OMF V7C322 I Can’t Help It

While Xin Lan wasn’t happy with being reminded of how his life had turned out in regards to his love life, he still wouldn’t just ignore the matters at hand. He had told Wu Ya what he needed to know so he’d hopefully leave as soon as possible so that issue was taken care of.

There was another thing that worried him though: Back when that demon hunter returned, he had spoken about the possible problem in the demon realm. Even though Jinde had been wearing a veil and his expression hadn’t been in the open, Xin Lan didn’t even need to use his little finger to figure out in what kind of mood he currently was.

As much as he loathed to admit it, Jin Ling was the most important person to him right after Chun Yin and his reincarnation. In fact, it might even be difficult to say which of them was more important to him. Maybe if he had to decide, he would actually decide on Jin Ling. It definitely was an option.

Now being forced to stay in the Yun Zou Sect while that child of his might be in danger obviously wouldn’t let Jinde rest easily. No, he would definitely be worried to death.

Xin Lan went over to the array and fired a shot at it, not bothering at all about how strong it was. That Leng Jin Yu should be able to take it. If he wasn’t … Well, he should allow him to vent a bit of his anger, shouldn’t he?

Inside the realm, Leng Jin Yu’s lips twitched. The array reflected whatever attack was thrown at it but it seemed that this guy didn’t care about that at all. He could imagine that he had hoped that he would also receive some kind of backlash from it. Well, it might not be wrong. If he used his full strength, that might still be the case. But whatever, Xin Lan probably wouldn’t have come over if it wasn’t important so he still opened the array at once and let him in.

Maybe it was once again owing to his past life or maybe he was just a little petty as well but the short moment that Xin Lan needed to come over was used to pull Jinde into his arms and gently hug him, his lips brushing his cheek while his fingers were gently brushing over his body.

Jinde gave a satisfied hum and turned in his husband’s arms, embracing his neck. “I guess the matters we need to take care of immediately are dealt with now. So that means we should have some time for ourselves, right?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded, slightly tilting his head for another kiss.

Before their lips could touch, Xin Lan cleared his throat behind them.

Jinde blinked his eyes and looked up, before glancing at his husband who pretended not to have heard anything. He really didn’t know what to say to that. If it had been Chun Yin back then, he wouldn’t have expected anything less. Leng Jin Yu … Normally, he really wasn’t like that. Don’t tell him that Xin Lan bringing over those items had been making him feel insecure after all? That wouldn’t be good. Well, he couldn’t take care of that right now anyway.

He gently held onto Leng Jin Yu but still turned to Xin Lan, giving him a smile. “Xin Lan, how nice of you to drop by.”

Xin Lan smiled back at him and then motioned toward the arms that were lying across Leng Jin Yu’s shoulders. “You look especially beautiful with that bracelet on your wrist.”

Jinde gave him a sweet smile in return. These men, one was worse than the other. But, well, this had been going on for quite some time. He shouldn’t be surprised that things were escalating every now and then. Still, he definitely couldn’t let it go on just like that. And since one of them was his husband … It was a matter of course who he would support, right?

With that sweet smile still on his lips, he nuzzled Leng Jin Yu’s head. “It’s funny that you say that. Jin you actually said the very same thing a while ago. That really made me feel happy that I put it on. I always want to look my best for my husband.”

Leng Jin Yu glanced at him, not quite sure what to say to that. Obviously, he had said no such thing. It did make him wonder what Jinde was going on about.

Xin Lan looked at the two of them embracing so tightly and gave a strained smile as well. “Well, your husband has very good taste then. Anyway, I’m not here because of that.” While he was happy to see Jinde and indulge in his beauty for a moment, he also knew that it wouldn’t change anything about his situation. So he should better get to the point directly.

He turned to the side so he wouldn’t need to see the two lovebirds this closely and got to the matters that had originally brought him here. “About what that Shen Qiang said … You’re probably worried.”

Jinde stopped playing around when he heard that. “Have you heard anything about the demon realm recently?”

Xin Lan shook his head. “I didn’t really bother with that since the time I left. But I know how you feel. I’ll go and check it out immediately. I’ll come back as soon as I know some more details about what is going on.

“Anyway, you shouldn’t be too worried. Jin Ling isn’t an idiot. He has reigned all this time and has been able to deal with all the things that were thrown at him. He will be able to deal with this as well.”

Jinde nodded. “I know that. Thinking about it relationally, I really do know that. It’s just … I can’t help but still think of him as a child. Clinging to me like that all day … It is hard to shake the feeling that I should be there for him and help him out, fearing that he wouldn’t be able to take it. It is … nonsense. I know that. But my heart still hurts thinking of him like that. I just can’t help that.”

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