Sect Master Xian says isn’t an answer to my question. I asked whether you were of the opinion that there should be rules to prevent disciples from being imprisoned wrongfully. Naturally, a disciple that indeed turned out to be a demon would not fall under these rules.”

Xian Xun raised his chin, not willing to agree with her. “What makes or doesn’t make a demon is certainly answered best by us demon-hunting sects. Wouldn’t you agree to that, Sect Master Fei?”

One of the Elders of another demon-hunting sect turned to look at Xian Xun with displeasure. “Sect Master Xian, don’t pull us into this. Our Ye Zhong Order was appalled when we heard what you had done. I honestly doubt that you will be able to give any kind of justification that would excuse the damage you caused.”

Xian Xun glared at her. “Well, I can’t say I’m surprised you would say that. When our Chun Feng Sect was attacked by demons recently, your Ye Zhong Order very coincidentally stayed back and did nothing. You did not even bother to reply. I’m sure you have long chosen your allegiance and it is not with the wellbeing of the human race!”

The Elder stared at him, stunned. “What demon attack? I’ve never heard anything about that! If you really were attacked and asked for help, then naturally, we would have provided it! Don’t think you can make things up just for your own convenience, Sect Master Xian!”

Xian Xun scoffed but didn’t bother to answer her. Obviously, these people had all banded together and were long under the control of the demons. Whatever he said wouldn’t make a difference.

The Elder shook her head at him, muttering something about stubbornness below her breath before she turned to Fei Bai Mu again. “Sect Master Fei, rest assured that at least the Ye Zhong Order is of the opinion that there should be rules in place. Originally, we would have thought that some things were just common sense but …” She glanced at Xian Xun again and left the rest unsaid.

Before Fei Bai Mu could answer, another Elder of a demon-hunting sect spoke up.

“While Elder Gou is right in that rules regarding wrongful imprisonment might be necessary, it is not that Sect Master Xian made anything up. There was indeed an attack that he needed help to quell. We went there right before the invitation of the Jian Yi Sect arrived but it was already too late. I have Sect Master Xian’s letter here.” He pulled out a letter from his spiritual bag, holding it in the air.

Fei Bai Mu frowned at that before glancing at the horizon again. Unfortunately, she still couldn’t see anyone of the dragon race. Well, it seemed she could only wait. Trying to explain wouldn’t work. The Chun Feng Sect would definitely not believe her. The only way to make them realize that what they had considered being demons were actually members of another race was to show them so that there would be no room for mistakes. That was something she could only depend on the dragon race for.

Thus, Fei Bai Mu stayed silent for the time being. She would let the demon-hunting sects debate this matter of the attack among themselves and then hope that the arrival of the dragons would end the discussion once and for all. That way, nobody could say she was trying to trick them or forbidding them from speaking their mind.

Fei Bai Mu’s silence was indeed taken as approval and the Elder handed the letter out so others could have a look. Some of the other demon-hunting sects that had also received a letter passed out theirs as well so it wouldn’t take as long for everyone to have a look.

Soon enough, people’s expressions slightly changed and they couldn’t help but glance over to where the people of the Yun Zou Sect stood. Zhangsun Xun Yi who was heading the envoy of their sect gave a small smile. It seemed the Chun Feng Sect that they had always considered an ally had painted them as the bad guy in these letters. He’d really like to see what exactly they had written there.

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