ADS 2: C1 A Question of Money

Author’s Note:

As promised, I’ll start posting the first OMF special for the anniversary month celebration today. This is the second part of the “A Different Sky” special and it consists of ten chapters.

So here we go! 😉


Jinde woke up with a smile and reached down to clasp the hands of his husband that were still around his waist. “Jin Yu …”

“Mn. It’s not time to get up yet.” Leng Jin Yu didn’t even lift his head. He knew Jinde well enough to know what was going on.

“Oh? Then what should we do? I slept really well. I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to sleep anytime soon.” He turned in his husband’s arms and peered at his face, his eyes once again sparkling with mischief.

Leng Jin Yu finally cracked his eyes open. He couldn’t deny that he had also slept well. It was just … “If you’re too wide awake to sleep, then maybe you should figure out a way to pay for our room.”

Jinde pursed his lips. “Your beautiful husband is complaining about being bored and all you can think of is money? Shame on you!”

“How could that be? All I’m thinking about is you. Right now, I’m wondering if you’ll be able to bear it to not only be a fugitive but also a bilk. It’s such a steep fall if you consider you were a king once.”

Jinde laughed out loud. “Are you really using my own words against me right now?” He encircled Leng Jin Yu’s neck and pecked his lips. “Well, I’ll let you! Anyway, I’m sure it’ll be alright. We might not have this world’s money but I’m sure there are some things that will always work as compensation. Let’s just leave some kind of artifact here.”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows. “Are you sure that will work? This world’s people don’t seem to rely on spiritual energy. The artifact might be useless and thus worthless to them. And anyway, the owner of an inn likely wouldn’t be a cultivator even in our world. You can’t forget they are human, after all.”

Jinde sighed. “Ah, you’re right. Then how about some gold? Or some gems? Those should have some value even here?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Much better.”

“Then will we snuggle up and cuddle with each other for a while now?”

“Oh? Was that what you wanted? I thought you’d want to see as much as you can on our vacation.”

Jinde laughed. “Well, I do. But you know what I can never get enough of?”

“Seeing your husband?”


Jinde pulled him closer and once again gave him a kiss. This time, his lips lingered though and Leng Jin Yu had a hard time resisting. Why was he advising against this again?

Leng Jin Yu pulled back forcibly and gave Jinde a meaningful look. “If you want to stay here for a while, we’ll have to further our understanding of this world. There’s no time to play around in the first few days.”

Jinde sighed and sat up, giving his husband a dissatisfied look. “This is no fun at all. I had something else in mind for our vacation.”

Seeing him like this, Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but soften his stance. He inched closer and pulled Jinde back into his arms. “I’m not saying we can’t enjoy ourselves at all. I’m just saying we can’t forget that this isn’t the world we come from. We need to learn some more before we can pass as inhabitants of this world. As soon as we achieve that, you can have all the fun in the world, alright?”

“Mn …” Jinde reached behind him and cupped his lover’s cheek. “We’ll have all the fun in the world.”

“Yes, we will.” Leng Jin Yu kissed his husband’s cheek and then got up, taking out a new set of clothes and putting it on with a look at Jinde. “You don’t want to get ready?”

“While we’re outside, we’ll use our spiritual energy to make it look like we’re wearing clothes of this realm anyway. Why would I need to wear actual clothes?”

Leng Jin Yu gave him a pointed look.

Jinde sighed and pulled out a set of robes as well, putting them on with a disappointed expression. Leng Jin Yu really wasn’t letting him have any fun today!

“Well, let’s go and pay then.” Leng Jin Yu reached out his hand and waited for Jinde to come over. At the very least, his husband was looking happier now that they were walking hand in hand again.

They made their way over to what they presumed to be the counter but, unfortunately, there still wasn’t anybody around. They looked in all directions but nobody could be seen.

“So, what now?” Jinde turned to look at Leng Jin Yu, not quite sure about how to deal with this.

“Well … We could leave them a note and some payment?”

“I guess that might work.” Jinde took out a scroll of paper and writing utensils and pushed them over to Leng Jin Yu. Then, he went to stroll around the inn again, leaving his husband to his own devices.

Looking at everything again, he noticed that there were small cards stuck to most of them. He inclined his head and finally called out. “Jin Yu?”

“What is it?” Leng Jin Yu was still writing the note and didn’t even lift his head.

“There’s some … notice stuck to the beds. Do you think it might be the price?”

Leng Jin Yu finally reacted, put the brush down, and walked over to where Jinde stood. Looking at the strange cards, he nodded. “Yes, it seems like that should be this world’s currency. Unfortunately …” He shook his head and sighed. “We should try to find out how to gain money in this world today.”

“I guess so. Did you finish?”


“Then let’s go.” Jinde grabbed his husband’s hand and the two of them left the same way they had come in yesterday.

A few hours later, the manager and employees of the home-center were left at a loss when they found the note that had been written in beautiful calligraphy and the gold next to it. In the end, they even had to call the police to report the matter because after reviewing the recordings of the security cameras, everything turned even more mysterious. But Jinde and Leng Jin Yu never found out about that.

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