SML C45 You’ll Never Guess

Li Ming turned around when he heard the door open. Seeing that it was Mo Fang, he gave him a small smile. “Were you able to talk about everything?”

Mo Fang happily skipped over, turning to his own locker to take out his clothes for work. “Yes. She just wanted to know how I got back home yesterday.”

Li Ming nodded, feeling a bit relieved. With Zhi Bao Yu do, he just didn’t know. He always felt that she would bring about some kind of disaster. Anyway, it was good that she hadn’t this time.

He closed his own locker but before putting the key away, he looked at it for a moment and then turned to Mo Fang. “How about you take the key for now? Since you have some clothes in my locker, it’s inconvenient if you always have to ask me to open it. This way, if you need something, you can just open it yourself. I have a spare key that I can just use from tomorrow onward.”

Mo Fang blinked his eyes and looked at the key, not quite sure what to say. Actually, being able to ask Li Ming to open the locker for him was one of the reasons he was so excited about being able to put his clothes in his locker. If he got the key now … But it also wouldn’t be good to reject it. In the end, he could only pretend to be unsure. “Are you sure? Won’t this be a problem for you?”

Li Ming shook his head. “No, at most it would be inconvenient for at the end of the shift when I have to change and can’t get the other key because of some reason. But in the worst case, I’ll just go back in these clothes. It won’t be a problem for just one day.” Anyway, it was unlikely that that would happen. The one who had kept his spare key for now was Rui Lan and they normally finished at the same time. It would be a big coincidence if they didn’t today of all days.

Mo Fang wasn’t too sure but he felt that this was the only opportunity he would have to turn things back around. “Well, if it might be inconvenient today, then why not keep it until the evening? If one of us finishes later than the other, that would really not be good for you. If you’re leaving before me, you could just give the key to somebody else if you really insist on doing this. I just wouldn’t want to make trouble for you. I’ve already troubled you more than enough.”

Li Ming looked at the key, slightly furrowing his brows. Well, Mo Fang wasn’t wrong about that. It was just … “There’s something I have to take care of after the shift today. So I will likely need a bit longer until I get here. Then you wouldn’t have a key.”

Mo Fang waved his hands to reject that. “That’s not a problem at all! I mean, it’s not like I don’t have clothes in my own locker. I can just take those for today. I mean it’s not like I want to go out or anything.” He gave an awkward laugh and then reached out, closing Li Ming’s hand around the key. “I’m very happy that you’re thinking so much on my behalf, Bro Li. But you also need to think a bit about yourself. The only one who would be inconvenienced by this is you. I really can’t take you up on this. If at a later point, you still want me to have the key, then it’s alright.”

Li Ming looked down, feeling a bit unaccustomed to the feeling of that soft hand on his. To be honest, Mo Fang had a really nice pair of hands. If he told him that he was a hand model, he definitely wouldn’t have been surprised.

He shook his head at that thought and then looked up, hurriedly pulling back his hand. “Well, if it’s like this, then I guess we’ll do it that way. In the worst case, I’ll really hand the key to somebody else and have them give it to you after the shift.” He motioned over his shoulder to the door and slightly turned around. “Anyway, we’re slightly late. I’ll already go and start my round.”

Mo Fang nodded happily and then waved at him. Anyway, even if it hadn’t been perfect, he still felt that things had gone quite nicely. At the very least, it could’ve ended worse. With that thought, he started changing as well.

Meanwhile, Zhi Bao Yu had already returned to the service counter and excitedly waved for the other girls to come over and listen to her. Since there weren’t many customers around right now, everyone crowded around her, wondering what it was that she wanted to tell them.

Zhi Bao Yu grinned when she had everybody’s attention and looked at each of them after the other. “You’ll never guess what I just found out.”

The others exchanged glances and one of them urged Zhi Bao Yu on so she wouldn’t make too many pauses again. “Aiya, sis Zhi, don’t be like this! You already have all of our attention. Better speak fast so none of us will have to go back to speak with the passengers and lose out on hearing half the story.”

“Yeah!” A few of the others agreed with her, making Zhi Bao Yu beam.

“Well, after your left yesterday, we finished playing another few rounds. Everyone was pretty drunk. Guess what Mo Fang did.”

The others exchanged glances, wondering what this would entail.

“I don’t know. Maybe he got really drunk? He was losing pretty badly when I left.”

A few of the others nodded as well. “Yeah, he didn’t have any luck at all.”

Zhi Bao Yu waved. “That’s nothing we have to discuss. Much more interesting is what he did because he was drunk.”

The expressions of the others changed, their hearts for gossip clearly ignited. “You mean …”

“I guess he didn’t go home alone.” One of the girls couldn’t help but laugh at that. Anyway, they had all seen how he was clinging to Li Ming when they arrived and also started to do the very same thing late in the evening. It was pretty obvious that there were some feelings at play. And since it wasn’t much of a secret that Li Ming also swung that way, they were pretty sure that that had to be the case.

Zhi Bao Yu nodded, happy that the others seemed just as delighted as her. “You bet! I only found out when I just went to get a painkiller. He actually came to work wearing clothes that were two sizes too big for him.”

One of the girls wanted to ask more but then her expression derailed and she hurriedly went back to the counter, pretending she hadn’t been gossiping at all.

Zhi Bao Yu looked at her in confusion and then turned around, only to find Boss Mo standing a few paces behind them. She tensed up and then rushed to her counter as well, sitting down, and pretending to be busy.

As for Boss Mo … He looked over the counters, wondering just where that son of his was. He definitely had a few choice words to say to him.

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