OMF V7C56 It’s Nothing Much

While Liu Cheng was still caught up in his conversation with the Sect Master, Hong Bao did indeed finish moving into the courtyard. Well, there was nothing much to do anyway. They hadn’t brought anything with them that didn’t fit into their bags so she merely went into the room, threw everything onto the table, took a look around and then left again. Nothing was interesting about a room but she hadn’t been to the Yun Zou Sect before so having a look around the premises would be much better.

She wandered through the inner sect, looking at the disciples that were training outside and the buildings that were up on the peaks and down in the valley where the outer sect was. She didn’t really know where to go and could only walk around aimlessly, hoping that she would happen upon something interesting.

Hong Bao didn’t need to look for long. She hadn’t gone far when a cultivator in a white robe flashed past her on a sword, making the scent of herbs linger in the air.

Hong Bao’s eyes grew wide and she followed him with her gaze, sniffing the air. The demon hunters of the Chun Feng Sect also experimented a lot with herbs but for the most part, they used plants that would have adverse effects on demons or could be used in a fight. They seldom gave off such a nice scent.

Hong Bao wanted to follow the person but with him flying in front at such a fast speed, she wouldn’t be able to catch up to him on foot. She stopped walking and pursed her lips. Somebody rushing around like that was probably in trouble. And considering what her senior martial brother Liu had said, they had come here to help the people of the Yun Zou Sect. Hence, she definitely had to catch up to this cultivator and help them out!

After successfully convincing yourself that she had an excuse should Liu Cheng ask her later why she had done what she did, Hong Bao took out her flying sword, jumped onto it and rushed after the person in front of her.

The person in question was none other than Nian Hong Fang who was on his way to meet Qiu Ling and Jing Yi at the courtyard where the Yang Huo Sect disciples were staying. He was concentrating that much on his hopes that he might be able to help the two of them drive away the Yang Huo Sect disciples and thus make the Sect Master pay attention to Zhi Wu’s case earlier that he didn’t even realize that someone was trailing him.

Nian Hong Fang arrived at the building and leaped from his sword, keeping it in his bag. He nodded at Qiu Ling and Jing Yi and then at Elder Gongxi. “Senior martial brother Qiu, junior martial brother Jing. Elder Gongxi. I heard that there was something you need my help with?”

Qiu Ling nodded and motioned at Elder Gongxi. “Yeah, ah, one of his disciples fell sick. But we agreed to have a duel today so … Is there something you can do? Like, get him back onto his feet in an instant? It would be such a pity if he wasn’t able to take part in our duel. Just imagine everybody else getting some experience and him having to stand to the side, only able to watch. That’d be so sad!”

Nian Hong Fang didn’t know what happened previously but one look at Elder Gongxi’s face told him that he wasn’t happy at all. Well, it seemed that the Yang Huo Sect’s plans had already been countered quite well. If he could help Qiu Ling and Jing Yi deal with this last disciple, then they might indeed be able to drive them off. After all, would the Yang Huo Sect really have the face to stay at the Yun Zou Sect after they were that thoroughly defeated?

Thinking of that, he gave a happy smile and nodded at Elder Gongxi. “So it’s like that. Then please let me take a look at your disciple. I’ll do my best to make sure he’ll get back on his feet in no time.”

Elder Gongxi gritted his teeth but still motioned inside. Since they had already brought out the disciple of the Grandelder, there was nothing he could do besides oblige.

Nian Hong Fang followed him inside and gave the disciple a bright smile. Honestly, one didn’t need to have any skill in pill refinement or medicine to see that nothing was wrong with this person at all. Obviously, this had merely been a ploy to get out of the sight of Qiu Ling and Jing Yi to investigate their Yun Zou Sect.

He didn’t mind. He just sat down and motioned at the table next to them. “May I take your pulse?”

The disciple nodded and put his arm on the table, trying to make his spiritual energy seem chaotic so he could at least pretend that something was going on.

Nian Hong Fang took his pulse, a slight smile still adorning his face. He had no reason to expose the Yang Huo Sect for what they had done. The only important thing was to pretend to get this disciple back onto his feet so he could take part in the duel and the other two would be able to continue with their plan.

He took back his hand, his expression brightening even further. “Ah, it is nothing much. Some acupuncture will calm down your spiritual energy so you’ll be able to take part in the duel.” He took out a set of silver needles from his bag and inserted them into the disciple’s forearm. After a moment, he pulled all of them out, put them back and then motioned to the door. “Alright, everything is finished. You may go and participate now. There shouldn’t be any further problems.”

The Yang Huo Sect disciple nodded with a strained smile and glanced at Elder Gongxi. He knew that his task for the day was to stay here and then find an opportunity to sneak out and explore but he could hardly pretend any longer, could he? Since they had already dragged over the Grandelder’s disciple, they might even drag over the Grandelder himself. If he couldn’t fake any disastrous condition then, the Yang Huo Sect would lose all face.

Elder Gongxi nodded. He also understood that there was no way around that anymore. Well, as long as they were able to defeat the Grandmaster’s disciple soon, they could find another opportunity. That guy certainly wouldn’t dare to stay around when he finally lost. “Well, it’s good that you’re feeling better. Let’s go and have that duel then. I’m sure you have been looking forward to it.”

The disciple nodded and bowed in front of Nian Hong Fang. “Thank you very much. This means a lot to me.”

Nian Hong Fang smiled back and also got up from his chair. “There’s no reason to thank me. This is what I should do.” Yes, this was what he should do. He should even stay around and make sure that he did some more if that would enable him to make Zhi Wu return even one day early.

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