OMF V3C2 You Can Only Mend What’s Broken

Li Yin took a deep breath to calm himself. Confronting this person was difficult enough on a normal day when they were outside of the capital. If he still had to fear that somebody might see him here, it would be worse. He should just make sure that they talked about what had to be said as fast as possible and then kindly ask him to leave. “You know that it’s dangerous to come to the capital. If you have something to say, I’d prefer it if we could meet outside or if you would just use a transmission stone to contact me. Is that really asking too much?”

The other man leaned back in the chair, stretching his legs as if he was completely relaxed but his expression turned displeased with his brows furrowing and lips curling in dissatisfaction. “I actually came here to help you but you still want to throw me right back out.”

Li Yin sighed. He should have known that this might happen. It was best to calm him down first. He really couldn’t let him go on a rampage in the capital. Never mind the things he’d have to deal afterward, what if his identity got exposed? It would ruin the lives of all three of them. “Look, I appreciate your help but this is hardly something that needs you to get involved in. It is just a matter of checking facts. So why not wait for my people to sort it out on their own? They have the ability to do so and your time can certainly be used more wisely.”

The other man didn’t answer, leaving Li Yin to look at him quietly.

“You wouldn’t have been jealous because of that servant girl, would you?” He couldn’t imagine it but maybe there was some small chance that was the truth? There were times he’d get sentimental, after all …

Unfortunately for him, his guest only laughed. “Jealous? Do I need to? Anyway, she doesn’t like you.”

Li Yin raised his brows. “Are you sure about that? I felt different when she was here the last time.”

The man got up and walked over, leaning over Li Yin from behind and placing his hands on his shoulders. “Well, she might have had an agenda when she saw you the last time. That doesn’t mean that she likes you though. In fact, she is seeing somebody else already. And she has done so for several mortal years. Do you want to know more about that?”

Li Yin glanced at him, his expression turning thoughtful. “What have you found out?”

The man laughed and leaned forward, his arms embracing his neck. “I thought you wanted to let your men find out everything? What happened to that?”

Li Yin raised his brows, followed by his hands in a gesture of defeat. “You were right. I was wrong.”

“As usual. You should know better by now.” He said it as a matter of fact, his voice not changing in the slightest.

Li Yin smiled in response, reaching up and taking his hand. “I should. After all these years, I should. So what did you find out?”

The man let go and walked over to the other side of the table again, sitting down with a sigh. “They’ve both been seeing him.”

Li Yin raised his brows even further. “The demon king? Both the idle goddess and that servant girl?”

The man nodded. “Mn. He approached them a while after they were sent to the mortal realm. He started off with the servant girl and when she was happy with him, that idle goddess couldn’t help but become jealous. It’s idiotic, isn’t it?”

Li Yin looked at him, his expression thoughtful. Yes, to him, this sure had to look idiotic. He was past that kind of emotion …

The man tilted his head. “What?”

“Nothing, I just …” Li Yin shook his head and turned away, facing the window. “Is that everything?”

“The demon king promised to marry her. The servant girl, that is. He told her marrying that idle goddess was just a ploy. In fact, I think he wants to make use of both of them.”

“That would make sense.”

“And that is all. Do you want me to go now?”

Li Yin glanced at him again and gave a deep sigh. “Do you want to see Ru Zhen?”

“Since I’m already here.”

Li Yin nodded and got up, walking over to the door and opening it about a hand’s width. “Someone go and call my son over. Tell him it is urgent.”

“Yes.” The officer nodded and then turned, hurrying outside while Li Yin closed the door again and leaned against it.

The two of them looked at each other, both with their own thoughts in mind.

The man took in the way Li Yin’s lips had turned into a straight line, making him look just as serious as he always did while he worked. “Did I say something wrong?”

“Do you think I’m an idiot as well?”

“Mn. You’re an even bigger idiot. You are trying to achieve the impossible.”

“And I don’t have luck with that?”

The man got up and walked over, reaching out and lightly touching Li Yin’s cheeks. “You can mend what was broken but that doesn’t turn it into something new. It’ll just be … a slightly worse variation of what it had been before. And there will always be the risk of it becoming broken again. After mending it, it’ll still be more fragile than before, after all. Isn’t it idiotic to expect anything else?”

“But you’ve already had your revenge.”

“I did.”

“Doesn’t that help?”

The man didn’t answer. Before Li Yin could ask any further, a knock sounded from the door.

“I have brought the Heavenly Guard Ru Zhen over.”

“Ah. Let him in.” Li Yin stepped aside, pulling the other person away to where the officer wouldn’t be able to see him.

The door opened and Ru Zhen entered, looking at his father’s desk in puzzlement. Why did he call him over if he wasn’t even here?

“Darling!” Before Li Yin could explain, Ru Zhen was pulled into a tight embrace and a beautiful smile lit up the man’s face.

Li Yin watched the two of them, another sigh escaping his lips. If only he could let them be like this forever. If only …

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