OMF V7C71 A Bigger Threat

Jing Yi took a shaky breath and reached out further. “Qiu Ling, it’s really alright. Look, I’m not hurt. I’m not scared of him either. You already paid him back enough. Yes? Come here now. Just … Just come here and give me a hug, alright?” He looked at him urgently, hoping that his words could somehow get through to Qiu Ling.

His lover looked back at him, his eyes uncomprehending. Obviously, he didn’t think that it was enough. But he at least didn’t throw another attack at Elder Gongxi and only let the storm around them rage on.

Jinde narrowed his eyes. This wasn’t exactly what he had hoped for but it was already very good. This boy might be able to call Qiu Ling back. Right now, if somebody was able to get onto the training grounds and bring that Elder out, then that guy might still be saved.

Jinde looked around, eying Yuchi Bing Xia and Zhangsun Xun Yi. These two … They were the strongest people around. But even they likely wouldn’t be able to stand the storm for a longer amount of time. Especially since it wasn’t completely sure whether Qiu Ling would attack again or not.

So asking them to interfere would be nuts. That guy wasn’t even part of their sect judging from the tatters of the robe he was wearing and since Qiu Ling had felt him to be a threat to his lover, this guy had probably tried to make trouble for the Yun Zou Sect before. Nobody from the sect would risk their lives and cultivation for him. Especially not if it wasn’t sure yet that he would definitely and whether his death would even have any consequences.

Jinde didn’t know what had happened before but he doubted that that bear child would be stupid enough to go into such a fight without making sure beforehand that that wouldn’t make any more trouble. Even though Qiu Ling might not know everything about the human realm and probably didn’t care for the most part, he should at least want to keep trouble to a minimum if his beloved was involved. And he had been the dragon king for long enough to judge accurately what would cause too much trouble and what was still an acceptable amount.

While Jinde analyzed the situation, Jing Yi was still focused on his lover. He bit his lip when Qiu Ling still didn’t react. He needed an idea. Something that would be enough to shake him out of this loop of thoughts where he wanted to get revenge or protect him or whatever it was he thought he was doing right now.

But what? What should he do? It couldn’t be anything that would stimulate Qiu Ling even more. Otherwise, who knew if he would erupt even further? But if it wasn’t shocking, then how would he be pulled out of that state? It didn’t seem possible with any normal means to manage that.

What could shift Qiu Ling’s focus? Right now, he was acting like this because he wanted to protect him. Then maybe if he felt that there was some other threat, he would stop going after Elder Gongxi?

Jing Yi glanced at the man behind him, considering to ask him to really stage an attack and bring him out of the Yun Zou Sect. In the end, he couldn’t go through with that though. Who knew if he would get hurt in the process? That also wasn’t what he wanted. But they somehow had to get Qiu Ling’s attention.

Maybe just leaving would be enough? Qiu Ling may chase after him then. Then again, that also didn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t attack that man if he found any chance to do so. And then when his consciousness returned … He would still nor forgive himself for having done so.

But what else? What else could he do? He himself didn’t have any strength, any talent. There was nothing he could do without relying on the person behind him. But if he did, then that person would inevitably be in danger. He didn’t want that. Just why couldn’t he be able to do anything? Unfortunately, he only had himself.

Jing Yi tensed, making Qiu Ling on the other side perk up.

What was happening? Was that strange person threatening his beloved? Then he had to finish them off now!

Jing Yi watched Qiu Ling’s expression change and knew that the thought that had just flashed through his mind was right: He only had himself but that might be enough to solve this problem. Qiu Ling was worried about him. He wanted to make sure there wasn’t any danger around but more than that, he wanted to keep him safe. As long as any danger was eliminated, Qiu Ling would calm down. So if they didn’t want him to continue with taking care of the one he perceived to be in a right now, they had to give him something else to do. Some bigger threat to pull him out of his thoughts and reassure him there was no reason to fight anymore.

Jing Yi turned his head and looked at the person behind him. “I think I found a way. It’s just … We’ll have to depend on your speed for that.”

Jinde raised his brows behind the veil. “Speed? I’m not bad at that. What should I do?”

Jing Yi gave a wry smile. “Drop me. Drop me and then rush up as fast as you can. He won’t be able to catch me and injure you as well.”

Jinde stared at the boy that he was still holding and then glanced over at Qiu Ling. Well … That might indeed be a way. Between killing somebody and saving his beloved, there was no need to talk about what that child would choose.

He nodded to himself, the movement almost invisible behind the veil and then let go. Without warning he shot up while Jing Yi plunged toward the ground, a scream escaping his lips.

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