OMF V3C1 Nothing New

The God of Justice, Li Yin, looked at the servant girl that was kneeling in front of him with his eyes narrowed. “Are you speaking the truth?”

The girl nodded fervently. “I swear! Every word I said is the complete truth. I couldn’t believe it myself but … it’s really what I heard.”

Li Yin’s eyes narrowed even further. This girl in front of him was none other than the previous maid of Yin Lin Lin who had been a witness against her in the previous case of attempting to kill the crown prince. She wasn’t the main factor why Yin Lin Lin had to be sent to the human realm for those one hundred years of punishment but she had at least contributed and Yin Lin Lin naturally hadn’t been happy.

When he promised to let Tian Na go to another place to work afterward but then sent her to the human realm as well after she asked to work in his palace, he had already thought that some situations might arise. What she was saying now though … It was far worse than what he had imagined. “Tai Na, I hope that you are aware that should I find out that you have been lying about this when we investigate, you will be in trouble.”

Tai Na nodded. “Should it turn out that this isn’t true, then I’m willing to take any punishment. It was just me being unfortunate and getting things wrong then. But I’m sure that it is the truth. She really said that she’d follow him to the demon realm to be his wife.”

Li Yin tapped the armrest of his chair with his fingers, deep in thought. Even though he wasn’t the most impartial, he had still gotten his seat in the Court of Justice for a reason. For example, his ability to see through people’s bullshit was quite good.

This girl was obviously acting. But if she was, why was she going to this extent? If what she said wasn’t true, then just a few casual inquiries would expose her. Then Yin Lin Lin wouldn’t be in trouble while she was. That couldn’t be what she wanted.

What other reason was there? Could it be that this was a long-term plan? He looked at the girl once again, thinking back to the previous investigation where she had sold Yin Lin Lin out for the first time. Back then, what had made her give in had been the promised to work at a different place. And she had chosen his palace.

After all the years as the head of the Court of Justice, he wouldn’t believe for even a single moment that that had been because she felt he was a nice person. No, this girl obviously had some other plans. Maybe she had thought that her statements had been vital enough that she would get some preferential treatment in his court or that she might be allowed to work with him directly. He had seen that type of thing before so it wasn’t too strange to imagine.

Now … If this was indeed the case, then maybe she was hoping that he would let her return. Even if she was wrong, she might be thinking that he would let her come back since it was obvious that she wouldn’t be able to work together with Yin Lin Lin. Well, if she did, he’d have to disappoint her.

“I hope you’re not trying to convince me to let you return to the capital with this. Regardless of whether you get along or not, it won’t change that we need people to be stationed in the human realm. You haven’t been part of the Court of Justice for a long time so that is the most suitable place for you to be. And Yin Lin Lin still hasn’t finished her punishment down there so for the remainder of these one hundred days, she won’t be moving either. Do you still want to insist on what you heard?”

If this had been before she was sent to the mortal realm, Tai Na would have been deeply disappointed. Now, she only nodded. “That is what I heard. I don’t expect anything. I just hope that my testimony can help with preventing trouble. If that man I saw her with was truly the demon king Jin Ling …”

Li Yin looked at her, still not buying her story. Well, just because he thought that she was having a hidden agenda, he wouldn’t be careless and not have this matter investigated. If Yin Lin Lin truly was involved with the demon king, then it would be a disaster. The last time might have been an accident but in the end, she had almost gotten their crown prince killed. Despite that, she hadn’t repented in the slightest and even objected to her punishment all on the account of the fact that she hadn’t known that that person was their crown prince. Now, she was clearly holding an even bigger grudge against the Heavenly Emperor and his family. Given the chance, she might do something unforgivable. And wasn’t a liaison with the demon king precisely such a chance?

Li Yin sighed and nodded. “Very well. You might return to your original quarters for the time being while we investigate this. Should we have any other questions for you, I’ll have you be notified.”

“Yes.” Tai Na nodded and then left the room on his cue.

Contrary to before, she didn’t even glance at him, making Li Yin wonder what might have happened in the last few days. Well, it had been a few years in the mortal realm. That was more than enough time for a situation to turn around completely. Especially if the demons were involved.

Li Yin called for one of his officers. “I was just notified that the idle goddess Yin Lin Lin has supposedly fallen for the demon king Jin Ling whilst undergoing her punishment in the mortal realm. Take a few junior officers and investigate the matter as discreetly as possible. Make sure you don’t alert the demons in case there is something to this rumor.”

“Yes.” The officer bowed and then left.

As soon as the door closed, a person appeared behind it, smiling at Li Yin. “You know you don’t need to send anybody to investigate. I can tell you that it’s true. That good-for-nothing really got involved with the demon king.”

Li Yin glanced up and his brows twitched. “Have you lost your mind? How can you just come here? What if somebody sees you?!”

The other person just chuckled and sat down, not caring at all that the always stoic God of Justice was this bothered by his sudden appearance. Well, this was nothing new.

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