OMF V7C92 It’d Be Her Pleasure

Yin Lin Lin motioned for Yong Hai to sit down. “Well, since we agreed now, I would like to hear a little bit more. Just what do you intend to do? I won’t take part in this if you can’t give me a satisfying answer to that question at least.”

Yong Hai nodded. “I know.” He sat down and gave a sigh. “Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have asked you to take part in this if I wasn’t convinced that you’re a smart enough woman to do so.”

Yin Lin Lin harrumphed. “Thank you very much but I don’t need your compliments, Yong Hai. Just get to the point or I will believe that you do not have one. Don’t forget that you’re not the only one who can turn against my husband. Since you’ve already brought it up, I might as well go and tell somebody else about it. What will stop me other than you having a good plan?”

Yong Hai’s eyes narrowed. Indeed. That was still a problem. Thankfully, this woman wasn’t a demon and she hadn’t really made much of an attempt to build connections in the past, always thinking that it was good enough to be the wife of the demon king. Well, that was to his advantage now.

“I don’t think you should do that. Sure, there might be other people willing to give this a try. But you wouldn’t know who, would you? If you accidentally told one of your husband’s secret allies, wouldn’t that be a very bad thing for you? If I was you, I wouldn’t try to do so. And even if you’re lucky and don’t make such a big blunder out of it, who can say for sure that you won’t encounter a demon that hates your race? There are a lot of them that aren’t as open-minded as our current king. Or I, for that matter. Since you already have a good candidate to overthrow your husband and guarantee a good future for yourself, why should you bother to look around? You can have that way easier.”

“Cut the chitchat. What’s your plan?”

Yong Hai sighed. This woman wasn’t actually that smart but she was able to grab onto some important points at least. “For this to work out, we’ll need to whittle away at your husband’s support while at the same time, strengthening our own. In fact, it would be best if we were able to win some of his supporters over secretly, making him believe he still has their backing while they are actively working for us.”

Yin Lin Lin nodded. “That isn’t a bad place to start. Then how do you intend to do that?”

“I know of some people who would be willing to follow anybody who intends to wage war against the dragons again. I’m able to pull them onto our side. They don’t necessarily care who is our king as long as it isn’t somebody like that Jin Ling. As for his actual backers … I want you to handle that.”

Yin Lin Lin’s eyes narrowed. “So you want to use me to gain advantages.”

Yong Hai chuckled. “You could say it like that. Or you could say that’s … you working for your future situation. If you are involved in this, then naturally, your position in the future will be better. Your own hard work will always pay off more than that of somebody else. Isn’t that right?”

“Maybe you’re not wrong. But what guarantees can you give me?”

Yong Hai tsked. “I thought we had already spoken about that. How come you bring it up again? Whether I can give you guarantees or not, your current husband can’t give them to you either. You can either take the leap or you don’t. As for my plan, well, you’ll have to admit that it is smarter for you to approach His Majesty’s other supporters. There are quite a few that are part of his harem or related to them. I could try it but it’d be much easier for you. Isn’t that so?”

Yin Lin Lin furrowed her brows but still had to admit that he was right. “Very well, then I will do so. But I will also consider the matter of you giving me a guarantee. Just having your word won’t be enough for me. I’ll inform you of that soon.” She certainly wouldn’t make the same mistake twice and just rely on the word of a demon in concern to the future. She had already bitterly paid for doing so with Jin Ling. If she trusted Yong Hai now, who could tell her that the outcome wouldn’t be the very same? It was better to be safe than sorry. She had to find a way to secure some benefits for herself. Only then could she do this without worry.

Yong Hai’s brows furrowed. This woman wasn’t even a demon and she dared to talk to him like this? What would she have if she hadn’t managed to somehow marry the current king?

That he had to rely on her to make this plan work was already insulting enough. But to actually be treated like this … He’d certainly pay her back for that when the time was ripe. Well, for now, he still needed to pretend. “Very well, then I’ll leave it to you to think matters through. It shouldn’t be a problem to contact me, considering that your husband doesn’t care.” He turned on his heels and left, not looking back.

Yin Lin Lin clenched her hands into fists and smashes them down on the armrest of her chair. This guy! Who did he think he was?! If not because Jin Ling always ignored her, she certainly wouldn’t be wavering what she should do. She would definitely stand on her husband’s side faithfully. After all, there was nobody in the demon realm that could compare to Jin Ling in her eyes. Whether it was his looks or strength or charm, he was the pinnacle of what a man could achieve.

That Yong Hai with those scales disfiguring his face was just a sad excuse of a man. If it had been him back then, she certainly wouldn’t have had accepted that deal. And even now, if Jin Ling saw her worth now and decided to make up for what had happened before, she would be willing to overlook what had happened in the past and stand on his side, helping him out of his situation and beat back everybody else.

She’d even personally punch this Yong Hai guy in the face. It’d be her pleasure.

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