OMF V7C85 A Good Person?

Needless to say, the situation over there had already escalated beyond redemption. With the Chun Feng Sect already in place for attacking them, Qiu Ling didn’t see the need to stay civil after he was also being accused of being a demon.

Looking at that sword, he gave a cold huff and then pulled Jing Yi into his arms, taking out a weapon from his spatial ring. “To see whether or not that thing would have any effect, you’ll first to scratch me with it. Don’t think I’ll make that easy for you. Though if you want to pretend to be an honorable human being, then you’d better fight me one-on-one and tell these other people to stay back.”

Jing Yi held onto Qiu Ling’s waist, his fingers tugging into the robe while he looked up at him with fear in his eyes. This … This wouldn’t be like before, right? It wasn’t that Qiu Ling was trying to go on a rampage again, right? He couldn’t imagine it. Qiu Ling … He already seemed to have calmed down by now. Anyway, he had been here and seen how everything started. It wasn’t Qiu Ling’s fault at all.

Thus he could only look at Liu Cheng, trying to plead with him. “Martial brother Liu, please, stop this! I really don’t know why you’d think that you need to do this. Qiu Ling is my fiance. If there was something wrong with him and he was a problem in any way, I should be the first one to know, isn’t that so? I assure you that he’s a good person!”

Liu Cheng harrumphed. “A good person? Well, I’m sure that is what he wanted you to believe. Demons are like that. They’re cunning and full of evil schemes. Marrying you might just be a plan of his as well.” He didn’t wait for Jing Yi to say anything else and raised his weapon, rushing forward to attack Qiu Ling.

Qiu Ling snorted, easily parrying the first strike while moving Jing Yi as far away from the blade as he could. This bastard! He was even worse than that Elder from before. He didn’t just talk about having his beloved injured, he was actually attacking while his beloved was this close by!

If he didn’t end this here, he really wouldn’t be able to rest easy in the future. No, he had to make sure that there was no threat left open. If that meant killing these people and then making sure that news of that would never reach the Chun Feng Sect … Well, he was willing to do that.

As much as Jing Yi thought of him as a good person, he was also a good person with a bottom line. And this bottom line had already been crossed twice this day. Why should he still hold back? Whether it was because of being human, dragon or even because of his demon blood, could anybody pretend that a good person wouldn’t try to protect those that were close to them? He really didn’t think so.

Jing Yi clung to his lover, not knowing what to do. He wanted to help but he was helpless himself. He wasn’t able to fight together with Qiu Ling and he wasn’t able to plead with Liu Cheng either. The most he could do was try not to get in the way. If he couldn’t help, he at least had to make sure that he wasn’t a burden.

The sound of metal clanging spread through the meadow, finally leading the Sect Master and the others over to the spot. Seeing Qiu Ling and Liu Cheng fight, Yuchi Bing Xia’s eyes went wide and he looked at the scene incredulously. Don’t tell him the Grandmaster’s disciple had blown up again? Hadn’t things just calmed down when he left? How had this happened?!

Jinde’s eyes narrowed. He looked at Qiu Ling, taking in the way he protected his beloved, moving in a way that would be able to ensure that nothing could happen to Jing Yi while calmly deflecting the strikes of his opponent. Right now, he didn’t even seem too serious and wasn’t trying to hurt Liu Cheng. There was something in his gaze that said that it wouldn’t stay this way for long though. Something had to be done before that. They couldn’t risk a bloodbath in the Yun Zou Sect.

Jinde glanced at Yuchi Bing Xia, raising a brow. “Shouldn’t the Sect Master intervene? Obviously, somebody’s attacking a disciple of your sect.”

Yuchi Bing Xia was pulled out of his thoughts and looked at Jinde. “Well … We don’t really know what the situation is, do we?”

Jinde looked around. Even though he might not be at the peak of his strength, he was still able to see how the other disciples that hadn’t hidden away yet had formed an encirclement. He nodded in their direction one after the other before he turned back to Yuchi Bing Xia. “We certainly don’t know how the situation came about but one of your disciples is being surrounded by several disciples of another sect, obviously trying to defend the person that is with him. Is it really something you shouldn’t get involved in?”

Yuchi Bing Xia glanced over and his brows furrowed. It really was as he had feared. Liu Cheng must’ve felt that something was off about Qiu Ling and wanted to confront him. Because he hadn’t been allowed to speak before, he had used the opportunity when he and the Grandmaster left to go and confront Qiu Ling himself. Now, they were already locked in a fight and Qiu Ling’s fiance was even involved as well. If they didn’t do something, then this might indeed escalate.

Having to deal with this kind of situation twice in a day, he really didn’t know how he should go about it. What would the other guests say when they left the Yun Zou Sect? He didn’t know for sure but he was sure that the rumors wouldn’t be pretty.

He gritted his teeth but finally, he could only call out. “Liu Cheng, please stop this right. Whatever the problem is, I’m sure we can talk about it. There’s no reason to fight.”

Liu Cheng didn’t lower the sword though. “The Chun Feng Sect has sworn to eradicate all evil. Since this person might be a demon in disguise, we can’t step back. My conscience wouldn’t let me do so and neither will it let my junior martial brothers and sisters. I’m sorry I have to offend you, Sect Master Yuchi. Please don’t hold it against me or my Master.”

It seemed there was no way to make the two of them stop just with words.

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