SML C47 Did Something Happen?

Mo Fang didn’t go back to the counter. Instead, he made his way through the station until he finally spotted Li Ming doing his rounds. Right now, Li Ming was patiently answering the questions of an old couple, seeming as if he had all the time in the world.

Mo Fang pursed his lips, wondering what he should do. This was an opportunity that he wouldn’t get again so he had to act fast. But he could hardly rush over there when the couple was still there. He needed to wait until they finally left. Why couldn’t they hurry up?!

He pulled back behind the wall, leaning against it, and wondering what to do. Originally, he had wanted to rush over and throw himself into Li Ming’s arms but that probably wouldn’t work out well anymore. But what else could he do?

Thinking about it for a moment, he slid down against the wall, pulled his knees up to his chest, and put his arms on top, resting his forehead on top of them. Then, he tried to think of the saddest thing he could imagine. In a moment’s notice, his eyes teared up and sparkling drops hung on his lashes while his shoulders slightly trembled.

When Li Ming finished talking with the old couple, he went to continue with his rounds. Walking down the corridor and then turning the corner, he almost stumbled over a person sitting on the ground. He turned back to tell the person that it wasn’t safe sitting there either for them or for other passengers, he was startled. This … Wasn’t that Mo Fang?!

He stared at him for a moment, unable to understand what was going on. Then, instinct just took over.

He crouched down next to him and carefully reached out, grabbing him by the shoulder. “Mo Fang … What’s the matter? Did something happen?” Hadn’t they just said goodbye a couple of minutes ago? How come he was suddenly reduced to tears while crouching in one of the corridors? Did this have anything to do with his ex? At the very least, he had only ever seen him be distraught over that. He just couldn’t imagine anything else.

Hearing this familiar voice, Mo Fang was over the moon. He had to imagine his biggest fear very, very hard to be able to continue to cry. Then, he slightly raised his head, looking at Li Ming with red eyes.

Li Ming felt a tug at his heartstrings and inched closer, pulling him into his arms. “It’s alright. Whatever it is, I’m sure that it will be good again.” He rubbed his back, feeling distraught himself. What should he do now? He definitely couldn’t just let him sit here. “How about going back to the changing room? You can rest there for a while and tell me what happened if you want to.”

Mo Fang grabbed onto his shirt, burrowing into Li Ming’s arms. “Bro Li …”

His voice that was choked with tears broke Li Ming’s heart. Whatever had happened was definitely something major. “Alright, just what happened? Maybe there’s some way I can help you?” He gently patted his back again, hoping that it would somehow calm him down. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Instead, Mo Fang seemed to cry even harder. “Bro Li … Why can’t you be my actual brother? I would feel so much better if I had somebody in my family who understood me.”

Li Ming was taken aback. But at the very least, this explained what this was about. Well, at the very least, it pointed in a certain direction. “Did something happen with your father?” He gently cupped Mo Fang’s cheek and made him look up again.

Mo Fang’s tears were still flowing freely but he nodded, seemingly forcing himself to speak his mind. “He somehow found out about last night and he told me that he didn’t care about me anymore and that I … I should just get out and live my own life.” He sobbed and then leaned forward, hugging Li Ming’s neck while burying his head at his shoulder again. “Bro Li, what should I do now? My father has always gotten angry at me but it was never like this! I can’t believe he just threw me out! Where am I supposed to go now?”

“That …” Li Ming didn’t know how to answer that. It seemed that the situation really was dire. Although … “Are you sure that Boss Mo really meant it? Maybe it was just something he said in anger?” Although, to be honest, he wasn’t even sure what there was to be angry about. Wasn’t it just going out with his co-workers? But maybe that alone was already a problem to Boss Mo. Who knew how strict he was with his own son?

Mo Fang hurriedly shook his head. “No, he was very decisive when saying it like this. I … I just don’t know what to do, Bro Li. You … Did you ask any of your friends yet about me maybe moving in with one of them? I don’t think my father would also have me quit my job. So I’ll definitely be able to pay them some rent!”

Unfortunately, Li Ming could only shake his head. While he had been listening around, there weren’t too many people that had enough room to put somebody up at their home. And … Well, even though most of them knew that he was gay and were alright with it in theory, it was still a different thing for them to move a gay man into their apartment. Even more so if it was somebody that they didn’t know. The prejudice was just … Well, in any case, he wouldn’t try to convince them. If Mo Fang really moved in with somebody like that, he might suffer even more.

In the end, Li Ming could only shake his head. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t able to find anything yet. Do you have anybody else that you could move in with for the time being at least?”

Mo Fang looked down, every bit the picture of desolation. “I could probably ask Si Tao but since he has a new girlfriend now … I don’t think he would want me to move in with him.”

Li Ming raked a hand through his hair, unsure what to do. He had promised to help him. Even though he was worried that Mo Fang might develop feelings for him, he wouldn’t just turn his back on him at such a time. He had to do something! “You … Why don’t you move in with me for the time being?” He wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. But it was the only thing he could come up with. Anyway, it would only be for a few days. Just until they found a better solution.

Mo Fang looked at him, nodding shyly. “Thank you so much, Bro Li. I really wouldn’t know what to do without you. I’ll try not to be too much of an inconvenience and I’ll make sure to look for another place to stay so that I can move out as soon as possible and not be a burden to you.”

At least, that was what came out of his mouth. Needless to say, he was celebrating inwardly and determined to hold onto this place in Li Ming’s apartment with everything he got.

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