ADS 2: C2 A Lucrative Occupation?

The two of them once again strolled through the city. They didn’t have any special destination in mind and just wandered aimlessly, trying to take as much in as they could.

Soon enough, they found themselves in front of another high-rising building with walls almost everywhere made out of glass. Behind the walls, strange monuments could be seen that showed paintings.

Jinde tilted his head and then turned to his husband. “Did you read anything about this yesterday?”

“I think so. It should be something called a ‘television’. Normally, it should show something like a play instead of just pictures. Let’s look around a bit more.” He pulled Jinde a few steps further and indeed: They soon found one that showed moving pictures instead.

Right now, the face of a woman could be seen. She had furrowed her brows and seemed angry. The picture moved and soon, the whole body could be seen. The woman screamed something and then threw a stack of weirdly-colored paper at another woman that was sitting on the ground. She pointed at her with a finger, still screaming.

Jinde once again looked at his husband. “What did she throw?”

“This world’s currency, it seems.”

Jinde’s brows rose. “Does she have too much money? How come? What’s her occupation? Or is it her family’s status?”

“I wouldn’t know. I never saw this play either.”

“Mn.” Jinde looked back at the television where the other woman on the ground could be seen crying. Soon enough, a man came running over, screaming at the already screaming woman before pushing her away and kneeling down next to the other girl, and pulling her into his arms.

Jinde pointed at the girl’s face. “What a slut. I bet she was instigating this other woman before this and now she’s playing the victim.”

“Don’t you think you’re a little too judgmental? We didn’t see what happened before this.”

“I don’t need to see that. I am experienced. Your wife was like that as well.” He gave Leng Jin Yu a dirty look before turning back to the play.

Right now, the woman was hugging the man and crying her eyes out while the other one was standing aside with an indignant expression. Well, whatever the truth was …

Leng Jin Yu reached over and hugged him tightly. “That’s their problem, no? The only thing important for us is that we’re together and nobody is bothering us.”

“Mn.” Jinde gave a hum, very satisfied with that. “Just the two of us, without the bear child or any other nuisance to —”


Before Jinde could even finish his sentence, a man appeared next to them, his eyes huge as he looked them up and down.

Jinde’s golden brows twitched and he turned around, his eyes turning cold. How dare this guy disturb their intimate togetherness! That had been a hard moment to come by!

“Oh!” The guy only repeated his astonished exclamation when he saw Jinde’s cold look. “You’re perfect!”

Jinde blinked and his angry expression morphed into a smiling one. “Oh? You don’t say!” Of course, he was! He hadn’t been called the dragon realm’s greatest beauty of all time for no reason.

Leng Jin Yu’s lips twitched when he watched that exchange. “Jinde …”

“Jinde indeed!” The man’s eyes widened even further and he off-handedly tried to push Leng Jin Yu out of the way. He was startled when it didn’t work but then just inched closer and stared at Jinde’s face. “My dear, you’re certainly the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. You’re just fabulous! Let me make a star out of you!”

Jinde blinked his eyes again and then looked at his husband. What was this guy talking about?

Leng Jin Yu cleared his throat and carefully pulled Jinde away from the man. “I’m sorry but I don’t think —”

“Ah, darling! Don’t listen to him!” The man grabbed Jinde’s hands and tried to pull him back. “Just think of what we could achieve together! You could be a model or just selling your smiles as a streamer might be worth millions! Actually, can you act? I’m sure you’d become even more famous as an actor, dear. What do you think?”

Jinde lightly raised his brows and looked at his husband. A model? Streamer? What was this man talking about? Well, at least one thing he knew for sure: “I don’t act.”

“Oh.” The man deflated but after just a moment, he picked himself up again. “Ah, it doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter! With your face, you can still rake in money without end. You haven’t signed with any agency yet, have you?”

Jinde suddenly perked up. “Wait. Can you say that again?”

“You haven’t signed with an agency?”

“No, no, the other one.”

“You … can rake in money?” The man looked a little hesitant but then, his face lit up. He grabbed Jinde around the shoulders, whirled him around and made an excessive gesture with his right hand, more or less motioning at the sky. “You’ll be rich. Filthy rich, my dear. You’ll be so rich that you’ll have one villa in this country and another one at the Côte d’Azur. But you’ll probably not spend much time in either. You’ll be out, living the good life: Staying in expensive hotels, going to the most exclusive parties, meeting the influential people of the world. And your assistant will handle whatever matters you have to organize. You’ll love it!”

Jinde actually wasn’t very impressed by what the man said. After all, he had been the dragon king once. Whatever villas or hotels definitely couldn’t compare to his splendid palace and it was a given that there had been servants at his beck and call. But … He turned to glance at Leng Jin Yu. Hadn’t his husband said they needed to find an opportunity to earn money? Well, it seemed he had just found a lucrative occupation.

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