SML C53 Really Good-Looking When Focused

Mo Fang could see that Li Ming was slightly uncomfortable. At first, he worried if this would be a setback but then he reconsidered. Actually, this was an opportunity!

He sidled closer and took his arm, giving him a cheeky smile. “Bro Li, don’t look at me like this! You’ll make me feel bad. Anyway, I didn’t mind it at all. I’m really happy that you’re treating me like this. It makes me feel like … there’s somebody in my life that I can still be close to.”

Li Ming actually felt worse when he heard that. “That … I’m sure that you still mean a lot to Boss Mo. He was probably just angry because of something. Give him a bit of time to calm down and I’m sure that the two of you will be able to talk it out.” To be honest, he still didn’t quite understand just what it was that had made Boss Mo angry. But what could he do about it? The only option that he had was trying to comfort Mo Fang and then go from there.

Mo Fang looked away while still hanging onto Li Ming’s arm and sighed. “Well, I really hope that you’re right. But for the time being, I just won’t think about it. Anyway, don’t feel bad.” He looked at him, his gaze so open that Li Ming really couldn’t hold onto any negative feelings.

He nodded and then motioned down the aisle. “Alright, then let’s go and get everything else.” Since there was now another person living inside his apartment, Li Ming made sure to stack up on everything that he might be running low on. Even things that he was pretty sure he still had a good amount of in his apartment, he just took as a precaution. After all, two people would need more than one person alone. It was better to stock up now than to wait and run out when something was needed.

Mo Fang watched the growing amount of things in the basket and couldn’t help but look up at Li Ming. Since the moment he had taken his arm, he had continued to cling to him and not helped out one bit. Li Ming either hadn’t noticed or he didn’t care. Well, it was most likely the latter considering that he seemed completely focused on the task at hand.

Ah, looking at him like this, Mo Fang couldn’t help but ogle him for a bit. Anyway, this guy was really good-looking. And he was even more good-looking when he focused on something like this. It really was true that men were the most attractive when at work. Well, Li Ming’s job wasn’t one where he would have to concentrate but now that he had a task in front of him … He definitely showed that type of charm.

“Alright. I guess that should be everything.” Li Ming checked the things in the basket again and then turned to give Mo Fang a smile. “I’m sorry. Normally, it doesn’t take this long. I just thought that it would be better to take a bit more to make sure we have everything at home.”

Mo Fang nodded, once again happy how Li Ming called it home. Yes, he would very much love to have that apartment be his home from now on. Anyway, he wouldn’t move out again. When he managed to get in, he definitely had to hold onto it. “It’s alright. It’s not like I need to go anywhere. Just tell me if you need my help with anything.”

Li Ming shook his head and then turned toward the registers. “No, as I said before, there’s no need for that. Just take your time and focus on yourself. You’ve just gone through a bad break-up and now you also had a fallout with your family. You’re probably not feeling too well. You should … take for some kind of vacation. Just rest yourself.”

“Bro Li is really such a nice person.”

Li Ming smiled and shook his head at him, feeling that Mo Fang was really praising him too much. Wasn’t it normal to help somebody out when they were in need? He didn’t think it was anything special.

Li Ming paid for everything and then the two of them went out, leaving in the direction of Li Ming’s apartment.

“Right, remind me that I give you the spare key later on. Since we don’t know how long this situation will last, it wouldn’t do if you always have to depend on me even if you just want to step out for a few minutes.”

“I wouldn’t mind. It’s your apartment. And if there is anything that you want me to take note of while I’m living there, I totally don’t mind. Just tell me up front so I can get used to it.”

Li Ming already wanted to refuse but finally reconsidered. He had told Mo Fang that he didn’t need to pay rent or help him out with doing anything but it was obvious that Mo Fang wanted to do at least something. So if it was just this type of little thing, it might be for the best to not shoot his concerns down right away. “Okay. To be honest, I’m not quite sure if there are any rules in my apartment since I’ve only ever done what I wanted but I’ll think about it and tell you as soon as I come up with something.”

Mo Fang gave him a happy smile and squeezed his arm before finally letting go. “Alright. Then I’ll be waiting for you to come up with something.”

Li Ming looked down at his arm when it suddenly felt rather empty and couldn’t help but be in a little bit of a daze. Had Mo Fang been holding his arm all this time? How come he hadn’t even noticed?

He shook his head at himself, feeling that he was thinking too much. Anyway, why was that important? Instead, he thought about what was important to him in his place. To be honest, there wasn’t much. It was just that maybe there would be some little habits that might be difficult to reconcile if they were very different in that regard. But he also couldn’t imagine what exactly that might be. Really, what was it that got on people’s nerves if they lived together?

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