OMF V7C259 Important Letters

Sect Master Xian looked at his two disciples and finally made up his mind. “Well, if it is the only way, then we shouldn’t hesitate to follow it. As demon hunters, it is imperative that we are courageous and dare to do something even if we aren’t sure about the outcome when the moment calls for it. We will message the other sects and have some discussions with them. We’ll see how they think about it and if they are willing to join us.

“Considering that the Jian Yi Sect and some of the other sects are likely going to attack us soon, they might also be paying attention to what we are doing. If we just send paper cranes, I’m afraid that they will intercept the messages and make sure that they never reach their goal.

“Thus, the two of you and some of our most trusted disciples will have to do this. You have to hurry though. It could very well be that the other sects will use the moment when you’re out and our strength is reduced for an attack. After all, we can’t forget that they are in league with the demons. Most likely, they won’t follow the honorable way any longer. We can’t lose any time.”

Liu Cheng nodded and cupped his fists, giving his Master a serious look. “Don’t worry, Master! I promise we will be able to fulfill this task just as required. We’ll return in no time and I’m sure that we will be able to bring back good news.”

Xian Xun nodded, satisfied with that response. He turned to look at Hong Bao next, but seeing that she was gazing at Liu Cheng and apparently not even paying attention to him, he could only sigh. Well, he definitely had to choose wisely which sect he sent her to. There was no way it could be one of the most important ones. Otherwise, who knew what kind of thing she would tell them? They couldn’t risk any mishaps that resulted from their carelessness.

While Xian Xun pondered this issue, Liu Cheng was thinking about what his Master had said just now. “Master, about their possible attack … Maybe you should call back all the disciples that are currently outside. It is normally our duty and first priority to hunt the demons but right now, we have to fear that they will attack our base. I’m afraid that we will have to forsake the current missions and make sure that we are able to deal with the trouble that will be brought to our own doorstep. Otherwise, if the Chun Feng Sect ceases to exist, the other demon sects might soon follow and then, nobody would be there anymore to help out the common people. I believe that this isn’t something we can condone.”

“You’re right. Calling them home and having them postpone their missions until things have stabilized is certainly the lesser of two evils. But now, our options are limited. We have to do what we can to survive. After we’ve managed to get through this, we will be able to continue with our missions with full strength again. We might even be able to make up for what we can’t do right now with the help of the other sects. It is just a matter of good organization.”

He glanced at Hong Bao again and then took out a few paper scrolls and ground the ink. “Well, let me write the letters first. Afterward, you should set out immediately. We can’t lose any time.”

Liu Cheng nodded and the room fell quiet, only the light scratching of the brush on the paper sounding.

Soon enough, Xian Xun had finished the first two letters and handed one to each of his disciples. “These are the first two. Liu Cheng, I want you to go to the Tao Huai Sect. You know their status and their stance. If we can secure their help, it’ll prove helpful in getting the other sects on board as well but it won’t be an easy feat.”

Liu Cheng nodded and stuffed the letter he was supposed to bring out into his robe. “I know. Rest assured, Master, I will try my best.”

Xian Xun nodded and then turned to Hong Bao. He really wasn’t sure if he could entrust this issue to her but … she was his disciple. “Hong Bao … Please bring this to the Ye Zhong Order. They only have female disciples so it wouldn’t do for any of your martial brothers to take on this task.”

Hong Bao … was still looking at Liu Cheng. When he turned to Hong Bao to see what was going on, he raised his brows. “Junior martial sister, what about your letter?”

Hong Bao was finally pulled out of her thoughts and looked at the letter that her Master was still holding in front of her with an impatient expression. She gave a bright smile and took the letter, also stuffing it into her robe. “I’ve got it! Don’t worry about it, Master. I will definitely deliver it safely.”

Xian Xun wasn’t too sure if this was true but he definitely couldn’t refuse to send out his own disciple. That wouldn’t make a good impression on the other sects. In fact, it was bad enough that he couldn’t send her to one of the more important sects. While the Ye Zhong Order wasn’t bad per se, their results and methods … He did not agree with them. Anyway, it couldn’t be changed.

“Don’t forget: It’s supposed to be delivered to the Ye Zhong Order. Furthermore …” He turned back to Liu Cheng, feeling that he shouldn’t give Hong Bao too many orders at once. “Please send in one of the other disciples while you’re on your way out.” He waved for the two of them to leave and then continued to write the letters to the other sect.

Meanwhile, Liu Cheng did as he had been told and sent one of the other disciples in before he left to deliver his letter to the Tao Huai Sect. As for Hong Bao … While she did leave the Chun Feng Sect to do what the Sect Master expected her to, she was soon enough intercepted. It was not somebody of the Jian Yi Sect as her Master had feared though but instead, it was her own sister who approached her.

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