OMF V7C311 Indebted

Back in the Grandelder’s palace, Fei Bai Mu was watching the things going on around her, holding on to her little disciple that hadn’t been happy since the moment Jinde had handed him off to her again.

She paid special attention to what Xin Lan was doing and couldn’t help but notice that even though he wasn’t looking the whole time, his gaze would always return to Zheng Yin sooner or later. It seemed that this person had some fatal attraction to him.

She lightly sighed and then pushed her disciple higher up on her arms before she went to write a short message, folded it into a paper crane, and applied the formation that would allow it to cover the distance to the Jian Yi Sect.

She had seen how that dragon had handed their Grandmaster’s husband some materials to heal his soul. While it didn’t seem that their Grandmaster was worried and his husband also didn’t seem to mind too much, she still felt that they should make some more effort.

She had originally told the people in the sect that they should be on the lookout for some treasures that would allow to heal a soul but now, she had to make sure that they put more effort into that. The sooner the person was healed, the better for their Grandmaster and also the better for the Jian Yi Sect if he did indeed return.

At the same time, after everything that Leng Jin Yu had done for the Jian Yi Sect and her, she still felt that she owed him as much. This was the right decision as the Sect Master and also the right decision as a person in his debt.

She watched the paper crane fly off and then glanced at her own disciple. Letting their Grandmaster’s husband and that Xin Lan disentangle would be good for him. It was just … She was afraid that even if that person wasn’t there, that Xin Lan also didn’t seem to mind getting entangled with somebody else.

Who knew if her disciple would stand a chance after he grew up? And even if he did … She wasn’t quite sure if a marriage between the two of them would be such a good idea. Maybe it would be for the best if those two didn’t have anything to do with each other after Hua Lin Yu grew up.

The longer she thought about it, the more she felt that it definitely wouldn’t be good. Thus, she decided to not only help their Grandmaster’s husband to heal sooner so he wouldn’t have to rely on this man but to also keep her disciple away from that Xin Lan if she could. Should things still develop in that direction later on, she wouldn’t oppose it but she definitely wouldn’t help this man to involve her disciple if he wasn’t there with his whole heart.

She looked at Hua Lin Yu and reached out, patting his head. “Xiao Yu, I’m afraid after a few days, we’ll have to go back to the Jian Yi Sect. Then, I’ll slowly start to teach you about cultivation. In the future, you’ll certainly become a mighty cultivator.”

Hua Lin Yu looked up at her and blinked his eyes. Since he had grown up in the Hua family, he already knew what cultivation was. He also knew that whether it was his brother, his parents, or his grandparents, they were all very strong cultivators. So becoming the same as well sounded very good to him. He still couldn’t help but turn back to the room and the Grandelder’s palace, his gaze a little disturbed. Rather than learning cultivation, he’d much rather spend his time with Xin Lan. But it seemed that he really needed to grow up first.

Fei Bai Mu sighed when she saw her disciple’s gaze and then went back inside to stand next to their Grandmaster. “I sent another message to the Jian Yi Sect to bring over some materials for your husband. It might be a few more days until they arrive. After that, I’ll take Hua Lin Yu back there. I don’t think it would be good for him to stay here for too long. Furthermore, I also shouldn’t be away from the Jian Yi Sect for too long.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “I understand. Thank you for your help.”

Fei Bai Mu shook her head. “If not for you, then I likely wouldn’t have been able to become the Sect Master back then. Who knows what would have happened to the Jian Yi Sect then? I owe you. This much … I can’t even pay off my debt.”

Leng Jin Yu just smiled. Even though she said that it was she who owed him, he wasn’t too sure about that. The Jian Yi Sect probably meant just as much to him as it did to her.

He had more or less grown up there. He had made friends in that very same sect, as well as foes. For the better part of his life, the Jian Yi Sect with the Sect Master, the Elders, and the other disciples had been there. Even when he went into seclusion for the last several hundred years before his ascension, it had still been at that place and he had still been able to notice some of the things going on outside.

He never could’ve allowed somebody to take the sect over who wouldn’t treat it well. Since that was the case, it had been a matter of course to help Fei Bai Mu to become the sect’s next Sect Master after her Master died. And anyway, he hadn’t done much. He had only uttered his opinion and pointed out some of the good things she had done. What kind of help was that? In the end, she had done everything on her own.

He had only been the one who mentioned it to the others.

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