OMF V7C131 Indifferent to Everybody

The demon looked up at the ceiling, arms crossed behind his head. He couldn’t help but feel dejected. It wasn’t that his expectations hadn’t been fulfilled. Jin Ling was as beautiful as ever and he was experienced enough to make this exchange worthwhile, now even more so than back then. In that regard, he couldn’t complain. Unfortunately, Jin Ling was also still as cold as ever.

His gaze would be blazing when he looked directly at you, giving you the illusion that he was very much into this. But if he felt that you weren’t looking, his fervor would die down immediately and be replaced by difference. In fact, even though he still looked at you, it felt more like he was looking through you. Nobody was able to enter his eyes.

It had always been like this. And now it seemed that there was no way that anything would change about that. Since he was still the same now that so much time had passed since he ascended the throne of the demon realm, this obviously wasn’t something that happened just because he had a lot on his mind. No, he just held no interest at all. He was only doing this as part of an exchange that seemed worth it to him.

This truly was vexing.

He didn’t expect a demon to fall in love with him or anything but he had at least expected him to have some admiration or a bit of infatuation for him. Otherwise, it really made him feel that any man with his knowledge would do. This wasn’t about him. And that thought was one that he didn’t like at all.

He glanced at Jin Ling and reached out, twirling one of the copper-colored strands of hair around his finger. If it was anybody else, he might not care. But with Jin Ling … He wanted to make matters with him different. He wanted to see the same infatuation that he had observed on so many other faces in his eyes just for once. That was all. For once, he wanted to make this kind of deal with him and see that it actually meant something to him other than achieving his goal. He wanted to see that he was able to make Jin Ling enjoy himself. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

He was sure that between today and back then, he had gained a lot of experience. There was no way that Jin Ling’s indifference was because his technique hadn’t been up to par. No, it very likely had to do with Jin Ling himself. So there was nothing he could do about that. He still couldn’t help but question it again and again just like back then when Jin Ling resolutely turned his back on him after he had ascended the throne.

Was it the same for those beauties in his harem? Did he feel as indifferent to them as he felt to him and only fulfilled their desires when he got something in return? Or did they suit his tastes better and were able to elicit a different response?

He sighed and brushed through his hair before he sat up. Anyway, he had gotten what he wanted. If he did well, he might be able to get another ‘show of goodwill’ out of this as well. It would all depend on how happy he was able to make Jin Ling. It was worth a try.

He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and reached out for the robes that had been thrown onto the ground.

Behind him, Jin Ling stirred and opened his eyes. He raised his head and blinked, his caramel-colored eyes seeming especially warm in the dimmed light of the room. “What are you doing?”

The other man glanced back with a complicated look. Right now, Jin Ling’s gaze really gave the illusion of being warm and gentle as if he had enjoyed himself just as much as he had and would’ve liked to spend some more time in this moment of sharing some good feelings with each other.

Unfortunately, he knew him well enough to know that Jin Ling didn’t care at all. He was just afraid that he would renege on his promise. “Relax. I’ll go and take care of my part of the deal. Where did you say that array was?”

“Wait for me to put on clothes and I’ll bring you there.” Jin Ling wanted to get up but the other man reached over and grabbed his shoulder, pressing him back down.

“No need. Just tell me where it is. I’ll go and find out for you and then hurry back. If you want to do something for me, you can stay here and wait for me to come back. I’m pretty sure that would be a nice sight to behold.” He leaned down and kissed Jin Ling’s lips before he got up and looked at him expectantly. “So? Where is it now?”

Jin Ling propped his head up on his arm and gave a lazy smile. “The mortal world’s Long kingdom, in the Yun Zou Sect. It is right behind the palace of the Sect Master. There are some other people sniffing around there if I’m not wrong, so make sure you don’t get into trouble. We wouldn’t want to let anybody find out.”

The demon nodded again and then, his body dissolved into a black mist that vanished out of the room, traveling to the mortal world.

Jin Ling sighed and laid back down, staring up at the ceiling. “Being a full-blooded demon sure is nice. He probably won’t need long to get there.” Well, it was good for him though. He really hoped that Ye Yang would be able to finish this matter soon.

He didn’t want to wait any longer until he finally saw Jinde again. He just … couldn’t take it any longer. He needed to see him, needed him to forgive him. That was his sole wish. After that … he didn’t care about what happened then. For all he cared, the rest of the world could go to hell.

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