OMF V7C312 He Had Cried Enough

In the meantime, Zheng Yin finished dealing with the mountain peak cloud. Pouring the liquid into a small vial, he heaved a sigh of relief. The process itself wasn’t difficult but if you didn’t focus enough, you might not be able to generate enough of the potion to heal the full core. And with how badly this Ma Zhi Wu was injured, he needed as much of the potion as he could get.

He got up and then walked over to the other table, handing the vial to Nian Hong Fang. “This is the potion made from the mountain peak cloud. Just give that to him and his core should slowly start to heal. It’ll likely take a few hours until his core is regenerated and it could be that it’ll still be quite fragile in the time to come. It will heal on its own after his other injuries to heal though.”

Nian Hong Fang took the vial with both hands and nodded hurriedly. “Thank you very much. I … I really wouldn’t know what to do without your help.”

Zheng Yin gave a small smile. “The demonic beast tribe is very similar to my spirit beast tribe. I feel that this what I should do. Anyway, I didn’t do much.” He motioned at Ma Zhi Wu again and then stepped back. “You shouldn’t lose any more time.”

Nian Hong Fang nodded again and then gently wrapped an arm around Ma Zhi Wu’s shoulders, tilting his head up so he would be able to drink the potion. He gently brushed over his forehead once and then opened the vial, holding it against his lips. The liquid passed his lips and Ma Zhi Wu’s eyes fluttered as if he was able to feel that this would be helping him.

“Just drink this. It’ll allow you to get back to health. In a while, you’ll feel better.”

He had Ma Zhi Wu drink and then put the vial down, brushing over his cheek and then gently placing his hand on his chest. He closed his own eyes and then leaned down, keeping as close to his lover as possible.

Just a few more hours. Just a few more hours and he would finally have him back. They would be able to see each other again every day, just like it had been back then. He wouldn’t have to worry about where Ma Zhi Wu was and how he was doing. He would be able to just get up and walk out of the palace and over to the beast taming peak and could see him. Just a mere five minutes until he would be able to look into his lover’s eyes and lie in his arms. Wasn’t that great? He could hardly wait for it.

Tears of happiness filled his eyes and Nian Hong Fang wiped them away, raising his head and once again taking Ma Zhi Wu’s hand.

He did not want for the first thing that Ma Zhi Wu saw to be his tears. No, instead, he should give him a brilliant smile to welcome him back. He should tell him that he loved him and that he never wanted to be apart again. As for his tears … He had cried enough of them. Now, he would only look forward to their future together.

He quietly sat next to him, watching as his tightly furrowed brows slowly relaxed. The sweat that he had wiped from his face every now and then didn’t return and his breathing seemed to ease at least lightly.

He was far from being healed but at the very least, he wasn’t on the verge of death anymore. No, he was really making a recovery.

Nian Hong Fang held his hand, a natural smile on his lips. He felt as if he was bursting with joy. “Zhi Wu …” He brushed back his hair, leaned down, and kissed his cheek. If only those people delivering the other herbs had already returned. He didn’t want to wait much longer. How stupid to think that after waiting so many years, he was hardly able to take the last few hours.

Well, at the very least, it wouldn’t be that long anymore.

Nian Hong Fang focused on doing the few things that he could for Ma Zhi Wu while waiting for the dragons to return from their realm with the herbs.

The first to come back was Xiang Yong. Walking into the room, the first thing he noticed was his king with his beloved in his arms and a strange man in front of him. He slightly raised his brows and then walked over, stopping a few steps away and bowing his head. “Your Majesty. I have returned.”

Qiu Ling nodded and then motioned behind him. “Well, just give him the herb then. It’s not like I could do anything with it.”

Xiang Yong turned around but couldn’t see anyone. He raised his brows but looking back at his king, he didn’t feel like he would get an answer.

Not far from them, Leng Jin Yu sighed and then went over, waving Xiang Yong with him. “Adviser Xiang Yong, you can just put it down on the table. Some of the other herbs are already there. We still need to wait for the others before it can be refined so it’s better to just have them all in the same place.”

Xiang Yong nodded and followed him over, putting the box down next to the others. He glanced over the materials and then looked up at Leng Jin Yu. “What else is missing?”

“Other than what you brought just now, as well as the herbs that Qiu Ling and Xin Lan brought over, all the other herbs from the dragon realm are still missing. Also, there is one herb from the demon realm that somebody is currently trying to procure. I’m afraid it will take some time though.”

Xiang Yong nodded, feeling a bit unaccustomed to the way that Leng Jin Yu just called their king by his name though. He gave him another look but didn’t say anything. Anyway, his king hadn’t complained. Why would he get angry over that? “Then, is there anything else that I can do?” He looked around for the person wearing the veil but couldn’t see him. “What about the person who wanted to refine this potion?”

“He has gone to rest so he will be able to refine the potion without a hitch. I’ll go and get him as soon as the last herb is brought over.”

Xiang Yong nodded again, not saying anything else. Instead, he just stood back and watched how his king was facing off against that other person. The atmosphere between the two of them was … strange. He really was wondering what was going on there.

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