OMF V7C314 Acting Shamelessly

The two of them went over to the Grandelder’s palace after Jinde put the veiled hat back on. Jinde glanced both at Wu Ya who was still facing off with Qiu Ling even though both of them seemed to have run out of things to say and then at Xiang Yong who was looking at Leng Jin Yu and him thoughtfully. Well, it seemed he’d have to remind that good stepson of his that it might not be such a good idea to have anyone from the dragon race be around him.

Leng Jin Yu tugged at his hand and pulled him over to the table, making him sit down. “These are all the herbs that have been brought over from the dragon realm, as well as the ones that we already had. Do you need any more help?”

Jinde shook his head. “No. This should be alright.” He started to go through the boxes, sorting them in the order that he needed before looking over at the disciples that were still preparing some simpler healing potions for Ma Zhi Wu to treat some of his light injuries. Their equipment … It wasn’t quite satisfactory. While he would be able to refine something with it, it wasn’t quite at the standard that would be needed for the potion he had in mind.

Thinking of that, he turned back to Qiu Ling. “Brat! Where did you get that cauldron from you gave me the last time? It would be nice to have that again for this potion. Also, I’ll need some equipment for preparing the materials.”

Qiu Ling turned around and then pulled Jing Yi over, looking from Jinde to Leng Jin Yu. “Alright. I’ll get you that cauldron. I don’t know anything about the equipment though.”

Jinde sighed as if this really was making trouble for him. “Find somebody who does then.”

Qiu Ling pursed his lips and then turned to Xiang Yong. “You find somebody who knows about equipment.” With that, he just turned around and went to find the Grandelder’s cauldron again.

Xiang Yong watched his king leave with a neutral expression. He had experienced this kind of thing way too often to be surprised but sometimes he wished that his king would behave differently at least in front of other people. But, well, that was a useless hope. He also knew as much.

Sighing to himself, he nodded at the others, and then went out of the palace, taking out his transmission stone and contacting An Bai. He hadn’t wanted to disturb his rest but seeing how this was something specific to refinement, he just couldn’t think of anybody else that could tell him. And, well, An Bai had at least had some time by now even if it wasn’t much.

At that moment, An Bai had returned to his chambers and was sleeping. Feeling the faint pulsing of the transmission stone, he was startled awake and sat up, taking the stone out in a rush. Contrary to Fu Min who might just ignore something like this, he was a lot more conscientious. Since this stone was only used by the other advisers, it wouldn’t do to ignore it. After all, what if something had happened to their king? No matter how much rest he needed, he would definitely make sure that he did his part in whatever was needed.

Seeing that it was Xiang Yong on the other side, An Bai felt slightly worried. “Did something happen?”

Xiang Yong gave a faint hum. “Nothing major. His Majesty is alright. But … when I went to the human realm with some of our people to save Xiao Dong and the others from the demon-hunting sect’s dungeon, one of those people got injured. His Majesty has somebody here who is able to heal him but that person needs some equipment. I think he knows where to get a cauldron but anything else to prepare the ingredients is still needed. His Majesty told me to take care of it but I don’t know much about refinement. You wouldn’t have any idea …?”

An Bai heaved a sigh of relief. That didn’t sound too bad. “Don’t worry. I can bring some of my equipment over. What kind of recipe is it?”

Xiang Yong wasn’t quite sure how to answer that for the moment. “Well … It does seem to have healing properties. The person that it is supposed to be used for was close to death. They’ve managed to stabilize his condition for the time being but I think that it should be something very powerful since it is supposed to bring him back to full health.”

An Bai nodded. “The level of that healing potion should be very high then. The better the equipment, the better. Although … The cauldron should be the most important. Are you sure that whatever they have in the human realm will be good enough?”

Xiang Yong glanced back and sighed. “That person said himself that His Majesty was supposed to get a certain cauldron so I guess it should. Anyway, if you have one, you can also bring it over. I really doubt that the mortal realm will have anything better than what we have in the dragon realm.”

An Bai nodded and then went off to get everything as soon as Xiang Yong cut the connection. Since he didn’t know what kind of recipe that person was going to attempt exactly, he felt that it would be better to be on the safe side so he selected his best set of equipment before rushing over to the mortal realm.

Xiang Yong had returned back into the Grandelder’s palace in the meantime and was just in time to see his king once again acting shamelessly.

Qiu Ling had just walked back into the room as well and took something out of his spatial ring when he arrived in front of Jinde. “Here is the cauldron.”

The Grandelder flicked a glance over in his direction to see if he had really gotten a good one and offer his help if it wasn’t like that. When he saw the cauldron in Qiu Ling’s hands, his eyes widened though. “Wait. Isn’t that my cauldron?”

Xiang Yong’s hand twitched but he barely managed to hold back from facepalming.

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