OMF V7C104 What Had Gotten into Them?

Needless to say, the Elders and disciples of the other sects were more than just a little interested in finding out what had happened. They hadn’t dared to leave the training grounds considering that they were still on another sects’ territory and that the Liu He Alliance’s people had just come over but they had listened very intently when sounds of the fight had sounded and also watched closely when they saw some people rushing toward the Sect Master’s palace. For these cultivators, it wasn’t difficult at all to recognize Qiu Ling, Jing Yi, and the people of the Chun Feng Sect. They didn’t know who that person with the golden hair was but this combination of people sure gave food for thought.

Seeing them looking at them curiously, Yuchi Bing Xia’s lips twitched. He could really imagine doing something better than explaining this kind of thing to these people. Well, in fact, he really shouldn’t explain anything. After all, regardless of which explanation he gave, it wouldn’t be favorable for the Yun Zou Sect.

Unfortunately, Yuchi Bing Xia couldn’t keep quiet. He could at most try to talk in circles and not acknowledge what had just happened. “I’m sorry for letting everybody wait. The Liu He Alliance’s visit came truly too unexpected.”

The Elders glanced at Hua Min. The Liu He Alliance’s visit was certainly interesting but it was something that was positive for the Yun Zou Sect and not for them. They’d much rather hear about what had just happened with the Chun Feng Sect since that had seemed like it would mean trouble for the Yun Zou Sect.

Hua Min could imagine what these people were thinking about. He sighed and turned to Sect Master Yuchi, giving a nod. “Thank you for having me, Sect Master Yuchi. I’m truly sorry for interrupting things here. And then my disciples even made such a ruckus … I’m deeply ashamed.”

All eyes seemed to be glued to Hua Min. His disciples? Why? Had the Liu He Alliance been involved in this matter just now?

Yuchi Bing Xia also looked at his guest, a trace of astonishment flashing through his eyes. They could really use this help but he certainly hadn’t expected it. He hummed, giving Hua Min a grateful look. “Alliance Head Hua is taking all the blame, this is truly making me even more ashamed. After all, our disciples were also involved in this.”

Hua Min shook his head and sighed. “Sect Master Yuchi is truly being too nice. Ah, well, thankfully, nothing happened and these youngsters are all well. I guess this kind of thing is also to be expected. They’re all hot-blooded at that age. They can’t help but want to compete.”

Yuchi Bing Xia nodded as if he thought so as well. “That might be our fault as well. Alliance Head Hua doesn’t know yet but before, we were discussing having a competition among all the disciples that have gathered. This might have gone to our Yun Zou Sect disciples’ heads.”

“Oh?” Hua Min glanced at the disciples on the training grounds. “So it was like that. Ah, we’ve really come at a bad time. Why don’t you proceed with your original plan then? My disciples should go and cool off their heads and there are some things I’d like to discuss with Grandmaster Zhangsun. We won’t bother you any longer that way.”

Yuchi Bing Xia gave a hollow laugh. “Alliance Head Hua wasn’t bothering us. To be honest, there was a small incident previously so I’m not sure if the other disciples still want to have the competition. After everything that happened, they might want to return home instead.”

The Elders’ eyes narrowed. They would need to be fools not to understand what Yuchi Bing Xia was trying to do there. They looked around, hoping that somebody would step forward to tell him that he was thinking too much. Unfortunately, nobody was as stupid as Elder Gongxi and would go and court death. Never mind that the Yun Zou Sect obviously didn’t mind injuring somebody, there was also the Liu He Alliance right now and they seemed to be going along with what the Yun Zou Sect did. Ah, this truly made them wonder what was up with that …

Hua Min once again glanced at the others. “Mn, that could indeed be the case. Accidents often have that kind of effect. They really dampen the mood.”

The Elders’ brows twitched. What accident? That obviously hadn’t been an accident! That disciple had very openly beaten Elder Gongxi up!

Unfortunately, Hua Min had no idea what exactly this ‘incident’ Yuchi Bing Xia talked about was. He only wanted to help the Yun Zou Sect for the sake of his friend and Grandmaster Leng. Thinking of that, his mind churned. How to drive them off as fast as possible? Maybe …

He gave a sigh and turned back to Yuchi Bing Xia. “It truly is a pity though. This kind of competition can be a valuable opportunity to gain insights.”

The Sect Master nodded his head, even though he didn’t quite understand where the Alliance Head was going with this.

Hua Min sighed again. “It’s truly a wasted chance.” He glanced at Yuchi Bing Xia, waiting for him to catch on. Unfortunately, he only got a blank look in return. If it wouldn’t be too obvious, he’d like to sigh again. Well, in this case, he would just have to put on an act on his own. “That really makes me wonder if there isn’t anything we could do to make up for this. You know we have to help the young people forward. They’re our future.”

“… yes.” Yuchi Bing Xia still didn’t completely understand. Why should they give their competitors a chance to temper themselves?

Hua Min pretended to deeply ponder this issue. Finally, his face seemed to light up. “Ah! I know now! Isn’t there the realm of a mighty ancestor opening up in the Leyuan region in a few days? Our Liu He Alliance wanted to send some people. Why don’t you go as well?”

Yuchi Bing Xia looked at him in shock. The Liu He Alliance … just what had gotten into them to reveal this type of valuable information? Were they really so eager to help them out?

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