OMF V7C260 Where Have They Gone?

Hong Bao widened her eyes in surprise and then flew over at once. “Hong Ai, what are you doing here?”

Hong Ai smiled wryly when she saw her sister behave like this. Considering how purposefully Hong Bao had just left the sect grounds, it was likely she had originally been given a task to accomplish. Should she really just abandon it like this and come over here? Well, in this case, it was to her advantage. “What about you? I actually came to look for you to invite you over to the Hei Dian Sect.”

“Oh?” Hong Bao was immediately all ears but then she deflated almost as fast as well. “Ah, that’s not possible. My Master gave me an important task.” She took out the letter and showed it to Hong Ai. “I have to deliver this to another demon-hunting sect. So I’m afraid I can’t come with you.”

Hong Ai couldn’t help but smile. It was great her sister was finally mature enough to care about her tasks but right now, she couldn’t let her do this. “Well, can it wait for a few hours? Qiu Ling and Jing Yi came over and there’s going to be a fight.”

“Ah?!” Hong Bao’s eyes went wide and she put the letter back into her robe. “But didn’t they want to get married? Why are they fighting all of a sudden?”

Hong Ai fell silent. She didn’t even know what to say to that. Was it that she had said something ambiguous or was it that her sister was able to misunderstand everything? “Well …” She wanted to explain but then reconsidered. Anyway, she just had to bring her back so she could take a quick glance at that man from the Nine Heavens. “I don’t know either. Why don’t you come back with me and see for yourself? Anyway, you know them better than I do. Maybe there is something you can do about it.”

Hong Bao looked at the letter in her hand with her conviction already wavering. “But … what about the important task my Master gave me then? I can’t just not do it, can I?”

Hong Ai once again didn’t know if she should be happy or sad that her sister was so easily deterred from doing this task and was already wondering if she could abandon it or not. Anyway, right now, this wasn’t what was important. “Well, it probably shouldn’t be much of a problem if it took slightly longer, right? Anyway, you can just come over and see what’s going on and after that, you can go and deliver the letter right away. And if you need a longer time in the Hei Dian Sect, then you can just have one of our people bring that letter to where it is supposed to go.”

Hong Bao thought about it for a moment and then nodded. Anyway, she shouldn’t abandon her friends when they were in need just because there was some other task to take care of as well. Saving a relationship was definitely just as important as delivering a letter. In fact, it might be even more important!

Thus, she nodded and then cheerfully followed her sister away from the Chun Feng Sect and toward the Hei Dian Sect.

Soon enough, the two of them arrived at the entrance. The disciples guarding the gate greeted Hong Ai and took a short look at Hong Bao, before greeting her as well. Anyway, even if they hadn’t known who she was, the two of them looked slightly similar so it was easy to figure out just who she was when she stood next to her sister.

Hong Ai nodded at them and then led Hong Bao into the sect grounds, making her way over to the hut where Qiu Ling and Jing Yi were currently staying. She wasn’t quite sure how to explain to Hong Bao when they found the two of them being just as happy as they usually were but she would cross that bridge when they reached it. Anyway, she couldn’t take her previous words back. In the worst case, she’d just have to pretend that she misunderstood something and then drag her sister and the two of them over to her husband’s palace.

When they arrived in front of the door, Hong Ai once again knocked, waiting for the answer from inside. Surprisingly enough, no answer was to be had.

She furrowed her brows and knocked again but once again, there was no response from inside. It seemed as if the two of them had left? Could it be that they had already gone over to Shen An De’s place to meet with the Fate’s Scribe? But that didn’t seem likely either. After all, she had directly told them that she wanted them to accompany her when she brought back Hong Bao to make it seem less planned when they met with Shun Tao later on. Now, those two were supposed to have gone over to that place by themselves already? She really couldn’t believe that. Even if Qiu Ling didn’t care, Jing Yi didn’t seem to be that kind of person who would do something so thoughtless. No, there needed to be some other explanation.

Behind her, Hong Bao was looking around in a puzzled manner. From the time she had spent in the Hei Dian Sect back then, she still knew that this was the place where Jing Yi and Qiu Ling had lived. She wasn’t quite sure why the two of them had come back here after they had originally returned to the Yun Zou Sect but right now, she was rather wondering what the problem between them might be. Anyway, they had seemed rather happy before. Seeing that nobody answered when her sister knocked, she felt even stranger. “Could it be that they’re not in?”

Hong Ai didn’t know either. “Well, they still were when I came here previously. I don’t know where they might’ve gone either.” She looked around and then spotted two disciples hurrying down the road close by. Furrowing her brows, she rushed over and stopped the two of them, beckoning them closer. “Where are the two of you headed?”

The disciples exchanged a glance and then greeted her. “There is a fight going on right now in the division of blades. It’s between senior martial brother Niu and some other guy. I’m not quite sure what his name is.” The disciple looked at the one beside him who could also only shrug his shoulders.

Hong Ai could imagine what was going on though. Her brows twitched and she waved for the disciples to just carry on before she turned to Hong Bao. “Let’s go and take a look. Maybe they went there to do so as well.” In fact, she was sure that this ‘other guy’ was none other than Qiu Ling.

Hong Bao didn’t think about it any further and just nodded, following behind her sister. Anyway, since she had already come over, she might as well have a look around. It probably wouldn’t be that bad if the letter didn’t reach that sect immediately just as Hong Ai has said. Otherwise, her Master probably would’ve specifically told her not to take any break or something on the road, right?

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