SML C42 Seducing Him with His Body?

Mo Fang pondered for a while, his eyes moving from one side to the other before he finally inched closer to Li Ming. “Bro Li, say … about my clothes … Can I wear them again already?”

Li Ming’s smile turned slightly strained at that question. “Well … While I did wash them, they’re not dry yet. I’m afraid you would have to wait some more time until then.”

“Oh.” Mo Fang pressed his lips together, seeming as if he was thinking about something.

Li Ming didn’t know what to say for a moment. He could hardly request Mo Fang to just stay in bed the whole time, could he? He pondered for a moment and then cleared his throat. “Well … Do you want to wear some of my clothes for the moment? I don’t think I have anything new in the closet but they’re washed so maybe you wouldn’t mind?”

Mo Fang gave him a long look and finally lowered his head before nodding, feeling that he was very much the image of a bashful maid. “If you don’t mind, then I certainly don’t.”

Li Ming nodded and then went over to his wardrobe, rummaging around until he found something that was as new as possible. He turned back to the bed and handed it to Mo Fang. “Here. Do you want me to show you the bathroom? There are towels in the cupboard there and I should also have a toothbrush.”

Mo Fang nodded happily and then swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

Li Ming stepped back, turning around as if he wanted to make sure that he didn’t see anything.

Mo Fang stretched his legs, giving them a good look. Well … He did think he had a pair of very nice legs. It was no wonder that Bro Li was embarrassed looking at them. Most likely, he felt his primal instincts welling up when he did so. It would be difficult for him to hold himself back.

Smiling to himself, he clutched the clothes to his chest and then went over to Li Ming’s side. “Thank you so much, Bro Li. I really don’t know how to thank you. Since I started at the railroad station, you’ve helped me out so much. And you’re never asking for anything in return. You’re such a good person.” He gave him a long look, showing some of his sincere admiration. Anyway, all men loved being looked up to, right? He shouldn’t be too shabby with his praise.

Li Ming who had just wanted to say that it was nothing much, finally didn’t know how to react. Once again, he remembered what Rui Lan had said before. The longer he thought about it, the more he felt that he was right. Mo Fang … He really thought of him differently. Maybe he hadn’t realized that himself but there was definitely a change in how he felt about him. He’d have to make sure that he limited contact as soon as possible or this would end in disaster.

For the moment, he could only force himself to give a small smile and then motioned out of the room. “Come on then.” He walked over to the other side of the small corridor and opened it for Mo Fang. “Don’t worry about courtesy. Just take what you need.”

Mo Fang nodded happily and stepped inside, giving Li Ming on the other side a smile. “Thanks. I’ll hurry up.”

Li Ming just nodded and then turned around, leaving him on his own.

Mo Fang pursed his lips. Shouldn’t he be a bit more enthusiastic? After all, he still wasn’t wearing any clothes. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to influence Li Ming too much. It seemed he’d have to be a bit more forthright if he wanted to use his body to seduce Li Ming. The normal approach alone obviously didn’t work on him. Well, in a sense, this was to be expected. A good guy like Li Ming would never be conquered that easily. Which, on the bright side, also meant that he wouldn’t cheat as easily on his partner.

Thinking of that, Mo Fang happily went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him, and took a shower. Thinking things through while he did, he felt that he definitely had to take advantage of the current situation.

For one, they were currently alone in Li Ming’s apartment. And second, he knew where he lived. It probably wouldn’t be too much to come over some evening and bring some food with him? At the very least, he felt like that was the case. He could just excuse himself before his clothes were completely dry, take them back home while he was still wearing Li Ming’s, and then bring them back that day. That way, it shouldn’t be too obvious, right?

He stepped out of the shower feeling as if he had discovered a very important point. Yes, this was definitely the perfect opportunity to further the feelings between the two of them! Anyway, he didn’t believe that Li Ming would be able to resist him forever. It was just a question of time.

He hummed a happy tune while drying himself off and then took a look at the mirror. He felt that he was looking especially cute today. His hair was still wet since he had only rubbed it slightly, some water droplets hanging onto the ends, even dripping down his neck. It should look pretty seductive if he wore some clothes that were not the right size?

He happily put on the clothes that Li Ming had given him, once again taking a look. Yeah, this was pretty good. He kept the towel hanging around his shoulders and then went outside, following the sounds to find Li Ming in the kitchen.

“Thank you, Bro Li. I already feel much better after taking a shower.”

Li Ming turned to look at him, still a smile on his lips. “That’s good. I made breakfast. Do you want some?”

Mo Fang looked over and nodded happily. Ah, living with Li Ming must be really good! If he took care of his partner like this every day, it had to be a dream. He went over and sat down at the table, smiling brightly. “I really don’t know how to pay you back.”

Li Ming carried over two plates, putting one of them down in front of Mo Fang before he went to get two glasses of juice for them. “There’s no reason to pay me back.” He also sat down, picking up a fork. “Anyway, I went there early with you and didn’t stop you when you started drinking. I also didn’t say anything when the others wanted to play and let you get drunk again.

“I should’ve known it would end like this. Anyway, I felt like I had to help out. I’m pretty sure the others would’ve done the same. It was just that most of them had already gone home or were relying on each other as well. There just wasn’t anybody else left.”

Mo Fang looked at him, blinking his eyes. That response … Wasn’t it a little cold? He should just accept his praise! “Well, I’m still happy that you did. If it was anybody else, they might’ve taken advantage of me.”

Li Ming looked down, slightly shaking his head. “I’m pretty sure that none of our other coworkers are gay so I guess you wouldn’t have to worry about that.”

Mo Fang laughed and just focused on the food for the moment. Surprisingly enough, it was really good. Becoming Li Ming’s boyfriend sounded better and better.

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