ADS 2: C9 My Husband

Leaving that worry aside for the moment, Leng Jin Yu still went to the reception on the first floor. He was sure that they would be able to figure something out in regard to the pictures. It was just a matter of giving it a few tries and maybe learning more about how things in this world worked.

Standing in front of the counter, Leng Jin Yu gave the woman on the other side a faint smile. “Excuse me. I came to see … Mister Yuan.”

The woman looked up, eyes widening slightly before she pulled herself out of her reverie. Even though she had seen quite a few artists since she came to work in this company, this guy in front of her definitely had the looks to make them pale in comparison. Was this a newcomer? At the very least, she was sure that she had never seen him before. “Of course. I assume you mean the broker, right?” Even though she was pretty sure of her conjecture, she still wanted to make sure in case she had gotten something wrong.

Leng Jin Yu was quite sure that this should be his job even though he didn’t know anything else about the man so he just nodded. Anyway, if there were others with the same name, he would soon find out and go from there. “I would assume so, yes. I did have a meeting with him half a week ago if that helps to ascertain if we are talking about the same person. My name is Leng Jin Yu.”

The woman nodded and then picked up the phone, giving the broker’s office a call.

At that moment, Mister Yuan wasn’t there though. Right now, he was once again in the big boss’s office, pacing up and down while wringing his hands. He just couldn’t believe what had happened! He had found the perfect artist and then lost him again because of something he said. How had things turned out like this?

Back in his own office, his secretary hurriedly called the big boss’s secretary. “Sister Chu, the receptionist just called and said there was a man asking for Mister Yuan. He said that they had a meeting half a week ago. There wasn’t anybody that would wait at the reception at that time though. I think this might be one of the two people he brought in that day that he’s been searching for so frantically. Could you maybe check with him to see if that might be the truth?”

The boss’s secretary was instantly all ears. “What was his name?”

“Leng Jin Yu.”

The secretary hadn’t heard that name but then again, the names of those two people hadn’t been publicized. Maybe nobody knew them yet. “Very well, I’ll go and ask.” She ended the call and then went over, knocking lightly. Cracking the door open a bit and stepping in for a moment, she nodded at the two men inside. “Mister Yuan, there’s a man called Leng Jin Yu at the reception asking for you. He mentioned that he had a meeting with you a few days ago. Could it be that this is the person you’re searching for?”

Both Mister Yuan and the boss looked up at that. Before Mister Yuan had the time to respond, the CEO already waved at his secretary. “Go down and bring him up. If it is really him, it is better to be careful.” After all, they couldn’t let their money tree run away again lest it grew roots somewhere else.

“Of course.” The secretary left the room and then took the elevator downstairs, walking over to the reception. Seeing a man in a suit, she was surprised since the people the other day had been dressed rather casually but looking at his face, she was sure that this was indeed the right person. Seeing that, she was delighted and hurried over. “Mister Leng, please excuse us for making you wait. Mister Yuan is currently in the CEO’s office. Would you like to follow me up?” She motioned in the direction of the elevator, giving Leng Jin Yu a professional smile.

Leng Jin Yu nodded and then thanked the receptionist before following the woman over. Considering that this was the woman sitting in front of the office on the highest floor, he was pretty sure that it was an indication of how important signing a contract with Jinde was to these people. In that case, the negotiations shouldn’t be too bad.

When Leng Jin Yu stepped into the office, Mister Yuan ran over and clasped his hands with shimmering eyes. “You’re back!” He looked behind him and his expression fell just as fast as it had lit up. “Where is your … friend?”

Behind them, the secretary silently closed the door.

Leng Jin Yu gave a faint smile. “My husband was of the opinion that this would be utterly boring so he opted to go and amuse himself somewhere else. I hope that won’t be a problem.”

Mister Yuan exchanged a glance with his boss and then the CEO motioned back to the table just like the last time. “Of course not. Why don’t you have a seat? I’m sure we’ll be able to come to a satisfying conclusion among ourselves as well. You can tell your … husband about it later on and then he can just sign the contract if he is alright with it.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and went over, sitting down. He didn’t engage in any polite talk and just took out the contract. “We’ve talked it over for the past few days and have come to the conclusion that we can’t sign it as it is. I’ve made some notes on what needs to be changed for us to reconsider this decision. Please read it over and tell me your thoughts.” He handed it over and then just waited.

The CEO raised his brows but picked up the contracts and did as Leng Jin Yu had asked him. Looking over the clauses that Leng Jin Yu had amended, he couldn’t say that he was surprised. Quite a bit of it was relating to their own relationship. Considering that they appeared to be married, this was to be expected. Even though their relationship wasn’t something that easy to deal with, he would still be willing to accept it as long as he was able to have these two work for him. After all, they really were quite outstanding. That kind of opportunity couldn’t just be let go of. He would be willing to make quite a few concessions to achieve that.

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