OMF V7C261 How Stupid!

When the two of them arrived at the division of blades, Qiu Ling and Niu Hai had just started to face off. While Niu Hai seemed quite tense, Qiu Ling sported an unhurried expression and even took the time to glance back at Jing Yi who was among the audience. Unfortunately, his beloved was currently looking through that alchemy manual again and not paying him attention.

Qiu Ling pursed his lips before he turned back to Niu Hai. This was all this guy’s fault! He had made him agree to the fight and now, he couldn’t even enjoy being alone with his beloved. He shouldn’t have agreed to this rematch or whatever in the first place. He definitely had to beat him fast or he would lose out on precious time together with Jing Yi. Especially in the current situation that would be a grave mistake.

Qiu Ling finally took out his sword and then motioned at Niu Hai. “Very well. Since you’re already here, let’s do this fast. Since you asked for the rematch, you might as well begin. Just give it your best shot. You won’t be able to hurt me anyway.”

Niu Hai furrowed his brows and some of the disciples from the blade division booed while the disciples from the other divisions that had come to spectate laughed out loud, not feeling bothered about it at all. Anyway, this wasn’t somebody from their division that had just been disrespected. Why should they care about it?

Niu Hai gave Qiu Ling a dark look and then brandished his own dao. “Very well. You better not regret this!” With that, he rushed forward, striking at one of Qiu Ling’s legs. He didn’t think that this alone would be enough to make him lose but he hoped that at the very least, it would take him by surprise that he wasn’t attacking one of his vital points, making him lose his bearing. That way, he would have a much better chance of winning the fight.

An opponent with a disturbed mind was almost like an opponent that was several times weaker than oneself. You would be able to take them by surprise at the right moment and might even be able to win if they were actually stronger than you.

Niu Hai’s idea was very good in general. Unfortunately, the person he was up against was none other than Qiu Ling. If the dragon king was actually flustered by something simple like this, he really should be ashamed of himself and give up on the title of the greatest warrior of the dragon race.

Thus, Qiu Ling unhurriedly deflected the strike and then glanced over his shoulder, checking whether Jing Yi was finally paying attention to him. Seeing that Jing Yi had actually lowered the manual for once, his expression lit up and he decided to give Niu Hai a chance and just defend himself for a bit.

He slowed down and exchanged a few attacks, checking over his shoulder every now and then whether Jing Yi was still looking. Unfortunately, whenever he looked, while his beloved was indeed paying attention, he didn’t look as impressed as he had hoped he would. It seemed that Jing Yi didn’t care about this at all.

Qiu Ling pursed her lips and then sped up his attacks, finally making the sword in Niu Hai’s hand fly away in a big arc. He himself pulled back and then returned to Jing Yi’s side. “My beloved, don’t you think that I was very handsome?”

Jing Yi looked up at him, feeling a little exasperated. Was this really the thing he should care about right now? Well, while he found Qiu Ling’s focus to be quite a bit off just as usual, he could at least understand where he was coming from. And since both this fight and the one ten years ago had been because of him, he felt that he should give him some praise at least. “No, of course, you were very handsome. Just as you always are.”

Qiu Ling who had been in a sour mood originally, instantly cheered up. “So it’s like that!” He inched closer and then pulled Jing Yi into his arms. “Well … Since it’s like that, can we go back now? I really don’t want to have to stay here any longer.” He gave Jing Yi a pitiful look, making his beloved sigh.

“I guess so?” He glanced at Niu Hai who was looking quite defeated and pondered whether he should go over and say something or not. In the end, he decided against it. He wasn’t actually that close to Niu Hai and he couldn’t imagine that Niu Hai would actually feel that comforted if he went to tell him that it wasn’t too much of a problem losing against Qiu Ling. Anyway, it might be better in this case to just leave it be and leave.

Thus, he turned to Qiu Ling, gave him a smile, and then took his hand to go back to the hut.

At that moment, two women made their way over to the field, one of them charging straight at Qiu Ling and Jing Yi. Qiu Ling immediately took his sword back out, wanting to repel whoever it was that dared to attack his beloved. Seeing that it was none other than Hong Bao, he relaxed though.

Anyway, this girl shouldn’t have any reason to attack his beloved anymore right? She had already tried that and found out that it wouldn’t have accomplished anything so she shouldn’t try this twice, right? He put the sword away but while Hong Bao wasn’t trying to attack Jing Yi, she still charged at them right away.

“What happened? Didn’t the two of you want to get married? Why are you fighting now?!” She looked at them with confused eyes, obviously not understanding at all how something like this could’ve happened.

Qiu Ling blinked his eyes and then turned to look at Hong Ai who was following behind her sister. Then, it dawned on him. It seemed that this woman had used a rather strange explanation for why her sister needed to come over. Well, as long as he managed to get that sword to take care of things, he wouldn’t mind. He really couldn’t believe just how stupid Hong Bao was to just believe this kind of nonsense though. As if he’d ever fight with his beloved!

Qiu Ling definitely had completely forgotten at this moment that he had done exactly that just a while ago because of the matter with Jing He. Or, well, maybe it would be better to say that he hadn’t forgotten but just preferred not to acknowledge it.

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