OMF V7C145 A Plan Not without Risk

Even though Elder Geng thought that the likelihood of that ever happening was very slim, the things happening in the Chun Feng Sect spoke another language.

Currently, Liu Cheng was standing next to his Master, watching some of the other disciples on the training field. “They still haven’t said a single word. I don’t know if it’s that they don’t have anything to say or if they are just too deeply involved in this. Anyway, at least that Shao Hai doesn’t seem to be a demon. Should we let him go?”

Xian Xun sighed. “I’m afraid it won’t be that easy. Normally, if the person just randomly said that the Chun Feng Sect had kidnapped somebody and imprisoned them, nobody would listen to them. Even if it was another sect, that likely wouldn’t say anything as soon as we explained that this was to catch one of those vile demons. But with the situation in the Yun Zou Sect right now …

“I’m afraid this will only aggravate things further. After all, there is Ma Zhi Wu on one hand and that Xiao Dong on the other hand. From everything we know, the Grandmaster’s disciple and another person from the sect whose identity we don’t even know are also demons. These are four people alone and we have no idea how many demons there actually are. It could be much more and they might be deeply involved in the sect’s structure.

“In this case, it will be almost impossible to convince Yuchi Bing Xia. I’m afraid that he will already be deaf to all warnings by now. We’ve come too late.” He sighed. “Anyway, I’m afraid there’s no way to inquire for any more information. In the worst case, we’ll need to take everybody and just try to get to these demons in one strike. Even if it doesn’t work out, at least we won’t have failed our mission and tried our utmost. We will only need to make sure that the mission lives on.”

Liu Cheng nodded, looking deeply troubled.

Not far from them, Shen Qiang glanced at his sleeve where he had still secured the scented satchel that Nian Hong Fang had given him. Thinking of him, his heart couldn’t help but beat faster. He also didn’t know what it was, but just remembering the way he had looked at him when he had given him the scented satchel, made happiness bubble up in him that he was unable to ignore. He … he wanted to see him again. Unfortunately, there was no way to just go and make it happen. But maybe …

He hesitated for a moment longer and then stepped out of the lines of the disciple and walked forward, cupping his fists and bowing in front of the two of them. “Sect Master, senior martial brother Liu. I couldn’t help but overhear what you were saying just now. I might have an idea on how to help.”

Xian Xun scrunched up his brows and motioned for him to get up and explain.

Shen Qiang lowered his hands and straightened up. “When I delivered that letter to the Yun Zou Sect, I met Nian Hong Fang who should be that demon’s lover. He has been living in the Yun Zou Sect all this time so he should be having information that we could use.”

Liu Cheng nodded. “He should. But why should he tell us? He is involved with a demon.”

Shen Qiang shook his head. “He was involved with a demon. But that was five years ago. Even though he still seems to love him, that might be more because of the sentimental value this person holds to him.

“Furthermore, he might’ve never known that this Ma Zhi Wu was a demon in the first place. I felt that he was a very emotional person. I’m sure that if we managed to show him that Ma Zhi Wu has only ever used him and thus betrayed his trust, he would be willing to help us out. Especially so if we can make sure he understands that this would save a lot of other lives.”

Liu Cheng glanced at his Master. He didn’t mind using Nian Hong Fang but he wasn’t sure if it was really doable.

Xian Xun also had his doubts. “Convincing him should be difficult though. What are your thoughts on that?”

Shen Qiang lowered his gaze. His thoughts on that … He hadn’t thought any further. “Well, I have interacted with him once. Maybe I … Maybe I could go back and … talk to him?”

Xian Xun looked at this disciple. Shen Qiang was the disciples of one of their sect’s Elders. He wasn’t his head disciple and even though he was a decent demon hunter, he couldn’t be called one of their best disciples. Obviously, he also was a little too emotional judging from the way he behaved right now. And this wasn’t just about the demons but also about that Nian Hong Fang.

Well, in this situation, that might actually be good. Honest feelings would always be able to move a person more than a fake act. The demons were good with putting on a play but if that Nian Hong Fang was introduced to somebody that truly valued him, he might be able to understand that there was a better future for him.

In that case, not only would they be able to save this person from the clutches of a demon, they would also be able to acquire the information they needed at the same time. That way, they would be able to get to the other demons in the Yun Zou Sect without endangering too many of their disciples. This would simply be too much in their favor!

“Well, since we do not have another option right now, it would still be best to at least give it a try.”

Shen Qiang’s expression lit up, giving away his true thoughts immediately. Even Liu Cheng was able to see at once what was going through his head.

“Master, this …” He couldn’t help but feel that there was also a certain risk to this. After all, Nian Hong Fang falling in love with Shen Qiang and telling him what they needed to know was a good thing. But if Shen Qiang was the one who wouldn’t be able to keep a clear head in front of a beauty, then who was to say that it wouldn’t lead to disaster instead?

Xian Xun shook his head. “Naturally, there is a certain risk involved. For the time being, you will not be able to return to the Chun Feng Sect. We will find a safe place for you to stay from where you can go to the Yun Zou Sect to see him every now and then. Don’t go too often and make sure that you don’t try to contact anyone from our sect. We can’t risk him finding out anything about our plan. Is that clear?”

Shen Qiang once again cupped his fists and bowed. “Yes, Sect Master! Then I will go and inform my Master.”

Xian Xun nodded and waved for him to go before he turned to Liu Cheng. “Well, that is at least one way that we can try. Nothing stops us from trying to find another opportunity in the meantime as well. Anyway, the demons haven’t done anything large yet so we should still be able to prevent it even if we take a bit more time. And there is another one in our dungeon now so they are down one of them anyway. That is to our benefit.”

Liu Cheng nodded. “You’re naturally right, Master. We shouldn’t be rash in this situation and plan carefully. I was getting ahead of myself.”

The Sect Master just smiled and patted his disciple’s shoulder. He could understand. When dealing with these demons, it was often hard to keep a calm mind. After all, most of them had had experiences that showed just how vicious these creatures were. That kind of knowledge couldn’t be ignored just like that.

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