SML C4 Trash Talking a Love Rival Should Be Allowed

When Li Ming arrived at work that day, he swung by at the service counter as usual to greet his coworkers over there. He nodded at the girls and smiled and then already wanted to turn away when his gaze swept over the last counter in the row.

A young man was sitting there in a suit, leaning over the top of the counter, smiling at the customers and showing them something on a map. He was looking up, the skin around his eyes wrinkling while faint dimples showed on his cheek, making him look younger than he probably was.

Li Ming’s heart seemed to skip a beat and he took a shaky breath. He felt as if he was taken back in time a few years to that moment when he had first seen Su Yan. Back then, he had looked exactly like that. His eyes had sparkled and Su Yan had seemed so happy as if he really loved his job. He seemed so easy-going and friendly, really approachable. He was also a bit cute, basically, exactly the type of guy he had been looking for and imagined spending his life with.

Just then, Mo Fang nodded at the customers and sent them off with a wave, leaning back and looking around to see if somebody else was coming over. When he saw Li Ming, his eyes gleamed and he waved at him as well, hoping that he would come over.

Li Ming was startled out of his thoughts and noticed that he had been staring at him for a few minutes. He flinched and nodded before he turned on his heels and ran away. His heart was beating madly and he felt like slapping his own face.

Had he really done that just now? Obviously, that wasn’t Su Yan. Su Yan was never going to come back. He had already lost his chance when he had insisted too much back then.

He cursed and then went to his post, trying to ignore what had just happened. He should just focus on his work, and not think about this type of stuff. He wasn’t ready for a new relationship. He wasn’t ready to fall in love either. He hadn’t gotten over him at all. It would really be a wonder if he could just change the target of his affection. That wasn’t how it worked.

Mo Fang pursed his lips and slumped down on the table. He couldn’t believe that Li Ming would just run away. How could he do this to him? He wasn’t some hideous beast that he needed to get away from. He was a really cute guy, wasn’t he?

He reached up and touched his face, wondering if maybe he wasn’t the type of guy that Li Ming liked. He pondered and then scooted over to the counter where Zhi Bao Yu had just sent off a passenger. He tapped her shoulder and leaned closer, glancing around to make sure that his father was nowhere in sight. He couldn’t get caught while skipping work or he might get fired right away. There was no advantage to being a relative when it came to his dad.

Zhi Bao Yu raised her brows at his behavior. “What is it? Did something happen?”

Mo Fang motioned at her phone that was lying at the side. “Can you show me a picture of that Su Yan you told me about yesterday?”

“Ah? Why that?” She picked up her phone though and searched through the photo album. She definitely had a few pictures of him in there.

“I want to see what type of guy Li Ming likes. That way, I’ll be able to go after him much better.”

“Good plan!” Zhi Bao Yu finally found a couple of shots they had done as a group and raised the phone so Mo Fang could see better. “Here, that’s him. I actually think the two of you are pretty similar.”

Mo Fang looked at him and huffed. “I’m much slimmer than him.”

Zhi Bao Yu snorted. “Aiya, come on, don’t be a sore loser. He was here before you so Li Ming saw him first. He’ll just need some time to move on.”

“He is chubby.”

“Well, maybe a little around the cheeks.”

“He looks like a hamster.”

Zhi Bao Yu gave him a look but Mo Fang just pursed his lips. Couldn’t he trash talk his love rival at least for a few minutes? That was needed to stay mentally healthy, alright?!

Zhi Bao Yu shook her head though. “Li Ming adores him. In his eyes, Su Yan definitely can’t do or look wrong. If he hears you talk about him like that, he’ll be displeased.”

“So he likes the ‘holy mother’ type?”

Zhi Bao Yu pondered and then shrugged her shoulders. “Probably? Or maybe he’s just such a good guy himself that he always assumes the one who is in the wrong has to be him. He’s just idolizing his crushes.”

“I see. I guess I can work with that. Ah, by the way, what about his boyfriend?”


“Su Yan’s, I mean. Do you have a photo of him?”

“There should have been one on Weibo …” Zhi Bao Yu opened the app and then tapped on the account of the repair shop, scrolling down. “Ah, here. That’s him.” She once again raised her phone.

Mo Fang stared at the photo for a moment and then sighed before he went back to his own counter without another word. That guy was super handsome as well. That Su Yan really had a dog’s luck.

Well, that worked out. There was no way this guy was just a pretend boyfriend. No, they were obviously in an actual relationship. If that relationship continued … at least he wouldn’t need to worry about losing Li Ming to that Su Yan. Even if he was still thinking about him, that guy had obviously moved on already. So now, it was just the two of them.

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