OMF V7C139 Some Insights

Back in the Yun Zou Sect, Ye Yang was leaning against the back of Yuchi Bing Xia’s palace and looking at the array with a thoughtful expression. This … sucked. As it turned out, after already collecting his reward, he couldn’t keep his part of the bargain. He honestly had no idea how to open this array for Jin Ling.

He scratched his neck, narrowing his eyes in annoyance and finally gave a sigh. He definitely couldn’t return just like this. Even as a demon, he still had his honor! Even if he wasn’t able to open the array, he at least had to find some options for Jin Ling as to how he could proceed, preferably some options where he could get involved to make up for this blunder.

Unfortunately, this kind of thing was easier said than done. Just like Jin Ling, the array hadn’t reacted to anything he did either. Imbuing spiritual energy didn’t work, adjusting the flow of spiritual energy didn’t work either. Adding some components wasn’t possible either. In fact, the latter had even given him an adverse reaction, sending out a wave of spiritual energy that pushed him back.

Ye Yang had lived a long life, for the most part, because he wasn’t one of these rash idiots who would jump into an unknown situation head-first. He knew that to advance, one had to retreat some times. In the same vein, even if the other side was likely weaker than you, it was still better to gather more information first.

That wave of energy might not have been strong but he had also just tested the array. It was possible that the backlash would be stronger the stronger the attack directed at the array. At the very least, he couldn’t currently dismiss that option. Thus, he first needed to investigate more before he could make sure about this kind of thing. Anyway, even if he wasn’t able to supply Jin Ling with everything he wanted to know, it was still better the more he was able to tell him about the array.

With that thought, Ye Yang stepped back and raised his hands once again, attacking the array once more. He only used a small amount of spiritual energy once again, trying to test the waters. As a result … the backlash was once again minuscule.

Ye Yang nodded to himself and this time, he used more energy. Just as he had feared, the backlash also intensified. He furrowed his brows and tried again only for the same thing to occur. That meant that he could now safely conclude that the backlash would indeed be stronger the stronger the attack one used was. He wasn’t sure just yet just how much energy the array was able to throw back though. That should be the next thing he tried to find out.

Ye Yang continued to test several features of the array before he finally pulled back with a smile. He leaned against the wall of the Sect Master’s palace once again and took out a transmission stone, imbuing some spiritual energy to contact Jin Ling.

As soon as the apparition leaped up, Jin Ling’s voice sounded out. “Did you find a way in?”

Ye Yang’s smile grew even more pronounced. “Whatever is in there must be mighty important to you if you raise such a fuss.”

Jin Ling furrowed his brow but more in annoyance of themselves than in response to Ye Yang. Anyway, he still had to rely on this guy to get into that realm so he couldn’t trouble him too much right now. And it had been his own fault that he didn’t have his emotions under control. Who knew? This might be his dragon side speaking. “Anyway, what did you find?”

“I can’t get in yet. But I was able to determine some things about it.”

“And what would that be? Tell me everything you know. I’ll try to see how to go forward from there. Or could it be that you still have another idea?”

Ye Yang nodded his head. “But nothing I can try. Didn’t you say that the array might be connected to the dragons? If that is true, then it would be good if I could have a talk with one of them. That would help me to get a clearer picture of some features of the array.”

Jin Ling nodded his head. “One of my wives?” Anyway, he had a lot of them. And even though some people were currently trying to rebel, he didn’t believe that there wouldn’t be at least a few of each race that were still on his side. After all, he was pretty sure that his charm was great and for a dragon, that was what counted most of the time.

Ye Yang gave a wry smile. In principle, there was nothing wrong with working together with one of Jin Ling’s wives. He didn’t feel that good about that though. Maybe it was jealousy because even though there were a lot of beauties in Jin Ling’s harem, he had never made the cut and been officially considered his spouse or maybe it was just that he didn’t want anyone else who was close to Jin Ling to be involved in this. If this could stay between them that would be very good. “Well, I would need somebody who is … knowledgeable in this regard. Can you think of someone?”

“Somebody would know about arrays …”

“What about the dragon in your dungeon? Isn’t he some type of scholar in the dragon race?”

Jin Ling stared at him for a moment, being in a daze.

Ye Yang raised his brows. “Don’t tell me you forgot about that as well? First, the person who wants to overthrow you and now the hostage you’ve taken? What is your mind occupied with these days?”

Jin Ling rubbed his forehead and shook his head. “There’s nothing. It’s just that … I didn’t consider him important enough. He really can’t compare to the Son of Heaven, can he?”

Ye Yang shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe not for threatening the dragons and the gods but he’ll be more important for what we’re about to do now. Alright, wait for me to come back. We can go and visit him together.” He didn’t wait for Jin Ling’s answer and just cut the connection, rushing back to the demon realm as fast as he could.

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