OMF V7C273 A Precious Opportunity

In the middle of this floor, some of the dragons raised their heads, exchanging glances. While they didn’t know much about the situation in this dungeon, they were still able to use their senses to find out at least some information.

That was why they knew that they were already on the last level and that the person they were looking for definitely had to be here. They had also been able to hear the Chun Feng Sect disciple’s bloodcurdling scream before and that angry yell asking to kill off somebody.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know who that somebody was. All of their minds rang with alarm bells though. What if this was the person they had been sent to free? Could it be that they were too late?

Originally, they had made good progress but at this lowest level, even they who had a certain immunity to the materials used by the Chun Feng Sect could feel the drain on them. Thus, fighting with the disciples that were guarding this place had become much more difficult. At the same time, there were more traps here as well, slowing them down even further. Right now, they had only reached the middle of the floor and they had been stuck here for several minutes.

Hao Zan furrowed his brows. He couldn’t let whatever was going on back there continue. He waved at three of the dragons from his group that looked as if they were coping quite well with the environment but still looked slightly pale. “Just charge through! We’ll hold him back. We definitely can’t let them kill anybody.”

The three nodded and then really just rushed ahead, ignoring the disciples of the Chun Feng Sect. If they were attacked, they evaded and then rushed onward. With that, they also triggered quite a few of the traps around them.

Beautiful lights erupted in the dungeon, illuminating the sight of fresh blood and the twisted expressions of the dragons, turning this into a messy scene of pain and anguish.

The dragons gritted their teeth, rushing onward. With their bodies, they naturally weren’t as easily harmed as humans and would not die from this kind of thing. Unfortunately, all of them were part god and among the immortal races, the gods were the ones that had the weakest bodies.

That was why Hao Zan had chosen these three despite them not being completely unaffected by the materials around them. He had hoped that their stronger bodies would allow them not to sustain grievous injuries. While he had been right, they weren’t able to escape unharmed either.

They still charge ahead blankly, ignoring all danger to themselves. They had been sent here for one specific mission: To save the person of their race that had been imprisoned here. For once, they could show their worth to their king. They definitely wouldn’t let go of this opportunity.

Even though they had been exhorted to take care of themselves and put their own well-being first, it didn’t count for anything at this point in time. If the person they had come to save was killed before they even reached him, then they would have lost this precious opportunity and disappointed their king’s trust in them. They would never let that happen! This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was their one and only chance, their hope for the future. They wouldn’t let these demon hunters take that from them!

The three of them charged through the last trap, gritting their teeth at the scalding hot sensation gnawing at their skin. They barged into the last room, just in time to see one of the people clad in the Chun Feng Sect’s robe plunge a blade into the body of a person kneeling in front of him.

The person’s mouth lightly opened and a groan sounded before he fell to the ground, his hand clenching into a fist as if he was battling the pain from the wound and still stubbornly clinging onto life.

With a scream, the other disciple of the Chun Feng Sect picked up the weapon that was lying on the ground and rammed it into his body as well. He huffed before he let go of the weapon’s handle and straightened up again, giving a snort.

“That’s what you get for daring to injure me, demon!”

The dragons had no idea if this person was indeed a demon. They didn’t have the time or patience to check anything either. The two in the front leaped at the disciples without the slightest hesitation. This time, the disciples weren’t just struck unconscious. This time, blood flowed to the ground and the cracking of bones could be heard.

The last dragon rushed toward the person on the ground, kneeling down next to him and checking the wounds on his body. He grimaced as soon as he saw their real extent. There were not just the two stab wounds from just now. There were several cuts and bruises all over him, visible under the tears in his robe that was rapidly stained with blood.

The dragon sighed deeply. It seemed that they had come too late. Even though he was still alive right now, his condition was anything but good. Even just considering the blood he was currently losing … There was no way they would be able to save this person. At most, they would be able to kill him off immediately instead of letting him slowly bleed to death. That might count as a kind act in this case.

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