SML C46 You Know Where The Door Is

The girls didn’t dare to try to explain anything. Well, even if they did, it would’ve been too late. Because at that moment, Mo Fang already rounded the corner on his way to his counter.

Boss Mo turned around when he saw the women’s gazes and his expression got even worse. “Mo Fang! To my office, right now.”

Mo Fang stopped in his tracks and then turned to look at Zhi Bao Yu in the hope of finding out anything. Unfortunately, that traitor was pretending to be busy. He pursed his lips and then followed after his father, wondering what this might be about.

Anyway, he shouldn’t have done anything wrong recently. He had actually worked pretty well this week and he had also been socializing just yesterday. So it wasn’t like he partied excessively, making all of his father’s employees coming to work drunk every day, and he also had made a mess neither at work nor at home. He really couldn’t understand what his father was angry about at the moment. Anyway, he didn’t have anything to do with it!

Boss Mo opened the door and impatiently waited for his son to trudge into the room and sit down before he slammed it shut and sat down himself with a huff. “So. Anything you want to say in your defense?”

Mo Fang blinked his eyes. He didn’t even know what the accusation was! How was he supposed to defend himself? He continued to ponder and then felt like he had been enlightened. When he arrived, everyone had already been at the counter save for him. So maybe his father was angry that he had arrived late to work.

“Daddy, I’ve always been on time this week. Today is the first day this has happened, I swear! You can ask the others. And anyway, it’s not really my fault. It’s because I went out with the others yesterday night as thanks for welcoming me here. Do you really think that I should just ignore my coworkers? You always wanted me to get a normal job, didn’t you?”

Boss Mo tsked and slapped the table. “You! Who’s talking about that?!” Anyway, his son was only late by a few minutes. He wouldn’t be making a fuss over that whether it was Mo Fang or any of his other employees. Things like that could happen. If it wasn’t all the time or they were late by too much, then he wouldn’t mind. Just apologizing to the others and then maybe staying a bit later for the one that had covered them on another day was enough to make up for that. “I’m asking about where you’ve been last night!”

He had already had a bad feeling when his son wasn’t home when he returned yesterday evening but he had convinced himself that he thought too much. And since he and his wife always went to bed earlier than Mo Fang, he hadn’t noticed immediately that his son hadn’t come back home at all. He had wondered a bit that he was being so quiet but that had been all.

Hearing what the girls from the service counter had said, he realized that he had been stupid though. He should’ve known his son better! Obviously, he wouldn’t just stop being the way he had always been just because he had broken up with Lan Heng.

No, a leopard wouldn’t change its spots. And this scene had played out often enough over the years since Mo Fang had gotten involved with his first boyfriend. One after another, there had been men in his life and sooner or later, they would have some dramatic breakup and Mo Fang would come back to cry to him for a few days before he immediately moved in with the next guy.

The life decisions his son made … He just couldn’t understand. It would be so nice if he could just take some time after one break up, get to know a decent guy for once, and then take it slowly. Then, they could move in together after a while, and he wouldn’t have to worry about him anymore. But, unfortunately, his son just wasn’t like that.

Boss Mo couldn’t understand what exactly it was. Whether he just wanted his freedom more or if there was something more at play here that he couldn’t understand … He didn’t know. He probably wouldn’t be able to understand either if his son tried to explain it to him.

Anyway, he just couldn’t help but feel angry. It was as if he could see that Mo Fang wasn’t headed toward a good end. If he continued like this, he really was afraid that in ten or — looking at how handsome his son was — maybe in fifteen or even twenty years, he wouldn’t be able to continue like this.

When you got old, then things weren’t as easy anymore. It would be better to settle down with somebody dependable earlier. But just why couldn’t Mo Fang understand that?

Boss Mo rubbed his brow and sighed to himself. He just didn’t know what to do anymore. If there was some way to help Mo Fang … He would certainly do so. Unfortunately, there really was no way.

“Actually, maybe I don’t even want to know. It’s your life. You have to decide on your own if you really want to live like that. Anyway, your mother and I won’t get involved. You just sort it out yourself.”

Mo Fang stared at his father, not quite understanding what he was trying to say. “Daddy, what’s the meaning of this?” Anyway, he hadn’t done anything bad. He had just been a bit drunk yesterday. That was all.

Boss Mo looked at his son and then waved at the door. “Don’t think too much. You know where the door is. Just get back to work.”

Mo Fang felt a little weirded out but then got up and walked to the door.

‘You know where the door is’ … That wouldn’t be some kind of code for wanting to throw him out, right?

His gaze shifted from side to side. Anyway, even if it wasn’t, maybe it could be …

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