SML C9 You’ll Find Somebody Better

Li Ming did not have a car so the two of them took the public transport to the station closest to Lan Heng’s apartment as soon as he had finished changing. Li Ming couldn’t help but feel a little awkward when they went up to the door. Maybe Mo Fang’s boyfriend wouldn’t be in. That would be for the best. Because if he was, he really didn’t know what he should say. After all, he was meddling in somebody else’s private affairs.

Mo Fang wasn’t as troubled as him. On the contrary, he was looking forward to a confrontation. When that happened, wouldn’t Li Ming have to step up and pretend to be his new boyfriend or suitor? After all, he would need to defend him against Lan Heng if he really was a good person. He definitely couldn’t let him be embarrassed!

He looked up at Li Ming with sparkling eyes. Ah, just imagining it felt really good. That bastard Lan Heng definitely deserved seeing that he could do much better than him. And really, if he compared, then Li Ming obviously wasn’t just a little above Lan Heng. He had the better job, the better looks, the better attitude … What wasn’t there to love about him?

Mo Fang looked at the ground and smiled to himself. It really would be a pity if Lan Heng wasn’t there when they got his stuff. But anyway, even if he wasn’t, it would still be good. After all, they’d have spent time together and would be able to get to know each other better. That was a step in the right direction.

The two of them arrived in front of the building, turning to look at each other.

Mo Fang motioned to the third floor and gave a smile. “It’s up there. I hope it won’t be a problem going up and bringing everything down?”

Li Ming shook his head. As a security guard, he was naturally fit so just going up to the third floor and getting some things down wouldn’t be a problem. Well, it wouldn’t be one as long as Mo Fang didn’t ask him to move down any furniture. But from the sound of it, that didn’t seem to be the case. “You haven’t been able to pack anything yet, have you? Are you sure you don’t want to call him beforehand?” After all, packing his things would take a while. If his ex came over in the meantime without knowing they would be there … That would be too awkward.

Mo Fang shook his head. “No, that wouldn’t be good. Anyway, I don’t have that much stuff. I just need my clothes, actually. Everything else is not that important. It’s just some daily necessities that I can buy again. We don’t need to take them.”

Li Ming nodded and then followed Mo Fang into the building and up to the third floor. So far, nothing could be seen of Mo Fang’s ex-boyfriend. Li Ming wanted to ring the doorbell when they stood in front of the apartment but Mo Fang had already taken out the key and opened the door. Li Ming wanted to hold him back but only got a blank look in response.

“This …” Li Ming motioned at the doorbell. “Shouldn’t we at least ring it? What if he’s inside?”

Mo Fang couldn’t help but give a smile at that. “You’re looking like we’re breaking into the apartment. I’ve also lived here. It is my stuff. It’s not a problem, right?”

Li Ming rubbed his neck but followed him inside. “Well, you didn’t want to come here either, did you?” He indeed didn’t feel quite right about this. After all, the one who had rented this apartment was Mo Fang’s ex-boyfriend, right? They should have given him a call beforehand after all.

Mo Fang nodded and then went further inside, not even bothering to close the door behind them. “That’s true. But it’s really just because I don’t want to see him. And …” He walked slower and then stopped completely, reaching out to brush the frame of the door to the bedroom. “Well, even though it hasn’t been that long, there are quite a few memories with him. I just feel so …”

Li Ming immediately felt bad about bringing it up. Right, the two of them had just broken up and it hadn’t been a good break up. Naturally, it wouldn’t be good to remind him. “Well, if you feel any better hearing that, I’m sure you’ll find somebody better in the future.”

Mo Fang smiled to himself and nodded. “Well, I guess that’s a given, isn’t it? How much worse could it be? He actually cheated on me like that.”

Li Ming didn’t know what to say to that. He couldn’t understand why somebody would cheat on their partner like that but he didn’t know anything about their relationship other than that they had broken up. He didn’t feel like he could say anything. And even if he just told Mo Fang that he was completely right, it wouldn’t help him either. It wouldn’t make things undone and it wouldn’t repair his relationship either. Wasn’t it pointless then?

“I can imagine you feel very bad about it. Alright, let’s just get your clothes and get out of here. You’ll probably be happy if you never have to see him again.”

Mo Fang glanced at Li Ming and nodded. “Yes. Thank you so much, Li Ming. I’m really happy that you’re helping me so much.”

“It’s nothing.” He motioned into the room and then continued to stand next to the door. It might be alright for Mo Fang to go through the things and pick out what was his but it was definitely different for him. He didn’t know Mo Fang very well and had never even met his ex. He should stay away from everything and just help Mo Fang carry everything down and tried to cushion things if his ex turned up. As for everything else, that wasn’t his problem to worry over.

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