ADS 2: C8 Picture-Perfect

When Leng Jin Yu went back to the entertainment company, he did so with his form hidden from mortal eyes. Even though he was going to negotiate the contract, he first wanted to have a closer look around. Maybe he would be able to find some additional clues that would allow him to get a better deal for Jinde and him.

Walking into the building, everything seemed just like the day they had first come here. He took the time to watch how people went through the security gates, showing some kind of badge if they wanted to get further into the building.

Visitors didn’t seem to need to do the same thing though. There was a desk for them just a bit from the entrance where a young woman in this world’s clothes was sitting. Apparently, he would just need to walk up to her and ask for the person he wanted to see.

Leng Jin Yu didn’t walk over immediately and instead went to the elevator that brought people to the upper floors. He followed some of them inside, watching how they pressed the buttons. The small cabin began to move, making him raise his brows.

He had read about it in some books but it still wasn’t the same as experiencing it himself. Meanwhile, just experiencing it was also not enough for somebody from a different world. The other day, he hadn’t been quite sure what exactly this was but now, he was able to understand the intricacy behind it. Considering that these people didn’t have any kind of spiritual energy, this was quite the convenient way to move. It was a worthwhile invention like a lot of things in this world. He was curious about seeing the others in person as well after having read about them already.

Soon enough, the other people got off the lift halfway through the building.

Leng Jin Yu glanced at the floor outside and then at the buttons at the side and pressed one that led to the upper floors. That was where they had gone the last time. If he wanted to find out what exactly the situation in this company was, then going there would certainly be for the best.

Soon enough, the lift arrived at the floor and the doors opened. Leng Jin Yu stepped outside and … his gaze met with the secretary sitting in front of the office they had gone to the last time.

Leng Jin Yu froze. The first thought he had was that he could count himself lucky that Jinde had insisted on them using their spiritual energy to pretend to be wearing clothes of this world. Otherwise, this would really be awkward. After all, he hadn’t seen a single robe in this world.

At that moment, the secretary turned to the side and picked up the phone, calling somebody. “Hey, it’s Secretary Chu. … Could you take a look at the lift? It just came up and opened on its own. Make sure that everything is alright before the boss leaves this evening, alright? … Yeah, thank you.” With that, she put the phone down again.

Leng Jin Yu rubbed his forehead. Right. She couldn’t see him. She had only looked up because the door opened on its own. It seemed that he still needed to learn a lot.

He shook his head at himself and then wandered around, looking around the floor and watching the people work for a while. There weren’t too many of them on this floor but all of them looked extremely hectic and had dark circles under their eyes as if they hadn’t slept well in several days.

Leng Jin Yu furrowed his brows when he saw that. The last thing Jinde had looked at was a book about a person working for an evil company that would make them work harder and harder until they collapsed only so that the company could make the most profit.

He didn’t know if this was the usual practice in this world but it wasn’t one he could condone. A cultivation sect never would have treated their disciples like this. While they did demand a lot from their disciples, they also nurtured them if they were willing to give. It wasn’t this one-sided.

Well, maybe it really was that he did not understand but he didn’t want Jinde to end up in an environment where he would be treated like that. Not that he believed that his husband would let anybody treat him like this. Whoever tried to do that should be prepared to face his wrath.

Just when Leng Jin Yu wanted to turn away, the person he had been watching leaned forward until their forehead touched the desk and then lightly banged it against it several times.

“I don’t want to anymore! Who the fuck came up with this?! And why don’t they have a photo? Is this person a fairy or what?!”

The person on the table next to him leaned back and threw a scrunched up piece of paper at his head. “Stop complaining! Do you think any of us like this task better? If the boss says to find this person, then we’re going to find that person. Who cares if we have a photo pr a pencil drawing? Anyway, the only thing I see is a line in the sand. We either do it or the boss will put it on our heads if that person ends up with another company.”

Leng Jin Yu tilted his head. That person … wouldn’t happen to be his husband, right? And these people were so overworked because they had been searching for them for the last few days? It seemed he should stop investigating and go to negotiate that contract. Otherwise, these people wouldn’t be able to get sleep anytime soon.

With that, Leng Jin Yu searched for the shortest way down to the foyer without having to use the lift and alarm the secretary again. On his way, his thoughts couldn’t help but ponder what those employees had said though: No photos. But he had definitely seen those ‘security cameras’ that he had seen mentioned in the books. Could it be that their spiritual energy interfered with that? That was good on one hand but might prove difficult on the other. After all, whether it was a model or an actor, they would all need to stand in front of a camera and have their pictures taken.

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