OMF V7C231 It Had Shaken His Relationship

In the end, Fei Bai Mu nodded at him and bid him goodbye, going inside. While she sat down to write to the Jian Yi Sect, Jinde continued to look at the door for a moment and then touched his stomach.

Carrying Jin Yu’s child … Even though he had said that there were other ways to do it and tried to seem nonchalant about it, he also couldn’t deny that he would give a lot to be able to do that.

Back then with Chun Yin, he hadn’t been able to while he had needed to watch that woman do exactly that. Now, that woman wasn’t in the picture anymore but he still couldn’t do the same for Jin Yu. It would be a lie if he said that this didn’t bother him at all. Naturally, He wanted to be able to do this for his husband and also for himself as well. It was a pity that this would never be possible between a dragon and an ascended deity.

Jinde closed his eyes and tried hard to rein in the wistful expression on his face. He definitely couldn’t go back looking like this.

He shook his head at himself and then went to their chamber. Seeing Leng Jin Yu with that black-haired child in his arms, he stopped right in the doorway though. As much as he didn’t want to, he couldn’t help but think of his past.

He had seen Chun Yin with Qiu Ling on his arms like this way too many times. In the beginning, when Qiu Ling had only just been born and things hadn’t been irreparable between them, Chun Yin would sometimes come over, asking him for help. He would hand Qiu Ling over to him and let him take care of the child, making him feel that maybe there was a chance for the two of them to work things out.

Unfortunately, things had gotten worse and worse after that. And there had been too many instances where he had had to watch that woman pretending to happily take care of her son when Chun Yin was around only to change her tune completely as soon as he was out of sight. Seeing this child that he had come to love so much being treated like this made him beyond furious.

But what could he do? She was Qiu Ling’s mother and even though he didn’t like to admit it, she was also Chun Yin’s lawfully wedded wife. So naturally, when he went off on her and she had shown nothing but her sweet side in front of Chun Yin, he was the one who seemed to be in the wrong.

That was probably what finally shook his relationship with Chun Yin to the core. There was no way to change things anymore. They hadn’t been able to go back. They just couldn’t. So in the end, he lost the love of his life and the child he had adored in such a matter. Of course, his heart still bled thinking about it.

Leng Jin Yu looked up and saw Jinde standing in the doorway, his gaze not quite right. He looked down at the child and could imagine what was going through his head. He didn’t know exactly what happened back then but he definitely understood what kind of sensitive matter having children was to Jinde. It seemed that while Xiao Yu was here, he would have to be very careful. Otherwise, he really would hurt Jinde way too much.

He continued to hold Xiao Yu for the moment and finally, Jinde shook himself out of his thoughts and came over, sitting down next to him and even starting to play with the child.

It was only in the evening that Jinde finally proposed to bring the child over to his Master again.

Hua Lin Yu pursed his lips and looked at them accusingly for bringing up this idea. “I want to stay!”

Leng Jin Yu just smiled, feeling that Jinde was right in that sending him back would be for the best right now. Considering how this child behaved, they would have to do some explaining though. “Don’t you think your Master will be worried if you don’t go back to her?”

“She lied to me. Why should I want to go back to her? It’s not my problem if she’s worried.”

Jinde looked at him, not at all minding the small tantrum. Jin ling had been much worse when he tried to separate from him for a while. He definitely wouldn’t have trouble calming down such a little angel as Xiao Yu. “Ah, who could lie to a cute child like you? Even if your Master didn’t say quite the truth, I’m pretty sure she just did so because she was worried she might disappoint you. That must be it, don’t you think so?”

Hua Lin Yu looked at him with his big eyes and then nodded. “That could be possible.”

“Well, she was doing it for your sake, so maybe you should forgive her just this once. If you want to, I can bring you over. And then you can tell her that she can’t lie to you again. How about that? I’m sure that now she knows that she was wrong so she won’t do it again.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded eagerly and clung to Jinde’s neck, letting him carry him over to Fei Bai Mu’s room.

When Jinde knocked, the door was opened immediately. Fei Bai Mu couldn’t help but look a little surprised when she saw who was standing in front of her though. She was even more surprised when she saw her disciple and how he actually turned around in Jinde’s arms and then stretched out his arms toward her. Still in a daze, she reached out and took him.

Jinde gave her a smile and waved and then closed the door in her face, going back to his own room. Anyway, this was a good time to be alone with his husband. Even though he had only been inside the lake for a few days since coming out the last time, he couldn’t help but miss Jin Yu every single one of them.

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