OMF V7C337 The Last Preparations

Fei Bai Mu handed Xiao Yu over to one of her older disciples who then went outside with the disciples of the Liu He Alliance, leaving Fei Bai Mu, Hua Min, and the two Elders of the Liu He Alliance alone.

Fei Bai Mu waited for the door to close behind them before she nodded. “Very well, let’s get straight to the point then. As I mentioned to Alliance Head Hua before, people of the dragon race will come over to take part in the trial.

“You can imagine that this means that nothing can go wrong. I really doubt that the demon-hunting sects will dare to do anything in front of them but we still need to ensure that we keep a close eye on all of them. And I really mean all of them. While we only have concrete evidence on the wrongdoings of the Chun Feng Sect for the most part, I think it is a given to all of us that quite a few of the others aren’t innocent either. We can’t very well predict what is going to happen.”

Hua Min nodded at that. “There aren’t too many demon-hunting sects though. If each of us watches two or three of them, we should be able to deal with it easily. Especially since they also only come over with a small group. Also, not all of them are equally worrisome. We should probably talk with the others about which one to look out for the most.”

One of the Elders couldn’t help but chime in at that moment. “Is it clear yet when the people of the dragon race will appear? The sects are arriving one after the other. Who knows when the demon-hunting sects will come here? If they are here when there aren’t enough people on our side, then that could be troublesome.”

Fei Bai Mu gave a hum at that. “That is indeed true. I will have some disciples keep an eye on them for the time being. As for the question of when the dragon race will arrive … To be honest, I’m not quite sure.

“It is different than with the sects. Asking a sect to come isn’t much of a problem, especially since most of them were already in the know about the situation. Ordering the people of the demon-hunting sects to come here is also not a difficult matter since this pertains to them directly. Not coming … They would stand against the entire, righteous cultivation world from now on.

“But the dragon race is different. We can invite them to come but we can’t order them. In fact, I feel that it is already very lucky that they agreed to our request. They wouldn’t have needed to do it.”

The people from the Liu He Alliance nodded, all feeling that this really was very good. Things would be much easier with people from the dragon race around. The only worry was that these people might be angered by whatever the demon-hunting sects would say and do.

Hua Min couldn’t help but give Fei Bai Mu a thoughtful look. “The one who will come …”

Fei Bai Mu shook her head in answer to what he actually wanted to know before she gave an answer for the Elders. “I do not know. From what I gathered, the two people that I spoke to that day were directly associated with the dragon king. I don’t know if they will take the pains to come here themselves but it might be.”

While this information wasn’t supposed to be as shocking as the return of the Jian Yi Sect’s Grandmaster, one of the Elders leaped to his feet and the other stared at Fei Bai Mu with wide eyes, his hands trembling faintly. “The … The dragon king?!”

Fei Bai Mu gave them an embarrassed look and finally a short nod. “Yes, although I don’t know how closely they are affiliated with him. Anyway, their status should be pretty high.”

The Elder slowly sat down, still a stunned expression on his face. The other one put down his cup of tea, also needing a moment to calm down. Obviously, this had gone far beyond their expectations. Now, they really couldn’t help but worry about what the demon-hunting sects might want to do. If it was just any dragon, that would be bad enough. But if they somehow managed to aggravate somebody who was connected to the dragon king … Who knew what the dragon race would do? Anyway, they had no desire to find out.

Exchanging a glance, the two of them turned back to Fei Bai Mu. “Rest assured, Sect Master Fei, that we will do everything we can to ensure that nothing bad will happen. We’ll keep a very close eye on those demon-hunting sects.”

Fei Bai Mu gave a faint smile at that. “Thank you very much. From my side, that’s everything. I don’t know if there’s something that you would like to discuss beforehand?” She turned to look at Hua Min who shook his head in return.

“No, I don’t think so. I guess we shouldn’t disturb Sect Master Fei any longer then.”

Fei Bai Mu smiled didn’t change in the least. “Naturally, Alliance Head Hua and the Elders of the Liu He Alliance could never be a disturbance. I’m glad that you are at our side at this time.”

They exchanged a few more pleasantries before Hua Min and the Elders finally left. Fei Bai Mu sighed and went back into her palace, wondering how things would turn out. She didn’t know what exactly the dragons were planning to do and she wasn’t too sure if the demon-hunting sects would all behave. At the very least, there were a few of them that she wasn’t too sure she could trust.

If something did indeed happen, it could become very dangerous. After all, there would be many guests at that time and if somebody got injured, then she felt that that would be her fault for not being prepared well enough. Well, she could only ensure that her own people were prepared to take action immediately.

Thus, Fei Bai Mu went to make the last preparations over the next days until finally, the deadline had come and all the sects had gathered at the Jian Yi Sect, ready to start the trial.

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