ADS C2 Very Tempting

The two of them slowly left the alley where they had arrived and stepped onto the broader path in front of it that was made of big stone slabs. They watched the humans walk past them and their expressions turned grave.

“I’m not sure we’ll be able to fit in here.” Jinde furrowed his golden brows and tried to figure out just what the usual appearance of these people was supposed to be. In the end, he wasn’t too sure.

Some of them had very short hair that barely came up to the length of a finger’s width while others still wore their hair down to their hips. Their closing was just as puzzling: Some of it bore a slight resemblance to the robes they were used to while others were only wearing a pair of pants and a short garment on the upper bodies, making it seem as if they were walking around in their underwear.

Jinde couldn’t help but raise his brows at that. He turned to his husband and his lips quirked up in a mischievous smile. “Looks a little … indecent, don’t you think so? Would you like to see me walk around like that as well?”

Leng Jin Yu glanced at him but refused to answer. Honestly, whatever he said, he would be the one to get the shorthand. If he said yes, then he didn’t doubt that Jinde would immediately change his clothes and snuggle up to him, trying to convince him that now was also a good time to get intimate. If he said no, then his husband would pretend to be heartbroken and seek comfort, still achieving his goal. There just was no way to deal with Jinde. It would be better to stay silent.

Jinde continued to look at him, sidling up to him and wrapping his hands around his arm. “Ah, I’m devastated. My husband actually doesn’t know whether he wants to see me like this or not … Could it be that I’ve become old? Have I lost my charm?”

Leng Jin Yu looked at him, shaking his head. “Didn’t you want to go on a vacation in a lower realm? Then we should first see what the rules of this place are. After we’ve made sure of that, we can still go and play around.”

Jinde inched even closer, craning his neck and kissing his husband’s cheek. “Playing around? I just want to be as close to my husband as I can be.” He let go of his arm and instead wrapped his arms around Leng Jin Yu’s waist, pressing his whole body up against his husband’s. “Ah, this place really makes me afraid. I just don’t know what to do about it.”

Leng Jin Yu’s lips twitched, not acknowledging Jinde’s words. If he did, he would just be talked into something that he knew wasn’t a good idea. No, he should stay on topic and make sure that they found out as much as possible first. “I’d say women and men tend to dress differently. Their hairstyles also differ. So we should take a closer look at what the men do.”

Jinde glanced over at the other people again but felt that he didn’t like too much what he saw. “I do think I like those women’s hairstyles better. What’s it with wearing your hair that short? It’s not going to look good on me at all.” Despite his complaints, he used his spiritual energy to make his hair appear shorter. It still reached down to his waist though and the comparative shortness made him appear slightly younger.

Leng Jin Yu looked away, his ears flushing red. Ah, they had already been married for so long but he still wasn’t able to look at Jinde this way without getting flustered. Was this the trouble of being married to beauty? He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, only then daring to glance at him.

As a result … Leng Jin Yu turned to face the other direction. “Are you doing this on purpose?”

Jinde hummed and pressed up against his husband’s body as close as he could. “Doing what on purpose? Didn’t you say we should take a closer look at what the people here look like and then try to blend in? Well, I’m trying.”

Leng Jin Yu glanced over and felt that maybe Jinde was trying too hard. “You didn’t see anything that was a little less … close-fitting, did you?” These things looked as if they weren’t made out of fabric at all and had instead been painted onto his body. He could actually see every single muscle on Jinde’s body.

Jinde reached down, his fingers rubbing over the fabric of the pants, suddenly understanding just why the people in this slower realm would want to wear something like this. Even though it seemed revealing in a different way, not actually showing off skin, the effect on his husband was quite good. He should try some other combinations while they were here. Mn, actually, he should wear something like this every now and then after they went back as well. He could call it reminiscing.

“My dear, what about you? You don’t want to give it a shot? I’m sure you’d look gorgeous in the clothes of this realm.”

Leng Jin Yu wasn’t very corporative. He already had his hands full with trying not to look at Jinde and certainly didn’t have the mental strength to still observe the people around them.

Jinde very helpfully did it for him. He waited until he spotted somebody whose look he liked and then motioned over. “How about that one? I feel that the clothes would bring out your muscles very well. You should show off what you have.”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows, giving his husband an unbelieving gaze. “You really think so?”

“Mn, what’s the point of having a nice body if you don’t even show it to your husband?”

Leng Jin Yu shook his head in exasperation. “There’s no problem with showing it to my husband. But you’re asking me to put on clothes that will show it off to everybody else.”

Jinde nodded very honestly. “No, no, you got it wrong. You’re putting the clothes on to showing your body off to me. And then it’s me showing off my husband in front of others. Isn’t that the same thing I’m doing right now?” He patted his chest, drawing Leng Jin Yu’s gaze to the way the fabric clung to his skin.

Leng Jin Yu gulped. Well … He was afraid that when he showed off Jinde, that would just make trouble. “Maybe … It would be better if we continued to hide our figures until we knew more about this realm. What do you think?”

Jinde chuckled and embraced his husband’s neck, kissing his lips. “Well … I don’t mind exploring a bit more but just how long do you want to continue exploring? It’s not really a vacation if you always have to hide, is it?”

Leng Jin Yu’s brows twitched. “Just a while more. As soon as we’re familiar and know what we can and can’t do in public, we can stop hiding. How does that sound?”

Jinde smiled and his lips brushed against Leng Jin Yu’s once again. “Very tempting.” He stepped back and then tugged at his husband’s hand, pulling him down the road. Anyway, if they wanted to find out more, they’d have to take a look around.

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