OMF V7C164 Strictly Monogamous

Originally, Xin Lan wasn’t thinking much of the situation. Some time had passed but right now, Xiang Yu hadn’t grown up yet and it would be almost another two decades until he did. So what was wrong with enjoying himself for a bit? He didn’t have anything else to do.

But when he saw Hua Ming Jun’s shocked expression as if he couldn’t wrap his head around this, his own expression grew subtle. Damn. Even though he didn’t doubt that he had enough charm to make that fallen god’s mortal reincarnation fall for him, it would still be bothersome if his mortal family was against this. After all, their influence on him might be huge. No, he had to make sure that their impression of him didn’t plummet too far!

He furrowed his brows and glared at the woman. “Still not leaving?”

She pouted but then straightened out her clothes and left.

Xin Lan watched her and then turned back to Hua Ming Jun, putting on an aggravated expression. “I really don’t know what it is with these mortal women throwing themselves at me. That behavior couldn’t be called normal, could it?”

Hua Ming Jun looked back at Xin Lan, his expression awkward. “No …” Although he couldn’t help but wonder just what had really gone on. That woman had come out of the estate, after all. She wouldn’t have gotten in there if he didn’t let her in, right? But then again, why would he lie about something like this? They were more or less strangers so it was of no consequence to him what this dragon did or didn’t do. Although …

Hua Ming Jun couldn’t help but clear his throat. He didn’t know too many details about the dragons but some information had trickled through over the years. He was indeed a little curious if it was true. “That has to be a futile attempt. I heard that dragons were strictly monogamous and would themselves to one partner for life. Is that true?”

Xin Lan looked away. “As soon as we find the right partner, yes.” There was no need to mention that he was the only exception to that rule, was there?

“Ah, I see. That is beautiful to think about.”

“Mn.” Not so beautiful to live as a reality though. Even though he was the exception, he had still fallen in love with somebody he couldn’t have and had suffered through too many years. How much worse would it have to be for somebody who could never shift his affections to somebody else? He didn’t even want to imagine that.

Xin Lan sighed and shook his head to get rid of these useless thoughts. Anyway, it wasn’t his problem. Even though it was hard to give up on Jinde and even though he couldn’t imagine ever finding somebody more perfect than him, there was still a small chance. Anyway, he had an eternity to figure it out.

He turned back to Hua Ming Jun and smiled. “I’m sure you didn’t just come here to ask about that. What may I do for you?”

Hua Ming Jun startled awake but his expression got even more awkward. “Well … I was wondering if you could do me and my family a favor.”

Xin Lan raised his uncovered brow. “A favor?”

“Yes. You see, I mentioned the last time that someone or … something was lingering around our estate previously. We haven’t noticed that person anymore recently but we’re still worried. Especially about my youngest grandson. Now, my son left the estate for an important matter so there are fewer people around that could protect the child in case something happened and even with him, I am unsure if we would be able to win against whoever it was that had an eye on the child. So I was wondering if you would be willing to take a look, maybe, and see if you could find more than us since … well, you’re obviously more powerful than us.”

“Sure.” Xin Lan didn’t think about the hidden flattery. Anyway, he wanted to leave a good impression on the family to make matters easier in the future. If they invited him themselves, he would have less trouble to go over to meet that brat and make sure he’d fall in love with him so he could make true on his promise.

Mn, today was the perfect day as well. He had already gotten bored with waiting and that child should have grown a bit. He’d really like to see if he was still as ugly as before or if he had become a bit prettier.

Xin Lan didn’t hesitate and stepped out of the estate, closing the gate behind him. Hua Ming Jin was so surprised that he even missed the right moment to push off the ground and follow him. He only woke up when Xin Lan turned back and hovered in the air with a questioning expression.

He awkwardly cleared his throat. “Eh … I was … very surprised. This really is too nice of you. You’re doing us a huge favor with this. I really don’t know how to repay you.”

Xin Lan turned back to the front and flew over to the Hua family’s estate with him. “No need to pay me back.” Anyway, he’d take his grandson home in the future. That was probably more than he’d be willing to pay. “We’re neighbors. So this is what I should do. I also wouldn’t want anybody to make trouble around here.”

Hua Ming Jun heaved a sigh of relief. If he thought about it like this, then that was good for them. Even though he wanted his help, it might be troublesome if they had to give something in return. After all, the kind of thing a dragon might need … He wasn’t sure if they’d be able to fulfill these demands. Anyway, if there was something they could do to make up for it, then they would do it. He’d just keep an eye out for an opportunity.

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