OMF V7C319 The Grandmaster’s Disciple?

Wu Ya had decided like that but on second thought, this left him with one problem: Where should he go now? Of course, he could return to the spirit beast tribes’ territory and his own place in the mountains but who knew if the dragon king would still be here when he returned? No, it would be better to stay close by so he could find a good moment to talk with Qiu Ling.

He turned to Zheng Yin, raising his brows. “Where are you staying?”

Zheng Yin was slightly taken aback. He had thought that now that Ma Zhi Wu was healed, they would return home immediately. But judging from this question, Wu Ya had other plans. Well, to be honest, he was a bit happy about that. After all, he really would like to learn a bit more about alchemy outside of their own realm. Maybe if they were here, he’d be able to ask that man for some guidance. While even those Elders in the Hei Dian Sect hadn’t been able to do that, this person was different. Not only because he was of the dragon race but also because he was obviously very knowledgeable in terms of alchemy. Just the potion that he had refined was proof of that.

“I’m staying at another sect in the human realm. I was only called over because of that injured person.”

Wu Ya nodded, furrowing his brows. “Is that sect far from here? I still want to talk with the dragon king. Going too far wouldn’t be good. After all, who knows when he’d have time? I need to be able to get to him quickly.”

Zheng Yin shook his head. “I’m afraid that my sect wouldn’t be an option then. Maybe we could ask if we can stay here?” He turned to the Grandelder and Grandmaster Zhangsun who weren’t standing too far away. He wasn’t quite sure who exactly Zhangsun Xun Yi was but since the Grandelder was Nian Hong Fang’s Master, he should at least be an Elder of the sect. “I’m sorry but … would it be possible for us to stay here for a few days?”

The Grandelder didn’t even wait for the Grandmaster to say anything. “But of course! You’ve also helped to save my disciple’s lover, one of the disciples of our sect. How could we just throw you out afterward? Give me a moment to find a place for you to stay. You can stay there for as long as you want.”

Only when he turned around to go and inquire which lodgings were free, did he notice the Grandmaster only standing a few steps away. Seeing that, he couldn’t help but be taken aback. How could he dare to just answer when the Grandmaster was right there? “That … Grandmaster Zhangsun, do you see this any differently?”

Zhangsun Xun Yi shook his head. “You’ve helped our sect and if I have understood this right, then you are also acquainted with my disciple. I don’t know the details of that situation but it would be impolite to ask you to leave.” Although … his disciple’s true identity definitely wouldn’t be a secret much longer with how openly these people had spoken about him being the dragon king. So far, nobody had dared to say anything but when Sect Master Yuchi came out of seclusion, he’d have some explaining to do. Well, that was a worry for later.

Wu Ya and Zheng Yin exchanged a glance. They didn’t know who Grandmaster Zhangsun’s disciple was but they figured that it must either be that Ma Zhi Wu or maybe Jing Yi. They certainly wouldn’t have thought that it was the person they had come to know as the dragon king. Just the image of that would be unbelievable for the spirit beast tribe.

The Grandelder finally left to find a place for the two of them to stay. Meanwhile, Xin Lan went over, giving Zheng Yin another smile. “You know, you could also stay with me.”

Zheng Yin lightly furrowed his brows but didn’t say anything of what was actually going through his mind. “Thank you very much for the offer but since the people of the Yun Zou Sect are already preparing, there’s no need to bother you.”

Xin Lan hadn’t expected anything else. In fact, this wasn’t what he wanted to talk about anyway. Instead, he turned to look at Wu Ya. “This friend of yours is …?”

Zheng Yin raised his brows, not quite understanding what he meant.

Xin Lan looked from one person to the other, trying to guess what the relationship between them was. They had seemed incredibly close. Maybe they were lovers? But it also didn’t seem that way. Then they could be friends? Or family? He wasn’t sure but it wasn’t that important either. The most important question was how did this person know Jinde?

Since Zheng Yin wasn’t helpful, Xin Lan turned to Wu Ya. Anyway, he might as well just us directly. “If I understood correctly before, then you happen to know Chun Yin. Might I ask what your relationship was?”

Wu Ya raised his brows. “Did you know him as well?”

Xin Lan gave a curt nod. He certainly didn’t like admitting it but yes, he had naturally known him. “So, were you close to him?”

Wu Ya sighed at that question. “Close … Well, we did meet when he and Jinde were traveling through the realms. I would say we were friends back then. It is just that with him returning to the dragon realm and me being in the spirit beast tribe’s territory, we hadn’t really seen each other after that. I wouldn’t have thought that he was actually dead already. You wouldn’t happen to know how he died, would you?” He looked at Xin Lan, a faint hope igniting in his eyes.

Xin Lan sighed and nodded. “Let’s wait until the Grandelder returns. I can come with you and then tell you everything slowly.” Anyway, if that would make this guy leave faster, it would be for the best. After all, he was a threat to Jinde.

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