OMF V7C315 A Little Too Worried

Qiu Ling looked at him and then slowly blinked his eyes. “Grandelder, this isn’t right. The person we’re trying to save is your disciple’s lover. Do you really need to be so hung up over the fact that this is your cauldron? It couldn’t be that you actually don’t want to save him, could it?”

On the other side of the room, Nian Hong Fang raised his head, looking at his Master in a panic. As an alchemist himself, he did somewhat understand that equipment could be something very personal and that maybe he wouldn’t want to lend it to somebody else. But on the other hand, he was his Master’s head disciple and Ma Zhi Wu had been his lover for many years already. After finally getting him back after a decade, his Master wouldn’t want to let him die just because of this, would he?!

The Grandelder was startled when he was suddenly faced with such a question. He looked from Qiu Ling to Nian Hong Fang and shook his head in a daze. “Of course not!” He didn’t know how else to react to that. Anyway, he did not mind lending somebody his cauldron but he couldn’t help but remember how that other person had said that he had already used this cauldron once. Unfortunately, he couldn’t remember at all when that was supposed to have been. Wasn’t he allowed to worry about that a bit?

Before he could say anything else, Qiu Ling had already turned away. Seeing Xiang Yong in the door, he raised his brows at him. “So, have you found some equipment for … him?”

“I contacted An Bai. He will be here soon.”

Qiu Ling nodded and then sat down at the table, reaching out to signal Jing Yi to come over.

Jing Yi’s lips twitched but he still did Qiu Ling the favor and walked over, hugging his shoulders. Anyway, he was happy that Qiu Ling had helped out so much to make sure that Nian Hong Fang’s lover wouldn’t have to die.

Thinking of that, he leaned down and kissed his temple, making Qiu Ling give a happy hum before pulling him closer.

“My love, you should do this a few more times. How about on the lips?”

Jing Yi laughed and then cupped his cheeks, indeed giving him a peck. “Thank you for helping.”

Qiu Ling gave another hum, his gaze not moving from Jing Yi’s face for a single moment. “Of course, I’d always help your friends.”

Jing Yi smiled and just continued to hug him, not saying anything more.

The room fell quiet, only the sounds of the disciples working on the simple healing potions being able to be heard.

Time slowly passed and finally, hurried steps sounded from outside, and Shen Qiang rushed into the hall.

There was a tear in his sleeve, some blood clinging to the rough edges but otherwise, he looked fine.

Nian Hong Fang slightly straightened up when he saw him, a bit of worry showing on his face while he looked at him. The Chun Feng Sect might be responsible for what had happened to Ma Zhi Wu but Shen Qiang was different from them. After spending so much time to find out about him, he knew that. He hadn’t done everything right but at the very least, he was trying. That was already worth a lot. He just couldn’t bring himself to blame him completely.

Shen Qiang’s gaze also flashed over to Nian Hong Fang for a moment and he nodded, giving him a faint smile. He didn’t say anything though and instead turned to Jinde, hurrying over to give the box to him. “I got a few more to make sure that you had some spares in case something went wrong.”

Jinde nodded. “You did very well. Thank you. Have the disciples have you treated.”

Shen Qiang shook his head at that. “I’m afraid I can’t stay. I’ve heard some things when I was in the demon realm. I’ll have to go report them.” He already wanted to turn away but his expression turned slightly lost. He wasn’t quite sure who to report to. The Chun Feng Sect … He felt that it wouldn’t be a good idea to talk with them. For one, they would likely feel that he was a traitor and thus not welcome him back. On the other hand, he wasn’t too sure if whatever they would decide based on his information would be good.

He hesitated for a moment and then turned back to the others. “You … I’m sorry but might I talk to the one in charge of the Yun Zou Sect at the moment? I am afraid I can’t really talk to my own sect anymore.”

Jinde slightly furrowed his brows. “What happened in the demon realm?”

Shen Qiang looked a little uncomfortable but since these people were working on saving Ma Zhi Wu, he finally still spoke up. “I don’t know any details but there seems to be some unrest. Apparently, they are contending for the throne again.”

Jinde lost his grip on the jade box in his hands, almost making it fall to the ground. Leng Jin Yu barely reacted in time and caught it, flicking his husband a glance. He knew that there was some relationship between him and the current demon king. It was normal to have a bit of a strange reaction but he couldn’t help but feel that Jinde was really a bit too worried about him.

Jinde also realized that he had overreacted. Thankfully, nobody was able to see his expression at the moment. “That … I’m sorry, I was just very surprised.”

Qiu Ling also gave him a thoughtful look but didn’t say anything and instead turned to Shen Qiang. “I think I heard that Sect Master is in secluded cultivation. I guess you should go to one of the other Elders or maybe one of his disciples.”

Leng Jin Yu put the box on the table and turned to Shen Qiang as well. “There is a disciple by the name of Wu Min Huan who is dealing with everything until Sect Master Yuchi comes back out of seclusion. You should go and ask him about what to do. He should be in the Sect Master’s palace right now.” He would’ve brought him over but glancing at Jinde, he felt that it wouldn’t be a good idea. In fact, he couldn’t help but be a little worried. He would have given a lot to be able to talk to him in private for a moment. Unfortunately … It didn’t seem possible right now.

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