OMF V7C142 Too Much of a Risk

The next day arrived soon in the demon realm and An Bai was once again faced with the smiling face of Ye Yang. The demon really seemed as if he didn’t want to give up. Well, one day was nothing. He’d like to see how long he’d keep this up for.

This time, An Bai didn’t even lower his book. He just continued to quietly turn the pages as if he hadn’t noticed this visitor of his at all.

Ye Yang waved for the guard to let him in and then sat down next to An Bai again. He didn’t say anything and just watched him read. His gaze brushed over An Bai’s tranquil face and then wandered down to the blue robe, over the long sleeves and finally stopped at those elegant fingers. Mn …

Another page was turned and not a single word was uttered in the cell. From outside, the steps of the guards patrolling the dungeon could be heard, mixed with some cursing from demons that were thrown into a cell as well or dragged out in a rough manner.

“That looks interesting. What is it about?” Ye Yang raised his gaze to An Bai’s face again but there wasn’t a single ripple in his eyes. Ah, it seemed Jin Ling wasn’t the only one who was immune to his charms.

He fell quiet again and continued to read a bit of the book in An Bai’s hands. His brows couldn’t help but twitch. The flora of the Nine Heavens?! Why the fuck would a dragon read that? He hurriedly schooled his expression again and earnestly continued. Even if this wasn’t interesting for him, it might still be beneficial to know. After all, having a subject they could talk about would make things easier later on.

An Bai noticed that the person next to him had started to earnestly focus on the book as well and almost lowered his speed of reading so the demon would be able to keep up. As soon as the thought crossed his mind, An Bai gave a pause. What was he even thinking? He was a prisoner in this dungeon and not studying together with this man! If that demon wanted to learn, he could go and get his own book.

An Bai abandoned his previous thought and continued to read. He was only there with half his mind though. The other half was preoccupied with pondering what he should do.

His current situation was dangerous. Dragons were susceptible to seduction. The likelihood of falling in love at first sight was actually low for most of them. The only exception was pairs of fated lovers like His Majesty and the crown prince probably were.

If that kind of pair met, they would more often than not immediately feel a connection. Even if they didn’t recognize it as love first, they would come to figure out these feelings after some time. By then, the connection already would have been made though. It was only a question of whether they understood or not. The time they needed for that would often depend on their age and their experiences prior to that.

For other dragons, it was different. Most of them would spend some time together, slowly get to know each other, and finally, fall in love. Often enough, one of them would fall first and then start a time of intense courting to both make their feelings known and to convince the other person that they were the right partner and thus move their heart.

Normally, that approach worked quite well. It was something that most dragons longed for but some also feared. Receiving such care was a great honor but also a great risk. And this risk was much higher when the person courting them was not a dragon that would unconditionally love their partner until the very end but a demon that was unable to give the care they pretended to lavish on their other half.

With a demon, the words they spoke were empty and the gestures of gentleness they showed were like the cut of a poisoned blade. No dragon in their right mind would allow them to get close.

Unfortunately, even though he was in his right mind, he was not in the right situation. Even if he wanted to, he could not refuse. So what else could he do? The only option should be to finally get out of here. Since the demon king wanted to know something from him, it should also be safe. Otherwise, why would the demon king come and ask him about this? He would only do that if he assumed that this array had to do with the dragons. And if that was the case … it should be tied to His Majesty and the Son of Heaven’s reincarnation. Which meant … that the demon king would need his answer to be able to do anything to them.

He couldn’t imagine what exactly the matter was with that but this alone was enough to let him know that he could leave. He just needed a way to get out of this cell. If he could do that, then the rest wouldn’t be too difficult. Even if he wasn’t able to fight his way out of the palace, he would at least be able to contact Xiang Yong. If he could help him from outside, then it would be possible to escape. The question was how to get out of the cell …

Next to him, Ye Yang raised his gaze and narrowed his eyes. This dragon … he obviously wasn’t focusing on this book anymore. He’d like to think it was because his charming behavior had already worked but most likely, that wasn’t the case. No, this guy was planning something.

Mn … Ye Yang got up and took out the book he had brought with him, waving it in front of An Bai’s face. “I don’t know how many you brought with you but I guess one more can’t be wrong. I’ll leave this here. Don’t miss me too much. I’ll be back tomorrow.” With that, he put the book down where he had just sat and then left the cell. Naturally, he didn’t forget to get the guards afterward and warn them that the dragon over there was likely going to try something funny soon.

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2 thoughts on “OMF V7C142 Too Much of a Risk

  1. Alek Dior

    An Bai what the heck are you thinking?🤨 If he ever fall in love, i don’t wanna read the heartbreak. Yeah now am gonna fall for a dragon. Imagine being loved for the whole of your life, isn’t that wonderful?🤗😍👍🏼.
    Ok why is Ye Yang acting so nice? I don’t like where all of this is going🤨 but am gonna hold on.
    Am wondering what is happening with Xiao Dong and Shao??

    Liked by 2 people

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