OMF V2C119 Maybe It Wouldn’t Be Bad

Jin Ling kissed her but pulled away fast. “Alright, I’m afraid we can’t push it off any longer. I’ll go and talk to Yin Lin Lin and then try to take her with me immediately. That way, you won’t have to fear anything here. In fact, you might even be able to get a higher status. With your own hard work and nobody interfering, they won’t make things hard for you anymore.”

Tai Na nodded. “You’re right. As long as she isn’t around, the others probably won’t feel it to be necessary.”

Jin Ling nodded as well and got up, giving her a last smile before he turned around and walked out of the door. As soon as he was out of her sight, his expression fell. Ah, he really just wanted to return to the demon realm. If he didn’t have to, he wouldn’t want to stay around and talk to that Yin Lin Lin. He just wanted to go home, take a bath and wash off all the remnants of his meeting with that woman. Unfortunately, there was no way he could do that.

He huffed and then walked over to the room where Yin Lin Lin was staying. Knowing her, she definitely wouldn’t be out to work. No, she would have other people do that for her while she enjoyed herself.

Jin Ling took the time to knock on the door to make sure he wouldn’t have to see anything he didn’t want to see.

The door was opened a moment later and a maid stepped out, her chin raised and her gaze blazing as if she was ready to scold whoever was standing in front of the door. As soon as she saw him, her expression crumbled though. “Ah … Your … Your Majesty!” Her lips quirked up into what she probably thought to be a cute smile and she lowered her gaze, her hands tugging at the hem of her sleeves. “I didn’t know you would come by today.”

Jin Ling glanced at her and inwardly scoffed. Even though what he had said to Tai Na was right and the gods that dared to marry demons were ostracized by their own kind, that didn’t mean that there weren’t a lot of them that were willing do so if the one asking to marry them was the demon king himself.

They just had to look at his status to decide. After all, being a little goddess or ascended deity that had to work for others wasn’t as good as being the queen of the demon realm. The status that they could gain and the treatment they might receive in the demon realm was definitely alluring enough to take the gamble.

And if they found out that the life there wasn’t that good, then they could still run back to the Nine Heavens, pretending that the vile demon had actually put some spell on them so they had been confused and didn’t know what they were doing. With the prejudice the gods had against the demons, the others would be willing to believe this kind of nonsense. These goddesses knew that very well so they didn’t fear to try to entice him. Only someone like that Tai Na was naive enough to actually believe him when he said there was no way for her to return.

Jin Ling kept his thoughts to himself and reciprocated the girl’s smile. Since he wanted to let that Tai Na and that Yin Lin Lin believe that he was a good guy, he had to keep up the pretense even in front of others. “I came to see Yin Lin Lin. Is she in?”

The girl pouted but still stepped aside. “Of course, she is. Why don’t you come in, Your Majesty?” She glanced up, giving him another hopeful look but Jin Ling just stepped past her. This one was just some small ascended deity. She had no status in the Nine Heavens and didn’t have a big enough grievance with Yin Lin Lin either. There was no way for him to use her so why should he bother entertaining her thoughts?

He walked in and his smile seemed to turn more splendid. “Yin Lin Lin, I’ve come to see you. I hope I’m not disturbing you.”

Yin Lin Lin sat up and her expression brightened just like Tai Na’s before. He wasn’t delusional enough to believe she was happy to see him though. At the very least, that wasn’t all. No, for the bigger part, this was the joy of being able to make the people around her see that she was able to have the demon king come to see her willingly even though he had to be a busy person. This wasn’t love, this was merely her ego. That was good though. Because of this, she would accept when he proposed to her. She wouldn’t be able to reject.

Yin Lin Lin waved at her servants, making them retreat out of the room. Then she got up and stalked over to Jin Ling, giving him a fake smile. “So you came to see me again. You really must not have much to do in the demon realm.”

Jin Ling smiled. Sure enough, she wanted to be praised. “How can that be? I just came because I couldn’t resist seeing you. Yin Lin Lin, aren’t you happy to see me at all?”

Yin Lin Lin stepped past him and grabbed onto his shoulders, revealing a smile. “Missed you? Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t. Actually, what’s there to miss about a demon?”

Jin Ling’s eyes narrowed and he glanced over his shoulder, giving her a smile. “There’s nothing to miss about a simple demon but I guess there’s a lot to miss when rejecting the demon king. After all … just imagine how it would be to become the queen of the demon race.”

Yin Lin Lin raised her brows. “Queen of the demon race? How would I imagine that?”

Jin Ling turned around and gripped her hands, pulling her into his arms. “I could take you there to take a look around. If you like it, you could stay. Wouldn’t that be much better than slaving away here in the mortal realm for that Heavenly Emperor?

“Aren’t you angry at all at how he treats you? He should’ve married you. You should be the Heavenly Empress. But instead, he pushed you away, he even found fault with you for what happened to his son even though it was the dragon king that made trouble in the first place, isn’t that so?

“That kind of person, do you really want to continue being a part of their race and having to listen to what they say? If you leave the Nine Heavens, then you would finally be free of him. And being the demon queen … You could do whatever you like. What can the Heavenly Emperor do about that?”

Yin Lin Lin looked at him, trying to discern if he was speaking the truth. If she thought about it, then all of this seemed to be true. Maybe this was indeed the chance she had been waiting for. She could finally pay that slut Bai Fen back for what she had done. And that traitor Tai Na would have to watch her marry the man that she had fallen in love with. Wouldn’t that be great?

Yes, maybe being the demon queen wouldn’t be bad at all.

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