OMF V7C146 Where There’s One, There’s Another

Not far from the training field, Xin Lan scoffed. These people really thought they were all that. To think they would dare to want to make a move on the place where his Master stayed … That was simply delusional! He would never let that happen. The question was how to prevent that though.

Xin Lan’s gaze flickered to the dungeon. He had arrived quite some time ago and watched how things proceeded in the Chun Feng Sect. By now, he had already found out about Ma Zhi Wu and had witnessed how Xiao Dong and Shao Hai had been captured. He also knew that there were quite a few demons, as well as some humans of mixed blood in the dungeons alongside them.

If he were to set some or maybe even all of them free, that would definitely make trouble for the Chun Feng Sect. The only problem was that this kind of approach might not yield the result that he wanted. If he set the demons free, the Chun Feng Sect would need some time to catch them or kill them but afterward, they may instead double their efforts to capture his Master and that brat in the Yun Zou Sect since they would certainly think that they were behind this incident.

In that case, his actions wouldn’t have benefited his Master at all and instead made matters worse. He couldn’t let that happen. No, he had to make sure that they were too busy to care about his Master’s matters. At least for as long as his Master was still healing his soul. Afterward … What were some puny mortals in front of Jinde? Even though his Master wasn’t as strong as himself, he was more than enough to deal with one Chun Feng Sect.

Unfortunately, it would likely be a long time until then. And he couldn’t always stay here to keep on eye on things since he had promised that fallen god to accompany him on his trial. Right now, he might still be a little thing but in fifteen or twenty years … And his Master would likely need much longer to be back to his peak state.

Xin Lan sighed thinking of that. So what should he do? Naturally, he could go and tell the Yun Zou Sect about the fact that three of their disciples were currently locked up in their so-called ally’s dungeon. The Yun Zou Sect would definitely go and make trouble for the Chun Feng Sect afterward.

But that would implicate his Master as well. After all, the Yun Zou Sect was where he currently resided. If the Yun Zou Sect managed to free their people and maybe even beat down the Chun Feng Sect, then that would be good. But if they lost and got even weaker, then his Master would be in bigger trouble. So this also wasn’t a good method.

Right now, it might be for the best not to do anything that had to do with the Yun Zou Sect. On the contrary, with that person wanting to seduce the Grandelder’s disciple, this might actually be beneficial for them. After all, that Shen Qiang would need time for his plan to come to fruition. And while he was still trying, the Chun Feng Sect likely wouldn’t attack the Yun Zou Sect outright.

Xin Lan narrowed his eyes, continuing to ponder. The problem was that this Sect Master Xian was way too fanatical. If he could, he would kill every demon he was able to get into his hands. So even if there was the plan that Shen Qiang had proposed, it wasn’t a given that Xian Xun and his head disciple Liu Cheng would keep their feet still and not launch an attack while the mission was still underway. So he would need some diversion to keep the two of them busy just in case.

Well, where there was one, there would likely be another. These people had imprisoned disciples of the Yun Zou Sect. They would likely have done the same to disciples of other sects. After all, real high-ranking demons were rare in the mortal realm but people with a mixed heritage weren’t.

Especially since what the Chun Feng Sect deemed to be demons weren’t necessarily the offspring of actual demons. Just thinking of that Ma Zhi Wu as an example, his ancestors obviously hadn’t been actual demons but demonic beasts instead.

Anyway, since the Chun Feng Sect caught people indiscriminately without looking at the portion of demon blood they had, there had to be many people that had been prized disciples of their sects. If he could expose them one after each other …

Xin Lan smiled to himself. Yes, that would be the best course of action. Now, he only needed to find out who the people in the dungeon were. The only question was how to go about this. The sect wouldn’t happen to have some kind of register for the people they kidnapped, would it?

He looked around and finally sighed. Even though he would’ve liked to get over with this as fast as possible just to make sure that that Xian Xun couldn’t try anything, he wouldn’t be able to get it done immediately. No, he could only take his time and slowly investigate.

If there was some information about these people, that would make matters easier for him but if there wasn’t, then he would even need to go and investigate on his own. That would take even longer. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do to change that. He could only hope that he’d be lucky.

Xin Lan sighed again and flew over to the Sect Master’s dwelling, starting his search for information over there. Anyway, he still had some time so he might try as well. And most likely, if this kind of information was available, it would all be at the same place. Most likely somewhere that was inaccessible for any visitors. After all, the Chun Feng Sect wouldn’t want anybody to know about their secret kidnappings. Well, as soon as he found what he needed, he’d make sure that everybody got to know that should know.

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