LWS Extra 2: C2 Happy to Marry You

Su Yan had just dialed Old Lao’s number when Nie Chang pointed to the corner of the street.

“Look! Old Lao is already here. So no need to worry anymore.”

Su Yan furrowed his brows and threw the phone away, almost gluing himself to the window. “Ah Chang, let’s stop if he’s here!”

Nie Chang had to resist the urge to step down on the accelerator. With some effort, he kept his voice normal when he replied. “Darling, we don’t have time to stop. Anyway, I already gave him the key so he can let himself in.”

Su Yan swiveled around to his boyfriend and furrowed his brows. “But he’s all alone! What if he doesn’t know how to care for Xiao Bai? Does he even know how often to feed him?”

Nie Chang nodded his head patiently. “Sure he does. I already talked about him with everything and even more than once.”

“But … what if he forgot? And what about Xiao Bai’s appointment at the dog parlor in three days? Does Old Lao know about that?”

“Yes, he does. Don’t worry about it, darling. I prepared everything. There is enough food in the house for Xiao Bai, all his favorite toys are prepared, as well as the ones he dislikes, I have marked all the appointments he has on the calendar at work, and I’ve left some notes in the house to make extra sure that nothing goes wrong. Xiao Bai will be really, really happy for the whole week until we get back.”

Su Yan pursed his lips. “How could that be? I’m not even there! He’ll be really sad.”

Nie Chang nodded and finally stepped down on the accelerator. This should be far enough away from their house that his darling wouldn’t notice that he was fleeing, wasn’t it? “You’re naturally right, darling. Certainly, Xiao Bai won’t be as happy as he’s normally with you around. But I think that given the current circumstances, we prepared enough. He’ll be as happy as he can be without you. At the very least, he won’t lack anything.”

Su Yan still pursed his lips but stopped arguing. He couldn’t help but glance out of the window in the direction of their house though. Ah, if only they could’ve taken Xiao Bai with them …

Nie Chang glanced at his boyfriend but he didn’t dare to say anything. Whatever topic he brought up, had a chance of reminding Su Yan of something he shouldn’t remember right now. And what if he demanded that they returned? He couldn’t risk that.

Thus the two of them quietly drove to the airport, Nie Chang’s gaze darting over to the clock over and over again.

Shit. There were running late. They had already been when they left the house and it hadn’t gotten better after they got stuck at several red lights in a row and then had to maneuver around an accident that had managed to block one of the junctions. Right now, he really didn’t know if they’d be able to make the time. If they didn’t …

Nie Chang furrowed his brows, half tempted to take out his phone and check whether there were any other flights to Vegas in the next few hours. Considering how his darling was, he had made sure that they would have some extra time so as long as they managed to catch a flight at least tomorrow it should work out somehow.

In the end, he didn’t take out his phone. Even though he was really worried, he was much more worried that something might happen if he did. With his darling in the car, he always had to be ready for some surprise. That was bad enough. But driving with his phone in hand would make things even worse. No, he couldn’t risk that. If anything happened to Su Yan, he would never be able to forgive himself. He just had to make sure that they rushed to the gate as soon as they arrived at the airport.

Finally, the airport came into view and Nie Chang heaved a sigh of relief. They were late but not so late that there was no chance to make it anymore. If he managed to find a spot to park his car and then hurried up when going to the gate, they would still be able to catch the flight.

Nie Chang once again stepped on the accelerator even though he was already driving at the limit. Anyway, another two or three kilometers per hour shouldn’t make a difference. The building got closer and he scanned the parking lots as fast as he could. There! There were actually a few spots that weren’t occupied yet and that were close to the building. If he managed to catch one of them, they’d be in a good position to run over.

“Darling, we’re pressed for time so after we get out, make a run for the gate. The boarding pass is on your phone. You just have to show them and then we’ll have to go through security control and then we’ll be ready to take off.”

Su Yan blinked his eyes and took out his phone. “The boarding pass is on there? How come? I didn’t do anything!”

Nie Chang’s lips twitched. The last thing he wanted right now was another discussion. “Yeah, I did that for you. Don’t worry about it. Everything is alright. Just show them when they ask for the boarding pass.”

Su Yan nodded but still couldn’t help and search for the boarding pass. It was indeed there. That really made him wonder just when his boyfriend had done that. He wanted to ask but taking one look at Nie Chang made him reconsider. Somehow, his boyfriend seemed stressed. It probably wasn’t the right time to discuss this type of thing with him. Instead, he should do something that could calm him down. “Ah Chang, I’m really happy that we’re going to marry.”

Nie Chang threw an alarmed gaze to the side while he pulled into the parking lot. “I’m happy as well.” He didn’t want to talk about that right now though!

“When we’re in Vegas, we need to take a lot of time for ourselves!” Since the car had already stopped and his boyfriend wasn’t driving anymore, Su Yan reached over to grab his hand and be affectionate with him.

Nie Chang hurriedly patted his hand and then opened the door for him. “You get out already, darling. I’ll take the luggage.”

Su Yan continued to sit in his seat and stared at his boyfriend incredulously. Hadn’t he just told him that he was happy to marry him? Hadn’t he tried to affectionately take his hand and reassure him that he loved him very much? How come his boyfriend was reacting like this?

Nie Chang winced when he saw Su Yan’s expression. “Darling, we can cuddle all you want when we’re on the plane but we really need to hurry now.”

Su Yan pursed his lips but still got out of the car when Nie Chang stepped out and slammed the door shut. Apparently, his boyfriend didn’t want to talk to him. It really made him wonder if marrying was a good idea. He threw Nie Chang a resentful glare and then crossed his arms. If he was being like this, then he didn’t want to go to Vegas! He wouldn’t marry somebody who didn’t love him regardless of what was going on around them.

Nie Chang opened the trunk and got the two suitcases out before he locked the car and turned to his darling. Seeing his expression, an alarm went off in his head. Oh. Shit. It seemed his boyfriend was about to throw a tantrum. Well, why had he expected that anything would go as planned? That was basically impossible with Su Yan around.

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