OMF V7C133 A Chance

Xiao Dong and Shao Hai sneaked onto the Chun Feng Sect’s sect grounds, glancing around to make sure they wouldn’t be seen while also trying to keep an eye on the disciple that was delivering the letter.

The disciple went to the dungeon, entering without a look back. He hadn’t noticed the people following him. For the most part, his thoughts had still been occupied by his meeting with Nian Hong Fang. He never would have imagined that this kind of gentle person that had begged him to deliver his token of love with tears in his eyes would even consider following him. Not to mention that he couldn’t believe anybody would be able to infiltrate their Chun Feng Sect.

He took a deep breath when he entered the dungeon and pushed the thoughts about Nian Hong Fang away. His steps sped up and he went over to where the Sect Master and Liu Cheng were waiting, cupping his fists and bowing.

“Shen Qiang.”

“Sect Master. I got the response.” He took out the letter and handed it over.

Xian Xun furrowed his brows. “Why did this take so long?”

Shen Qiang lowered his head. “I took his sweet-time writing it but I didn’t dare to hurry him.”

“Mn.” The Sect Master nodded and then took out the letter, his brows furrowing even further together when he read over it. He had already taken a look at the letter that Ma Zhi Wu had written to make sure that there was nothing in there that shouldn’t be in there. The demon held back in that regard but he had still insisted to include the usual lies he had probably fed the Grandelder’s disciple over the years.

Naturally, the response reflected that. Reminiscing about the past, recounting a lot of things that had happened over the past five years, confessing his feelings … This letter was so emotional it might bring tears to his lover’s eyes … if he was human.

Xian Xun shook his head and put the letter back. “Well, let’s give it to him to read. After that, we should continue with the interrogation.”

Liu Cheng nodded and the two of them turned to the door of the chamber where Ma Zhi Wu was still waiting.

As for Shen Qiang … He tilted his head and glanced at the man in the room. That person had broad shoulders and even though he had been imprisoned in a dungeon that sucked the strength of demons, one could still see the remnants of the power his body had once held. Before he had been imprisoned, he had probably seemed like a very dependable man.

It made Shen Qiang that it wasn’t a wonder that Nian Hong Fang had fallen in love with him. If they stood next to each other, they would probably make for a beautiful couple.

Unfortunately, this person wasn’t human. Regardless of how he seemed, that wasn’t his true face. He was merely trying to use that appearance to make Nian Hong Fang less suspicious about him and use him for his own gains. Wasn’t that what all the demons did? It truly was a pity that such a person had fallen for this play.

It also made him wonder why the Sect Master was willing to have a letter this demon wrote delivered to Nian Hong Fang. Wouldn’t that make it even more difficult for him to extricate himself out of this matter? How was that fair? Nian Hong Fang might not have known about this Ma Zhi Wu’s origin. Thus he had fallen for him and probably fallen so deeply that he was unable to let go of him and find another man to love. How could they as demon hunters encourage this kind of thing? Wasn’t that against everything they stood for?

Shen Qiang sighed to himself and shook his head before he went back. He couldn’t help but reach into his robe and pull out the item that Nian Hong Fang had given him. It turned out to be a scented satchel.

He raised it and took a whiff, nodding to himself. It wasn’t the type of flowery scent that a lot of women used but instead some herbs that had an actual benefit. Some of them were used to calm the mind and enhance one’s concentration. For somebody that could be out fighting, this truly was something that might benefit them.

As expected of somebody who was studying alchemy. He would naturally know how to use the ingredients for the pills in other ways as well. Also, this work was a very thoughtful gift. Whatever situation his lover was in, he would have something given by his beloved that would also benefit him. Maybe it could even be used to find a way to get out of the situation he was in. Nian Hong Fang was clearly very much in love with this Ma Zhi Wu.

Shen Qiang turned the satchel in his hand and admired the embroidery that showed just as much how much effort had gone into making this. It wasn’t anything corny like Mandarin ducks or any flowers but instead just an elegant pattern. He might have felt that it would be embarrassing for a man to give anything else to his male lover. It still showed his love. That could truly make one feel a little … jealous.

Shen Qiang closed his eyes, weighed the satchel in his hand and then put it back into his sleeve. Anyway, he certainly wouldn’t give this to that demon. If the Sect Master somehow decided that he would let him write another letter, it would be best if it wasn’t anything heartfelt.

He couldn’t let Nian Hong Fang keep holding onto his hope. Their ties had to be severed once and for all. Otherwise, how could Nian Hong Fang ever look ahead and plan his own future? This type of thing … he didn’t want to see it happen. This person needed to be given a chance.

And yes, if he was honest with himself, then maybe he also wanted to be given a chance.

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