SML C51 It Runs in the Family

Mo Fang didn’t know how to react for a moment. This … What was going on? He was actually showing off in front of a gay man and the guy in question was still able to tell him to hurry up so they could leave?

Now, this was completely new. Ah, this was the downside of wanting to date a decent man. He actually had trouble making him react normally to this kind of thing. Hadn’t it been the very same in the morning? Obviously, Li Ming was a man that was much more susceptible to other things.

Giving an embarrassed smile, Mo Fang sped up and changed as fast as he could while still not losing out on the opportunity. Anyway, even if Li Ming wasn’t seduced right away, he could still think back to this at some later point in time and realize just what a lucky guy he was. Still, he had to justify his behavior. “I’m sorry. When you told that story just now, I couldn’t help but feel engrossed. It sounded like you had a really nice relationship before … Well.” Closing his pants, he pushed the door shut and then turned the key before facing Li Ming again. “Anyway, I’m done now. We can leave.”

Li Ming nodded and then turned around, leaving for the train with Mo Fang. “Since we went to the restaurant yesterday, I didn’t go grocery shopping. Do you want to come with me right now or should I bring you to the apartment first and then go on my own?”

This time, Mo Fang really had trouble keeping his expression in check. He lowered his head, trying to hide his expression as well as he could but his hands were still fidgeting. “Going grocery shopping?” Oh god, this was just like in a rom-com! Of course, he loved the idea! “Well, I guess two people can carry more than one, right? I’ll definitely come with you and help you. Anyway, if I’m going to stay at your place, then I should do a few things to earn my keep, right?”

Li Ming couldn’t help but smile at Mo Fang’s behavior. It made him seem quite a bit younger than he probably was. “Is going grocery shopping that great?”

Mo Fang pursed his lips, not quite that happy that he had been caught. Anyway, since he couldn’t change that anymore, he just had to make the best out of the situation. “Well, it’s not really that. I’m just happy that things somehow worked out for me. You know, when my father said to me that I should just leave, I was really worried. Even when Lan Heng broke up with me, it didn’t seem that bad. At the very least, I thought that I could come to my family. And then this happened today and suddenly I couldn’t even do that.

“But now, having a new perspective at least for the time being … I’m just so relieved. I don’t know, maybe you think it’s stupid but being able to help you with something just makes me really happy. I’m glad I can give back a little, you know?”

Li Ming nodded at that, feeling that he could somewhat understand. “Anyway, you don’t have to feel that you owe me. If you want to help, then I’ll gladly accept your help but you don’t have to feel pressured to do anything.”

Mo Fang inched closer and playfully slapped Li Ming’s arm. “Bro Li! If you’re so nice all the time people will start taking advantage of you! You won’t let me pay rent and you also don’t want me to help. I’ll basically be freeloading if you give up on this offer. At least let me do some things.”

Li Ming ab gave a smile but he somehow felt a bit embarrassed. He couldn’t even explain it himself. He was just being nice, right? Anyway, he probably shouldn’t think too much about it.

The two of them finally got off the train at the station closest to Li Ming’s apartment and he led the way to the Yonghui superstore close by. It was only about five minutes on foot to get to his apartment from there so this was the most convenient place. He normally went there by himself as well.

Getting one of the shopping carts and checking the board with the promotions, Li Ming wanted to enter just as usual when he remembered a problem. He turned to Mo Fang, rubbing his neck. “Right, what you like to eat?” It was one thing to just make something for one breakfast in the hopes that Mo Fang would like it while it was a completely different thing to live together for a while. He definitely had to take into consideration what Mo Fang liked to eat.

Mo Fang looked at him with starry eyes. Ah, Li Ming was such a dream guy! Just that question alone showed how much he cared. He had never experienced that with any of his boyfriends. While he had been able to choose his own food, it was a completely different thing whether you went to eat somewhere or always ordered take-out compared to if the person was going to personally cook for you and took your preferences into consideration from the get-go. “Well … To be honest, I’m not a picky eater. So I guess it’s alright if you just take whatever you would usually buy.”

Li Ming nodded but he couldn’t help but stew on that question for a while longer. “Are you still going to model now that you’re working at the railroad station?”

Mo Fang gave him a curious look. “Yes, I wanted to. Why?”

“Well, I guess you’ll have to take calories into consideration then, right?” The gaze he gave Mo Fang was once again slightly embarrassed. Honestly, looking at Mo Fang, there wasn’t any place where he would have to lose even half a pound. Talking with him about calories … But on the other hand, this might be the result of a strict diet and workout. He definitely couldn’t just make whatever. Just the pancakes this morning might have been too much already.

Mo Fang gave him a smile and blinked his eyes, looking up through his lashes. “Bro Li … You’re so cute. Actually, it’s not that bad. I have a good metabolism. Regardless of what I eat, I won’t put on much weight. Just look at my father. It runs in the family. And it’s even better on my mother’s side. Have you ever seen a picture of her?” He didn’t wait for Li Ming to answer and instead took out his phone, scrolling through one of the albums before showing him a picture.

Li Ming who hadn’t been too keen to find out any more private details about his boss’s family couldn’t help but still take a look when he was already shown. Sure enough, Madam Mo was a beauty as well. That trait definitely ran in the family.

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