OMF V7C93 Not All Lost?

Yin Lin Lin went to her husband’s quarters, finding Jin Ling standing in front of three pairs of robes with a thoughtful expression. Her gaze couldn’t help but linger on his face for a moment longer and she finally went over with a smile.

“I think that dark green one would look very good on you.”

“Mn …” Jin Ling gave a non-committal murmur and continued to look from one robe to the other. He also felt that he looked great in green but Jinde had always liked wearing green and it wouldn’t do for them to wear the same color. After all, Jinde had always prided himself on his looks. Trying to eclipse that beauty … Not that that would be possible. Nobody could come even close to Jinde’s beauty.

Jin Ling’s gaze continued to a brown robe. If Jinde wore green and he wore brown, it would look great together. But a brown robe didn’t showcase his own handsomeness quite as well and he wanted to let Jinde see him in the best possible way.

Then the violet robe … Jin Ling brushed over the embroidery with his fingertips, his brows furrowing. It was better. He would look handsome and still not clash with Jinde. They would complement each other. The perfect pair.

Jin Ling closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Yes, this should work out well. He picked the robe up, nodding to himself before he put the others away and changed.

Yin Lin Lin’s smile grew strained. Hadn’t she suggested the green one? Why did he take another one now? Well, that wasn’t too important. Jin Ling looked good in everything anyway. “Is there an occasion?”

Jin Ling’s lips curled into a faint smile. “There is.” He closed the belt and then conjured up a water mirror, checking his appearance. Mn, not bad. Jinde should be pleasantly surprised when he saw him like this. Was there anything else? Maybe he should take a present?

Jin Ling looked around but there was nothing that he could imagine Jinde to like. Ah, maybe it wasn’t important. Just seeing each other again was already very good. And he could show him how much he loved him with his actions instead of something material. Jinde would certainly like that better.

Jin Ling turned to leave, not acknowledging Yin Lin Lin’s presence in the least.

The goddess stared after him in a daze before she rushed out of the room as well. “Jin Ling!”

“What?” He didn’t bother to turn around and just continued to walk.

Yin Lin Lin clenched her fists. “Yong Hai asked me to help him to overthrow you.”

Jin Ling stopped in his tracks. Overthrow him? This time he did glance over his shoulder at least. “So what did you say?”

Yin Lin Lin slowly relaxed and gave a smile, walking over to him and reaching out. “I told him I’d do it but that I’d think a little longer on what I wanted in return. Of course, I just want to find out more for you. Why would I betray you?”

“Mn.” Jin Ling looked at her hands and frowned but he forced himself to stand on the spot and endure. He didn’t really want the demon throne and had only held onto it for Jinde all these years. Now that he had made sure that Jinde was indeed alive … He could go and talk to him. Maybe Jinde would want him to hold onto it? Then he could make use of this Yin Lin Lin to beat back that Yong Hai. If not … Well, no need to overthrow him. He’d leave on his own. Anyway, he would be happy as long as he could be with his Jinde.

Thinking of the person in his heart, Jin Ling gave a rare, warm smile.

When Yin Lin Lin looked up and saw this expression, her heart thumped heavily. Could it be that … Jin Ling wasn’t really as indifferent to her as he had seemed? Or could it be that because of how the demon realm was he had just feared that he would be betrayed one day and thus hadn’t dared to open his heart completely? And now that she had proven that she was on his side, that she was willing to think about what was the best for him and stand up for his interests … Was he now letting go of those last doubts, finally embracing his true feelings?

A trace of disgust flashed through Jin Ling’s expression when he saw Yin Lin Lin’s hopeful eyes. What was this woman thinking? Hmph, good for her that he was in a hurry.

He reached out and patted her shoulder. “I’ll trust you to keep an eye on the situation. Something important has happened outside that I need to take care of. I’ll try to return as soon as I can.”

“Yes, do that. I’ll try to find out who is still loyal to you in the meantime.” She tiptoed and gave Jin Ling a kiss, hurrying off in a good mood. It seemed things weren’t over yet. There was still an opportunity to turn everything around.

Jin Ling’s smile collapsed as soon as Yin Lin Lin turned her back to him. He stalked back into his room and pulled the robe off his body, stepping behind a folding screen and using his spiritual energy to pour some water into a tub. Ah, he couldn’t go and meet Jinde like that. It wouldn’t do. It just wouldn’t do. That would be … inappropriate. Yes, he couldn’t let Jinde down this way.

Thus Jin Ling left later than he desired, not clad in that violet robe any longer, instead wearing a white one that made his copper-colored hair shimmer.

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