OMF V7C165 A Good-Looking Man

The two of them arrived at the gates of the Hua family’s estate. Hua Lin Rong was already waiting in the hall, brushing his brother’s hair and straightening out his robe to make sure he looked his best.

“With how cute you are, there is no way our friendly neighborhood dragon wouldn’t help out, isn’t that so? When he comes over later, just give him a smile, will you? I’m sure he’ll be won over right away.”

Hua Lin Yu smiled at his big brother and grabbed his hair.

Hua Lin Rong could only sigh. “How old are you, huh? Why do you still like to grab my hair so much?” He couldn’t bring himself to pull the strands back though. Anyway, his little darling brother could do whatever he wanted.

Just then, steps sounded from outside and then his grandfather appeared in the door. Hua Lin Rong turned around. He himself was curious about how that dragon looked. When he appeared … Hua Lin Rong’s brows twitched. How come this so-called ‘friendly neighborhood dragon’ was such a good-looking guy?! He glanced at his little brother and suddenly regretted his previous actions. He should have messed up his hair to ruin the first impression.

Xin Lan ignored the elder Hua brother and just looked at the child in his arms. Xiang Yu’s mortal reincarnation had turned from a baby into a toddler by now. Although, looking at his current action of holding his brother’s hair like reins and staring at Xin Lan wide-eyed … he still seemed like the crying brat he had been before.

Hua Ming Jun’s eyes lit up when he saw his two grandsons. He rushed over and took Lin Yu from his brother, before turning back to Xin Lan. “This is my youngest grandson that I talked about. He’s called Lin Yu.”

“I see.” Xin Lan took a closer look and nodded. Well, even though his behavior was still as infuriating as before, at least his face looked a bit better. It was still hard to say but he might just turn into a pretty child if he was given a few more years.

Very good. Even though he would still keep his promise if he was ugly, he would really prefer it if a longtime lover was pretty. He didn’t expect him to be as beautiful as Jinde or even reaching half of that but being somewhat pretty shouldn’t be asking too much, right?

Xin Lan wasn’t standing too far away and Lin Yu was fixating him with his gaze. Eventually, he reached out, trying to grab onto him.

His grandfather chuckled but didn’t hand him over. Even though he wanted Xin Lan to have a good impression of his grandson and help him out, he felt that it would be too much to hand the child to him. Never mind that he wasn’t sure if this man would be able to take care of him, he also thought that it might be more than that man was willing to do.

So in the end, he only teased his grandson. “Oh, look at that! Our little Xiao Yu really likes being fawned over by everyone, doesn’t he? I’m afraid you can’t ask this person though.”

The child didn’t even look at him. He still continued to stare at Xin Lan, stretching his little arms even further. He wanted to be hugged by that person!

Xin Lan stared back at the child and eventually reached over, taking him from Hua Ming Jun. Anyway, this child might not be quite normal. Maybe he remembered his past as Xiang Yu or maybe his perception just differed from that of normal children and he knew that there was some type of connection between them. Anyway, it would be best if he could form a good relationship with him early on as well.

Hua Ming Jun and Hua Lin Rong both unbelievingly stared at the dragon that was holding their family’s youngest. Their expressions turned from surprise to panic when Lin Yu did the same as always: He reached out and grabbed onto Xin Lan’s silver hair. In his defense, it had to be said that he at least gave him a brilliant smile as thanks just as his brother had told him.

Hua Lin Rong didn’t know whether he should facepalm or laugh. Anyway, this wasn’t quite what he had expected. Luckily, that dragon didn’t seem to mind.

Indeed. Xin Lan didn’t mind too much. Anyway, as long as that brat didn’t start to tug, he was alright with it. And he had already expected him to be annoying anyway so what reason was there to complain?

He only looked at Lin Yu for a moment longer and then turned back to Hua Ming Jun. “Alright, what should I look at?”

The cultivator was startled out of his daze and nodded hurriedly. “Yes, yes, right. I’m sorry for wasting your time. Please, follow me.” He went ahead to the places where they had previously felt that presence and let Xin Lan take a look around, patiently waiting for the results.

Naturally, Xin Lan wouldn’t find anything. He himself had been that presence so even if there was something, he wouldn’t say anything and would just quietly destroy the traces. But most likely, there was nothing around. After all, it had already been a lot of time since he came here the last time. Unfortunately, he also couldn’t say that he hadn’t found anything and call it quits. How would that ingratiate him with this family then?

In the end, he turned back to the two men following him and sighed. “I’m afraid there isn’t much I can do. Whatever that presence was that you felt previously, it isn’t here right now. At the very least, I can’t feel it at all.”

Hua Ming Jun nodded. “Yes, we haven’t been able to feel it for a while either.”

“Mn. In this case, it’s difficult to do anything. The only thing I could offer would be for you to call me over if you notice it again.”

Hua Ming Jun and his older grandson exchanged a glance. This was already much more than they had hoped for.

“That would be great, thank you. Then, we probably shouldn’t bother you any longer.” He reached out and wanted to take Lin Yu from him but the child was still holding onto Xin Lan’s hair and refused to let go.

Xin Lan’s brows twitched. This brat … He wouldn’t have figured out that fabric could be cut off while hair would be left alone, could he?!

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