ADS 2: C3 Money Tree

Leng Jin Yu’s lips twitched when he saw how Jinde looked at him. While his husband was certainly right with what he thought, he couldn’t shake the feeling that this would only make trouble. Whoever this man was, he was way too excited about seeing Jinde. And with how Jinde looked … He was afraid there would be difficulties ahead if his appearance was the main point of this work.

Unfortunately, beggars couldn’t be choosers. And he was the one who had told Jinde that they needed to find a way to earn money. How could he say no now? Anyway, they weren’t even from this world. Even if Jinde managed to raise a fuss and make everybody go crazy, they could just leave if things got too wild. Or — if his husband didn’t want to stop their vacation just yet — they could use their spiritual energy to simulate another appearance. Nobody would recognize them then.

Looking at it that way, there shouldn’t be any problem. Thus, Leng Jin Yu nodded.

Jinde cheered up and finally faced the other man with a smile. “Well … I guess that does sound tempting. But what about him?” He nodded toward his husband.

“Ah, I can’t do anything about that. You know, you need to be good-looking to …” The man trailed off when he saw Jinde’s weirded out expression and turned to look at the person he had ignored before. Then, his jaw dropped. “Heavens!” Where had two such beauties come from?! Was he hallucinating by any chance?! This couldn’t be real!

He looked from Leng Jin Yu to Jinde and back again. This definitely wasn’t scientific. Absolutely not. He rubbed his eyes and looked again but nothing changed.

Leng Jin Yu glanced at Jinde, slightly raising his brows. While it was lucrative, he felt that Jinde wouldn’t be able to do this for long.

The other man finally cleared his throat. “Say, you wouldn’t have signed with any agency either, right?”

Leng Jin Yu once again looked at his husband instead of an answer. While he had no problem with Jinde using his face to earn money, he himself really didn’t want to do that. He naturally would if there was no other opportunity but … they still hadn’t gotten to that point.

Jinde laughed at his husband’s less-than-thrilled expression. He pulled away from that strange man and walked over to his husband, clasping his arm before he turned back. “Didn’t you say I’d have an assistant or something? I want him!”

“Ah? But …” The man looked back at Leng Jin Yu’s face. “That would be such a waste!” He had managed to find two such ethereal beautiful people. How could he only settle for one? “Don’t you worry about your assistant. Our agency has very competent people. You won’t miss anything!”

Jinde pursed his lips. “If I can’t have him, I don’t want to.” He turned to Leng Jin Yu, his gaze softening. “My dear, let’s go somewhere else.”

“Oh.” Leng Jin Yu turned away, intending to stroll down the street.

The man panicked and rushed after them. “Ah, wait, wait, wait! It’s not like we can’t talk about it!” Ideally, he would like to have both of them sign as models or actors for their company but if that wasn’t possible, then just one of them was also good. Each of these two was basically guaranteed to become a money tree when introduced to the media! Why would he pass up on that opportunity?

Jinde smiled lightly and turned back. “So I’ll get him as my assistant?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Whatever you want, darling! Just sign with our agency!”

Jinde glanced at his husband and raised a brow.

Leng Jin Yu nodded in return. Looking at their options, this might be for the best.

Gaining his approval, Jinde turned back to the man and gave a sweet smile. “Very well. Since you’ll agree to that I don’t mind signing.”

“Great! Follow me then! You definitely won’t regret it!” The man whistled happily and skipped down the street, leading them to another high-rise building at the end of the street. This was actually the headquarters of their company. He had only been out on a short trip in walking distance and had the luck to meet these heavenly beauties. If at least one of them signed a contract, he might be able to become a senior broker in no time! Ah, if he was able to keep them, he wouldn’t need to worry about money for the rest of his life!

The security guards at the door made a double-take when they saw the two people entering behind the man and then exchanged several looks, unable to believe what they had just seen.

The people inside the company weren’t doing much better. Some of them stopped on their way outside, turning their heads to look even after Jinde and Leng Jin Yu had passed. Finally, when they were out of sight, they turned to each other and whispered agitatedly.

While the normal employees were happy at the thought of having some new artists in the company that might even propel them to the highest position among the entertainment companies, making each of them gain a bit of their fame as well, the other artists were everything but. After all, there were only so many jobs to take and the stronger a rival was, the less of a chance they would have. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be able to hinder these people from signing any contract on short notice. After all, they did not even know their names!

Needless to say, the managers of these artists hurried to find out more. While the ones in lower positions tried to find out who these people were to dig up some dirt they could use to pull them down, the managers in higher positions mostly wanted to know if these people were already assigned to somebody. After all, if they had such promising artists, it wouldn’t hurt at all.

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