OMF V7C141 Whittle Down His Resistance

While Jin Ling went to take care of matters on that side, Ye Yang sat down next to An Bai and took a closer look. The dragon had white hair and a pair of blue eyes. Coupled with the light blue robe and the book that was still lying between the palms of his hands, it gave him a reclusive look.

This was probably the type of scholar that would spend most of his time glued to the pages of a book or the slips of a scroll, trying to gain more knowledge while he ignored the real world out there. It didn’t quite fit his taste but it was still quite enticing.

He reached out and lightly brushed back one of the white strands of hair. “You’ve been in this cell for quite some time. Aren’t you getting bored?”

An Bai still didn’t react but a trace of seriousness flashed through his eyes. Looking at how close this demon had gotten, he could imagine what he was trying to do. Even though it wasn’t universally known to everyone just what the curses were that Tian had put on the races, higher-ranking people would normally have some more insight into this.

There was a good chance this demon was privy to some details. Even if he didn’t know the whole extent of the curse the dragons had suffered, he would at least know that feelings were their weak point. Thus he tried to capitalize on this point.

After all, what else was there to make him speak? He certainly wouldn’t betray his king’s trust. But if he did indeed fall in love, who knew what would happen? He might not be able to stay clearheaded. In a moment of weakness, it could indeed be that he would give out information that shouldn’t be given.

And even if he could hold back, what would become of him if he really fell in love with a demon? That was the worst thing that could happen to a dragon. Loving somebody who wouldn’t love you back regardless of what you tried … That was indeed the most vicious part of the curse.

An Bai raised his chin and closed his eyes, making up his mind to ignore whatever this guy said. Ye Yang wasn’t discouraged though. On the contrary, he felt even more eager to try his luck when he saw him like this. He might not be as beautiful as Jin Ling but chasing somebody who was reluctant also had its appeal. He did enjoy that kind of game.

He hummed and leaned back against the wall. “It’s really a pity to be imprisoned here. You seem like a very curious person. Like somebody who would like to see whatever he can.” He looked around the cell. It wasn’t too small since a lot of lower-ranked demons had big figures but there was nothing in there. Only the faint traces of the array that made it impossible to break out. “You know … my relationship with the demon king isn’t bad. I might be able to get you out of here.”

Ye Yang turned to look at An Bai again but the dragon still had his eyes closed and was seemingly resting, not a ripple in his expression. Mn, it seemed this one wasn’t that easily won over. Well, it would have been boring if he was.

“I probably can’t take you out of the realm or even the palace but I might at least let you enjoy a little more freedom. It’s just that … you seem like somebody who isn’t easily swayed since he is cautious by nature. I guess you must think I have hidden motives.”

An Bai still didn’t acknowledge him as if he wasn’t even there.

“You’re right. I do indeed have my motives for this. But … I don’t think I need to hide them. It’s nothing shameful. Originally, the demon king wanted me to ask about that thing. It’s nothing much. I don’t hold any interest in that matter. But seeing you … I do have some interest in getting to know you better. Why don’t we give it a try?”

There was no response but Ye Yang hadn’t expected any either. For this kind of person, you needed to slowly whittle away at their resistance. Be upfront with them so they would put their guard up to the highest point first, then be relentless and show them goodwill. Since there was no way for them to put their guard up any higher, it could only go down in the future. And then, when it was low enough … there would come a time when the results could be reaped.

“Well, you know my intentions now. I can see that you’re not willing to give it a try right now but I’m not one who’s easily discouraged. I’ll just wait for you to change your mind. Until you do … I’ll just try my best.” He gave a low laugh. “I guess you’d like some time to think it over by yourself first. Who knows? Maybe by the next time I come here, you’ll have reconsidered already?” He stood up but his fingers once again brushed along one of the white strands of An Bai’s hair.

Mn … this was actually nice. His hair should look very good on a dark background. Actually, he himself would probably look very good if he wore darker robes to highlight his hair. Maybe he should gift him one the next time he came.

Ye Yang entertained the thought for a moment but then let go of the strand of hair and stepped back with a smile. No, right now, it was still too early. Dragons were emotional creatures. Even though they also put a lot of emphasis on physical things, the emotions normally came first. He couldn’t come on too strong. Instead …

His gaze lowered to the book in An Bai’s hands before he turned around and left the dungeon. Yes, that was probably the better approach. Even if he got it wrong the first few times, he’d get it right if he kept trying and reaching this person would be easier with something he liked. After all, in this cell where there was nothing else for him to do, he would sooner or later be unable to reject his gifts and when he started to accept those, it would only be a matter of time until he also accepted the one giving them to him.

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2 thoughts on “OMF V7C141 Whittle Down His Resistance

  1. Alek Dior

    So Ye Yang isn’t as heartless as I have thought earlier. Poor thing is trying hard not to give in but the demon when easy on him. Ye Yang is already mesmerized by An Bai🙊. I will see how this two end up.

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